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Ave Maria

Yesterday I had a wonderful night at the Opera, My friend and I went to see The Royal Christmas show. It was Andrea Bocelli, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with ballet scenes from the Nutcracker. Although I was sick and I almost couldn't make it but I told my friend it's not everyday I get the chance to see Andrea Bocelli perform. I'm so glad that I went, Andrea was just breath taking when he sang Ave Maria, I wanted to cry because he's voice was so beautiful.
So in the Spirit of the Hollidays I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays :)
and to those of you who are taking finals these days Good Luck o 7ag ilee besafroon Bon Voyage(Salmoolee 3ala Al Kuwait-I sure miss home at Christmas time)
And as usual I'll leave you with some pictures I took...

aw thats great :D im glad u had an awesome time..

Not to compare the Philharmonic with mishrif theatre, but I also had a good time Thursday night. You should've ditched your Opera and booked a ticket home to attend the qurain destival. Your loss ;)

nice pictures
lucky you
I love this kinda shows

hanan: ha ha ha ضحكتيني من قلب

But I'm glad someone got to go and that someone posted pictures :)

I wish we had that sort of display in Kuwait. The best they could come up with was "wa6any 7abeeby..." *sigh* :/

Hello JB
Glad u had a good time.Sin Tu Amor is the one that makes me wanna cry though
thnx for sharing

Sounds like fun :D
I'm glad you had a great time:D

I love Andrea Bocelli! How lucky you are to have seen him and I am glad that you had a wonderful time :)

Interesting..miss these kind of shows..hope will see an opera house in the region soon..

Snookie: Thanks 7abebty, It was really a lovely night.

Hanan: hahahahaha, hmmm let me think Andrea Bocelli vs. Qurain Festival....aaah that's a tough choice :P

Alia: Thanks dear :)

Photoflow: I swear if I would've known you were into these kind of shows I would have announce it ahead of time so at least you could've got the chance to come and see it...you're only an hour and half away ;)

3baid: I wish that too :)

NyChick: Hey babe, I love Sin Tu Amor but he only sang Christmas related songs...since it is a Christmas show...so Ave Maria was the song of the night for me...he performed it so beautifully...bas I was disappointed because he only sang about 5 songs and it wasn't enough for me...I wanted more.

Rimyoleta: Thanks honey :)

Jewaira: Can you believe I almost missed the show because I was sick? my love for Andrea cured me from my illness, LOL
But I do feel lucky for seeing him perform :)

Mewho: Welcome to my blog first of all :)
and I sure hope will see an Opera house in the region too.

Oh WOW im glad you didn't miss it, i can hear it right now :)
Jelly Bella Grazias sinorita for the wishes,I wish the same to you and your love ones. AND good luck
Can't wait for this semester to die :)

Judy: thanks 7abebety...I hear you I can't wait for my last final...this semester was too long for me for some odd reason!

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