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Ekh6eb le bintik

I was talking to my dad last night because I had to take care of important documents and then my dad refers me to a guy he knows that will help me out with my situation…he gave me his number and then he start talking about this guy…he started complimenting him and how he’s related to us and so on…at the beginning I didn’t get his drift until he laughed and said Jelly he’s taller than you…I was like OMG did my dad just hinted he wanted me and this guy to hook up?
I laughed and told him you’re getting old and he said exactly I want to see my only daughter married!
Now get this part, I had to call the guy so he could help me out with my paper work and I chocked while talking to him, my dads comment was in my head and I was so embarrassed to talk to this guy! I’m not the shy type and I can carry a conversation with anyone and here I was I couldn’t even explain to him what I needed exactly…I think I accidentally hang up the phone on him!
I have no idea why I was acting like a teenager, was it my dads comment that made things worse?
I can’t stop thinking how my dad sounded like he was joking but he was really serious with his hopes of seeing me married to someone of his choice!
I hate to disappoint you dad, but marriage is not on the top of my list right now.

Happy Birthday Chubby Femme...the big 30....don't forget we are getting really close to our bet! LOL
I love you and I miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much XoXo

that is soOo Cute hehe

Yuba you were nervous coze your dad's method succeeded in creating a crush.. e3taaarfay :P

am I part of that bet :)?

First of all your father is so cute :) and 2nd its ok if he helps out :P just tell him not now daddY (eb dala3:P)

Happy birthday her friend

yakhteee 3alaihom elli yisti7oooon

I think your dad created your nervousness, ba3dain ma fiha shay, he meant for you to check him out, do that, inti mo khasrana shay. And you never know, you might like him. But one thing you have to put in mind; be yourself. Do not try to change for anyone and see how it goes. Good luck sweetie.
Is your dad available ;)

LOOOL! 3adi 3adi ;P

Laialy: Trust me it wasn't cute when I was talking to the guy...I sounded so dumb! LOL

Jandeef: LOL a crush mara wa7da! Dude I don't know anything about the guy other than what dad told me...his comments bas e3fasatnee while I was talking to this guy! bas eb 9ara7a the only appealing factor that he's tall :P

Purgatory: LOL, you would love to be part of this bet, wouldn't you? :P

Judy: Thanks 7abebety...my dad loves to joke around bas this time he's jokes made me nervous! LOL

Papillona: E walla afashel wana astee7ee chethee cheny a teenager! I'm a talker bas ilsanee enreba6 min oboy allah yesam7a :(

Ayya: Oh boy I was nervous while I was on the phone with him...my dad jokes really played a number on me this time! LOL
and Ayya to check the guy out I have to travel and see him LOL
he sound nice on the phone...but nothing more nothing less :P
oh and my dad is taken! LOL
two of my friends have a crush on my dad already ;)

3baid: LOL ee wala that what I kept saying to myself...3adi 3adi chill :P

Ambaaay fashla :") my dad made a comment similar to that and it took 2 days for it the embarrassment to wear off!

go for it, you only live once, plus it takes a man (your father) to really judge, know and reccomend correctly another man (your potential catch).

Qasdich moo shareeef :@

why not!!
I mean maybe he is the one!!
Just give it a shot ;)

Getting married with the old way always keep you in the safe side and not thinking a lot about how ur life should be , coz may be he will be the one, and since you was thinking like a teenage will give you the chance to think again about this subject , at least you will have the kids ;)

you never tell how life is going fast and suddenly ! you dont wanna be alone in this life

Delicately Realistic: hahahahaha, so you can relate how embarrassed I was.

Don Veto: I'm sure he's a great catch because it takes a lot to impress my dad but this guy is taking care of my paper work and my conversation with him was formal and that's it...I can't do more :P

Jandeef: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, sorry sorry walla I didn't realize my comment! ma kan ga9dee wallah :P

Rimyoleta: sweetie, there is no giving him a shot...my work with this guy is stricly business :)

Reema: I'm not so sure I could get married the traditional way, I have to really know the man I'm going to marry and if you do it the old way you'll have the pressure of making a decision fast (you know what I mean)
Don't get me wrong I do want to get married and have kids one day but I don't see it for a year at least until I settle down with my life and figure out things for myself...this guy sounds like a wonderful candidate but there is no way in knowing more about him or perusing anything because again he's helping out with my papers and that's it :)

of course, who else would you pick :)

HI BABE!.. well well well.. awwal shay.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR WISHING ME A HAPPY BIRHTDAY .. BUT! did you really have to post my age you ****! lol I am in denial! but I know you meant well.. as always.. my babygirl with the big heart.. by the way.. i have completed my part of the bet.. MOWAHAHAHAAHA.. it's just a matter of time! WAITING ON YOU! ;) heheheheheh

about your dad.. hey.. you cant blame him for trying!! .. daddy knows what's best.. remember that! ;)

Joddy Abbott.. thank you so much love.. you are a sweetheart

PURGATORY... it is never too late to be part of the bet bet! we can adjustd to add you in ;)

Yalla JellyBelladonna. Bring the shahadah and the man with it. Two birds with one ston :)

Purgy: hahahahaha I wouldn't pick anyone else ;)

Chubby Femme: 7abebty your welcome...you shouldn't say fethe7a you should celebrate your age...30's are the new 20's just remember that :*
I love you sooo much and I wish I was there on your birthday...bas I promise I'll make it up to you next year ;*
hahahahahha and the bet part yeah wait baby wait ;)

Jewaira: hahahahhaa ithagain? the man and the shahada mara wa7da? I can't work on 2 things at once...one thing at a time babe ;)

first time here,, ur style really nice and smooth i like it :)...about ur dad he is really COOL ,if i were u i definetly will check out the guy ;)

Hope: welcome to my blog dear :)
As I said I need to travel for 6 hours to check him out ;)

ubay hook-up with him!! 3ashan ba3dain u can enjoy the shocked look on ppl's faces when u tell them that "my dad hooked us up" !!

i feel ur pain.. my sister got engaged thurs night and my dad comes up to me afterwards, holds my hand and says 'meta nefra7 feech??'

it wasn't a rhetorical question. he was waiting 4 an answer! :| so i replied 'lama Allah yaktib'.. he didnt like my response.. madree chineh kan yabee an actual date!!

i know they mean good but e7na banat.. ya3ni it's not like we can go up to a guy and propose! :/

Pinky: I wish it was that easy ;)

MSB: awal shay welcome to my blog, second, mabrook melchat your sis o al faal lech inshallah :D
and I totally understand the parents look when they wish when will we be next...sometimes it bothers me but most the time I brush it off...so don't let it get to you babe...
and it would be a sweet idea itha e7na kha6abana...LOL
I have a list of guys...LOL

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