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I went out today for Halloween and I was dressed like a P.I.M.P LOL
I won't get into details...I'll leave you with some pictures I took ;)

Counting my money

Posing for pictures (I felt I was popular) LOL

Posing with a coworker LOL

creative costume.

The Kid who stole my heart...isn't he the cutiest?

Now those spidermen/women came out of no where and they were very funny...posing and taking pictures with everyone.

over all it was a fun night...I saw a lot of funny costumes some creative but I felt not as creative as years before...one of my all time favorite is a guy in a cardboard box and he had Barbies stuck all over the box and when I asked him what he was supposed to be he smiled and said a Chick Magnet LOOOOOL....Now that's creative.

nice ;)

Wow loved your look!
The chick magnet was great!
Wow purg, a positive statement?
How can it be?


Ditto, I just love Skeletor boy with his Krypto the superdog!

I dig the iPod dude, now what is he doing with the Blue Man group? Maybe they should call that guy from "Arrested Development" :-))

Your coworker reminds me of Austin Power when he traveled to the ‘70s in a pimp-mobile” :-/

E7em, picture #2: your hand gesture :-O Priceless!


Wanasa :D

Happy that you enjoyed it :)

Purgy: Thanks ;)

Delicately Realistic: Thanks girly :)
and I get a special treatment from purgy :D

Q80_Demon: Hahahahaha I had to take a double take on the "Hand gesture" picture...LOL...I was worried that I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do....LOL

Q8tyShreef: What a jerk! Listen people like you used to put me down with weight comments...bas you know what ma ra7 akhalee wa7ed methlik makes me feel bad about how I look...people come in different shapes and sizes so don't be so fucking judgmental ok?

True Faith: Thanks 7abebety...it was a fun night :D

I think it's great that you posted pictures of yourself enjoying a Halloween party. Hardly anyone posts pictures of themselves on Kuwaiti blogs so I applaud you and I think the mean-spirited comment was uncalled for.

It looks like you had a great time. =)

Sorry. I mistook you for someone else.

You look great JellyBelly I'm glad you had a good time :)

HAHAHA!! awesome! did you see the guy dressed as a pimp on TRL yesterday? ;P

AHAMshay il finger in pic 2.. ta3jebeeeeeeni..

2 dudes knocked on my door yesterday wearing nothing but pampers.. TWO EACH.. i dunno how they did, and i dont wanna know either.. :P i didnt have candy so i gave them 2 fortune cookies each :D

Hehe nice post JB to start a tuesday morning with.

I liked your outfit and the iPod guy. Very creative.

Happy Halloween and 3eedich m'barak while we're at it :)

Nice costume!
So, how much money did you make?

ur coworker is Nice ;-p~~~~~~

glad to know u had Fun

mashallah how did u ever think of that.. ;P

Is the blue man group in the picture one guy with 3 heads?! Or is it actually 3 guys!

Stinni: I believe this is the first time you comment in my blog so welcome dear and thank you so much for your sweet words...about the pictures I have nothing to hide in my life and I would show my face if it wasn't for some family members who think I'm too open about my life in my blog...hahahahaha :)

Q8tyShreef: apology accepted and let's move on. :)

Jewaira: Thanks babe :*

Snookie: No snookie I don't watch MTV that much but I hope he was representing! LOL

and what finger? you and Kuwaiti Demon are really freaking me out about picture #2 if you click on it and look at it closely it looks like I'm giving out the peace sign...actually I was holding a cigar in my hand and when we took the picture I was pretending that I was smoking it ;)

Jandeef: Thanks dear...I wasn't really creative comparing to the IPod guy and the chick magnet guy...I really like costumes that are made out of scratch...I only did it once and that was when I first came to the states...me and my roommate were in the language program and we went as garbage bags...e7im we won 1st place ;)

Shurouq: Sun-shine Happy Halloween o 3eedich embarak too babe :**
and your asking me how much money I made...hmmmm in the words of Dave Chappelle "I'm Richhhhhhhh Bitchhhhh" LOL ;)

Mother Courage: Don't drool over him...Baby I could hook you up. LOL ;)

Charisma: hmmm you sound a bit sarcastic to me...hahahahaha...I have always wanted to dress like a pimp and have one of my guy friends dress up in a girl outfit but none of the guys were men enough to do it LOL ;)

Jandeef: Jandeef ismallah 3ala e3yoonik...you really can't tell if there were 3 guys or not? LOL
it was just one guy with 3 heads :P
and yes he was going as the blue man group.

i like al spider men.. bas sara7a il pimp 3jeeb!! snop dogg sa7? the girls in pink are supposed to be maids or what?

Hello JB: Just wanted to wish you good luck on todays presentation.
Break a leg!

Jelly Belly, intay zoughaaaa! tadreen?
you're so much fun!!!
I would love to have a friend like you :)

ambaih 3asal!! et-hableen!! loved the outfit! ;}

e7na we had a crappy Halloween it didn't even feel like anything! am glad you had enough fun for us all =}

the SuperDog? MO TABE3EEE!!! LOL

and Happy Eid =}

Tayha: Hey girly it has been a while since I saw you, hope everything is going well with you?
The Spidermen/women were hilarious and the girls in the pink outfits are supposed to be Pop-Soda girls..back in the 50's kind of diners :)

Q80_Demon: Al7emdallah I did really well thanks dear! Everyone was impressed by the pictures...they were the highlight of my presentation thanks to you dear...again you have no idea how much you helped me...thanks dear :*

Papillona: 7abebty wallah...it would be my pleasure to have a friend like you :*

Spon: Thanks 7abebty and Happy Eid to you too :*

Hehe chick magnet :P ma shifta wain?

Jandeef: hahahahahha that was years ago bas just picture it in your head :P

Glad you had A LOT OF FUN!!! I LOVE halloweens parties!! =D

I don't know what u hurd about me!? but im mofoin P.I.M.P. heheheh jk i couldnt help it it was tooo tempting... miss yaa babes n habbi eid

NuNu: thanks babe...it was a lot of fun and Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year :D

Q8BL: hahaahhaha I was singing that song when I looked at myself at mirror LOL
Habbi Eid babes :*

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