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"Habbi Belated Thanksgiving and Habbi Birthday Jelly Belly Nonsense"

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I know it's been a while since I posted but I've been really busy...My thanksgiving plans got messed up, I was supposed to go to Miami but that didn't work out and then I was supposed to go to LA but that didn't work out either, so I ended up spending Thanksgiving at home alone, eating TV dinner and reading a good book...hey I'm not really complaining, it was really nice and relaxing evening but it hit me later on when I realized I was alone! Everyone has left to do something except me!

Last years dinner

This years dinner

I also realized that my blog is One year old now! I can't believe it has been a year since I started blogging...last year I was introduced to blogging through a friend who was visiting...she stopped blogging and I'm still posting....I never thought I would enjoy blogging this much...I have met wonderful people online...I got a lot of support from you guys when things were rough...I cried, laughed, smiled and I was very touched with all the comments I got...so Thank you all for being there for me, thank you for a wonderful year full of beautiful memories.

Hey congrats JB! I hope you won't get bored. we certainly aren't :P

And you're not alone, my lovely neighbours felt sorry for me and got me loads and loads of TG food..

damn that was good apple pie..

al7een miftishil minhum.. what should I make in return?

advice? I'm thinking muffins..

Perseus: Hey sweetie, Happy thanksgiving...I'm glad you had a good TG dinner...I wish I had your neighbours! LOL my neighbour and I have our share of problems click me
and what should you give them in return...hmmmm muffins sounds good but if you are up to it, I would cook them something "3arabi or Kuwaiti"...more authentic and I'm sure they'll appreciate it more :)

Oh and I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog...I swear it means a lot to me :D

Jelly Belly,
Your blog always puts a smile on my face.. Hope you keep it going forever and ever

Love you waayed :*
And happy thanksgiving

ME want turkey now!! Happy thanksgive and Happy 1 year Birthday :D

Blog Birthday? wela Birthday Birthday??

either way Happy Birthday =}
thanx giving in Kuwait wasn't all bad, but nothing compared to the real sense of thanx giving abroad =/ hope you enjoyed =}

Happy anniversary Jella Bella, I made it a tradition when ever I read someone is having an anniversary to go back and read the first blog entry they wrote.. :)

succulent turkey ;)

happy "one year" birthday
& happy thanksgiving

i really really enjoy your blog
keep up the good work or words

Shurouq: 7abebty sun-shine I love you too :****
and don't worry I'm not bored with my blog yet so I think I'll keep going for a while ;)

Chocolicious: hahahahha I'll send you a machboos Turkey :P
and thanks dear :)

Spontaneousnessity: It's my blogs 1st Birthday and I didn't really feel Thanksgiving this year coz I didn't go any where :)

Don: Thanks sweetie, oh my first blog entry was an insecure post! LOL...I think I still have that issue! But I remember my first comment was from nanonano!
and your first comment was on my 3rd post :)

Purgy: hahahahahha Juicy Turkey wala? ;P

Alia: Thanks 7abebety, wallah I'm happy that you enjoy my blog and I'll try to keep the blog true to itself :)

happy blogging birthday

did u make last year dinner all by urself ?? mashalla 6abakhah ;-)

yeah full of juices :P

man i had a sad thanksgiving.. :(
i cant cook and all restaurants were closed so i just had some chips and dip for the whole day!

happy blogday
happy thanksgiving
last year's meal looks soooo much more appealing.

the two people who introduced me to blogging both quit. But i'm hoping for a come-back from one of them who goes by the name sun-shine :)

Mother Courage: Yes 7abebty I made the Turkey and the stuffing all by myself, it was a lot of work but it was worth it coz I had a lot of people over dinner but this year everyone was in a different place so I ended up having TV dinner...and thank you for your wishes babe :*

Purgy: Juice is good ;P

Snookie: Oh sweetie, I thought you knew that everything closes on Thanksgiving day? it's the only time of the year that EVERYTHING closes! Ana I woke up early in the morning to go the grocery store and get few things before they closed...yala ma3leeh 7abebty next year you should be well prepared...either find someone to feed you Turkey or buy food ahead of time ;)

Hanan: Thanks babe :*
Last year there were a lot of people to cook for bas this year I had no one around...isn't that sad? :(
and I really hope Sun-Shine will come back, I miss her posts :(

Hey at least u had some form however processed of turkey and thats alll that matters!!!! remember that one year i was with u n we were alone in ur apartment and i was hung over or sumthin hehehe and i made us turkey sandwiches and i made u eat it??? u appreciated that didnt u?well i did habbi day of thankful giving hehehheeh luv ya

p.s. only in the blog world in the real world i 7arebed u by phone so dont call me til im not mad ok ? heheh

LOL la i knew bs i overslept and was feeling super lazy :P

jelly belly nonsense is one year old. Happy Belated anniversary ;*
keep making us smile.

Mmmm that Stouffer's TV dinner looks appetizing :P
It is good to still have you around JB. Have a wonderful day

Happy one year, JB!


good you had truky this year at least :P

hey girly.. I don't know what I am doing back here.. but i cant believe it has been a year.. LOL I remember someone thinking that blogging was a boring thing.. LOOOOL now you are hooked .. but honestly you are doing a wonrderful job.. your posts are as colorful as your personality ;) .. miss you so much..


Have a Happy Hippy Birthday babe!

Q8BL: hahahahahaha I sure remember that day!
P.S: even if I don't pick up the phone I still love you :**

Snookie: hahahahha ok now you can't complain if you knew and you didn't do anything about it :P

Shopaholic: Thanks babe :*

Jewaira: Thank you honey :*

Christina: Thanks hon :*

Juddy: Thanks 7abebety :*

Chubby Femme: oh 7abebty it's so great to see you comment on my blog again...I miss you too...yes I admit when you first introduced me to blogging I wasn't that interested but now I'm hooked and I love the people I met...so thank you for introducing me to this new world :*
I sure hope you'll come back to blogging :)

Kuwait Femme: Hey girly it has been a while since I saw you...I hope you are doing well :)
thanks for the wishes babe :*

Hey good luck on your finals! Are you staying here for the holidays or going to Kuwait/Europe? Either way: Get some rest!!

shemsi: Thanks for your wishes, I have a couple of more finals then I'll be done inshallah for this semester. I'm not going any where this Christmas...I'll probably end up taking winter session, I'm not sure yet! Anyways...Happy Holidays dear :)

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