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Hello "Beoble"

I kind of been lazy to post lately...since Ramadan started I have been slow mentally and physically LOL...latest updates on Jelly Bellys life...nothing much to say other than I got sick for a while...I saw more doctors this month than the past year...I have kind of fell behind with school work and I'm trying to catch up (I keep reminding myself it was a very stupid idea to take this many credits)
I look forward to the weekends for the get togethers with my friends...cooking/playing cards/sheesha/gahwa/chay
as usual I'll leave you with some pictures...
I have been cooking every weekend since Ramadan started and these are the pictures:


Sheesha, cards (hand o kout), chay o gahwa ;)

I was tagged by Jaded Saudi and Judy Abbott

Seven things I plan to do:
1- Graduate.
2- lose weight.
3- a6ale3 gemat my GYM membership and actually go once in a while!
4- Quit smoking.
5- Organize my apartment and throw the junk I have accumulated over the years.
6- Return calls/emails.
7- Visit Florida before I leave the States.

Seven things I can do:
1- Cook...usually just in Ramadan :P
2- Change a flat tire.
3- listen to my friends problems (7alalat mashakil)
4- sleep with the TV on.
5- make an excellent sheesha :P
6- play football/soccer and smoking my cigarette at the same time LOL I have the pictures to proof it too :P
7- talk about my life and opening up to people.

Seven things I can't do:
1- Get enough sleep.
2- Be on time.
3- call people back if I had a missed call (Q8biggest loser you know what I'm talking about)
4- talk on my cell phone while I'm driving (technically I could but I would normally swirve lanes while I'm on the phone)
5- multi task.
6- parallel parking.
7- talk on the phone more than 30 minutes.

Seven things I say most often:
1- Ya e3yoni
2- 7abebe/7abebety
3- la wallah
4- 6af
5- What the fuck!
6- No way!
7- 7elo

I don't wanna tag anyone....yalla I'm off for fo6or

I love u not!

Q8BL: I love you too :*

why all this food?

Purgy: there were a lot of people to feed :)

Just dropped by to say Hi.. and what do you know.. A new post! :D

Hi babe :*

ok and it looks too compact on each other.

I hate apartments :S And that food! no wonder where all that jelly belly came from :p

Long time no post. Food looks good and plentiful. Hello back at ya

Umm that looks delicious!

Tislam eedich!

I'm hungry! Ur torturing me by showing me pictures of food :(

i want to see that picture of football thingi :)

Shurouq: Sun-shine, I'm so happy to see you comment here 7abebty o inshallah ashoofich doom ya galbi emwaaaaaah :*

Purgy: What is so compact with each other?

equalizer: hahahahaha...my buddah belly :P

Hanan: Hey babe...yeah I have been lazy to post bas I'll try to post more often :)

Delicately Realistic: Allah yesalmich 7abebety :)

Tequilla: you know I should've had a disclaimer saying "warning if you are fasting, you shouldn't view the pictures!" :P

Judy Abbott: wallah 7abebty the picture is on my cell phone and I have no idea how to download it to my PC but if I ever see you in person inshallah I'll show it to you...ishrayich? ;)

Yummyyyyyyy!! Your food looks delicious!!! Tislam eedich o 3alaich eb alf 3afia =D

Allah wanasa....'7osh akel....sounds like you're feeding el fereej!!!...ya36eech el 3afya habeebti!

3asa ma shar 3ala hal cooking ? msawya rijeem ?


food looks YumMy hehehe

w el7imdilla 3la salamtich

NuNu: Allah ye3afeech 7abebety :*

Miss Cosmo Kuwait: hahaha it was almost a freej to feed ;)

So Blue: hahahahah ee rejeem kila carbs :P

Mother Courage: I know I have been lazy to post...sorry sweetie :)
o allah yeslmich 7abebety :*

hehehe m7arba atkins ?

JB- the food looks great and the ga3da with the sheeshaa looks even better. how come I didn't get invited!??!?!?!?!

Next time you are in Kuwait, you should come to my diwanya (I have the location but not the ppl) so that you teach me how to play cards..i'm so crap!

Babbler: wallah ya 7abebety if you were here I would have invited you affa 3aleech bas :D

and Dewaniya...that sounds great! Affa 3aleech I'll teach you how to play cards (hand o kout) :D

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