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Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

Speeding ticket...
Spending my Saturday in driving school...
The cop wishes me happy holidays while writing me the ticket...

ha ha ha Merry Christmas :P

hahaha OMG shakhbare driving school ;P I did it for seatbelts ;P

zain he didn't wrap it for you, good way to end 2005 =P

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy Happy NewYear =}

LOL :)
You reminded me of a story when I were in university, I barked my car in a double lane because I were late for a lecture (it was in Kifan, so you know how hard to go from Shewekh to kifan in less than 15 min). So when I got back to my car, I saw two tickets. And I saw red. How dare he (the policeman) give my two tickets? So I marched to him and demanded why the two tickets I said "Is it Christmas? That’s why you gave me the two tickets". He just looked at like "what a nutcase" and toke one ticket from my hand and walked away. Hehehhehe I know I scared the hell out of him. But he deserve it. Fotha.

So we all have our moments, honey.

Merry Christmas all and Happy New Year.

Shopa: LOL, la la I always fasten my seatbelts on...but sa3at I have this need for speed...wel mishkila driving school takes an entire day out of your schedule and you just wanna sleep in class.

Spon: hahahahah khetamaha misk! Happy Holidays babe ;*

Hussa: 9adgeeni ya Hussa mako mogarana bain our cops in Kuwait and 3abasoo (American cops) you really fear cops here and you really don't want a ticket when you get stopped here in the States...bas bel AlKuwait which is sad we don't pay attentiom to our little skinny cops at all!

I used to never wear my seatbelts but now I always do & no one is allowed in my car without wearing it. I don't trust myself driving;P

the funny thing with speeding while in the states, is that I used to speed up on the highway like a maniac and never got a speeding tickets, and more than once just as soon as I give the wheel to a friend and they get a little bit over the limit BOM a cop get their a$$ ;P

Yeah I know the States are tough about the law but better than the mess we have here in Kuwait. The law is being abused by people who have no respect to other people.

Maa ra7 a6welha coz you know how its in Kuwait bass have fun at school ;p

Was the cop cute? ;)
Merry Christmas and happy NY to all.

Shopa: you know shopa I was exactly like you...I was always lucky and I never get pulled over...bas lately I guess I got jinxed...wala min 3ain a friend who kept saying all the years in the States you only got pulled over once! well now twice...3ain ma 9alat 3ala al nebai :(

Hussa: I wish we had tough laws in Kuwait so we can fear cops back home just as much as here! Inshallah one day :)

Ayya: he wasn't cute at all...I tried playing the international card and had a funny accent in hope he'll let me go...but NOPE he smiled and wrote me the ticket and sait happy holidays...LOL

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