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Thank you Papillona :*****

Thanks to Papillona I have this new template....I love it.
I love the colors (a7mar ma ye`3arez) hahahahahha...thanks a lot babe for an awesome job :***

I would also like to thank Jackie for the links :*
and to everyone else who offered to help out...you guys are the best :*

hahaha cute kid

its a cute template indeed :)

Thanks to papi

gilnalich 3a6eena alpassword ;)

Ohhhh how cute!
I love that women....shes cute, don't ever change her, its your trademark!

Good work Pappy!

OK, now I am REALLY jelouse! everyone is getting a makeover!

I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!.. red red everywhere.. and you know me with color.. especially red!.. not to mention.. the lady! if you consider chaning the blog's look next time.. you should put a pic of that statue you have of the lady in the bathing suit about to take a dive.. remember her? hehhee.. la bes good job walla.. who did you say your designer was? ;)

she loaded the wrong version for you, ask her to fix the parts to comply with the last version I saw.

I don't like it so many gayel .. mabrook 0


Lookin HOT :)

Looking good in red Jelly Bella :)

hehe niiiiice


a7mar gharaz hal mara nado

Mabrook 3al new look ;) ha where's the party?!

I LOVE the makeover,papi indeed did a nice job, my template sucks إهئ إهئ إهئ

Judy: I love it ;)

Bo_Ghazi: hahahahaha, allah yaster minik inta bas :P

DR: I know I love this picture...she's so sassy ;)

Shopaholic: hahahaha 7abebty, that's how I felt a couple of days ago until I got the new makeover ;)

Chubby: LOL, I can't believe you forgot how the statue looks! she's not taking a dive, she's exercising :P
I will post a picture of her some day ;)

Purgy: OK :)

Jandeef: Why don't you like it? :(

Laily: I like the word hot ;)
thanks babe :)

Jewaira: I'm in love with red ;)

Mother courage: Thanks hon :)

Ayya: Aha, you know it ;)

Tayha: Laish `3araz? :(

Tequila: book a ticket and I'll meet you in Vegas ;)

Alia: isn't she the best :)

i love you and your blog..
bs awl kan a7la o artab...
i'd give you a credit for thhe effort.. but i still like the way it looked before..:P

This is the first time I've seen the woman in your display pic in a size bigger than a thumbnail.

She's SO beautiful! All Woman and confident in her femininity and appeal ;)

Gigi, admiringly

Tayha: 7abebty I love you too :*
I'm glad you love my blog but I'm sad you don't like the new look :(
I might do few changes in the future but for now I like it ;)

Gigi: Thanks Gigi, I love the artist work she truly understand the beauty of women who comes in different shapes and sizes ;)
I'm glad you like the new look :)

Your blog looks great!

Cute :D

And about your previous post.. Did you call again to get your paper work done?

alaaaa, yshawig!! 3leach bel 3afiya :*

ooooooooh nice lay out :D

Im ready! Just say when ;p

Shemsi: Thanks dear :D

Shurouq: hahahhahaa I didn't call him back yet because I still have to get a couple of things done before calling ;)

Blasha: Allah ye3afech 7abebety, thank you :*

Rimyoleta: Thanks hon ;)

Tequila: if you leave soon we can meet up for new years ;*

yey shal zain!! 3asaah bloggen embarak =P you gave me ideas for my new bedroom ;}

Cute pouty baby. And real beautiful template. Mabrook elbait elyedeed ;)

Spon: hahahaha mashkora 7abebty...3ad you got me curious about the ideas that inspired you for your bedroom...care to share ;)

Hanan: Allah yebarek eb 7ayatich 7abebety...yeah I like her pouty coz it kinda looks like mine LOL ;)

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