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Scary movies

In good Halloween spirit I decided to have a scary post of some sort...most of the channels these days are playing some good old classic horror films and I wanted to make my own top 10 scariest movies and they are:

I remember seeing the Exorcist when I was about 10, my older brother locked me and my younger brother in the room and made us watch the movie...LOL...I remember I couldn't sleep for weeks and my mom had to sleep with me and my younger brother. The movie still scares the hell out of me!

When the movie The Blair Witch Project was out I was spending my summer in Washington State with my cousin Q8's Biggest Loser we saw the movie together and we were planning to go camping before watching the movie...so you could only imagine what happened to us in the camp...oh and her mom wanted to do the stick figures that was in the movie...just to freak us out! LOL

aaah The Ring...I got a bad dream of horses after watching the movie...I kept dreaming of the horse that fell out of the ferry.

The Omen...that kid is so creepy!

This movie made me think twice before making fun of anyone! LOL

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Johnny! Love Jack Nickolson....Again the kid in the movie when he was riding his bike in that long hallway...Scary!

I remember the first time I saw Psycho was on Nadi Al Cinema, I didn't understand how the movie is considered one of the best made movies until I took a theatre class and the professor explained how Hitchcock was ahead of his time in terms of film making...so in honor of the Great Hitchcock I had to list the movie...of course one of my favorite scenes is the shower scene and the shot of her eye!

Another movie that my older brother made us watch is It...ever since watching that movie, clowns scare me.

Dr Hannibal Lecter calling Clarice in that voice of his...aaah a great movie.

One, two, Freddy's coming for you Three, four, better lock your door Five, six, get a crucifix Seven, eight, better stay up late Nine, ten, never sleep again!
remember that?

Freddy Krueger didn't scare me really...he was a funny boogie man but I think I should include his film because it's a classic.

Did you notice that most of the scariest films involve little kids?

That's my list for you and now it's your turn to share your scary movies.

Weirdly enough, none of these scared me. But then again, I thought 'Gremlins' was the scariest movie ever when I was a kid - so I'm guessing my mental wires are all messed up. Great topic :)

When it comes to Hitchcock, I like The birds better than Psycho

The Shining and the Omen (Gregory Peck was Hot) are my favorites

Haven't seen the ring yet.

And Jelly, I was around 9 when I watched The Exorcist too!

I read The Shining when I was 13, it ruined my childhood / teenhood. Could not sleep for weeks. I am too chicken to watch the movie.

I saw the ring recently, that was really scary too.

McArabian: I believe this is your first time to comment in my blog so welcome :D
LOL the Germlins scared you?! They were cute, funny little creatures!

Shurouq: Sun-shine, I'm always happy to see you comment here :D

I chose Psycho because of it's cinematic style and it was a movie as I said ahead of it's time...but I like The Birds too.

and your right about Gregory Peck...that man was hot hot hot ;)

o lazem itshofeen The Ring...watch it on Halloween night ;)

Don-Veto: welcome to my blog first of all and I think you should watch the Shining. I don't think it's as scary as the book...but it's a good movie :)

I DO NOT watch scary movies they scare me :p

just the thought of them scare me sometimes :(

Hey JB, glad to see you posting :)

As to Hitchcock, everybody goes to the famous later films madry laish! As much as I love "Psycho", I think his "Dial M for Murder" with Grace Kelley is an unrivaled masterpiece in this department. Willa what do you think?

Suddenly I have an urge to have a scary movie marathon at my house.

But Silence of the Lambs? I never thought of it as a scary movie madry laish. And yeah, that freddy is more funny than scary.

The scariest movie I have ever watched is Harry Potter :P

Really I can't sleep for days after watching it :P

Movies I thought were scary/freaky:
Clock works orange
The ring (the original Japanese)
The audition (Japanese)

Been offered to watch the exorcist but declined after knowing that the lights will be dimmed and doors will be locked!

lucky you, there will be nice movies on the screens this weekend in the US (featured on the E! channel) recommend to watch Prime (seems cute) as anything with sex and sex therapists should be fun!#

Happy hallowwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

I'd add "Don't Look in the Basement" to your list. It is an old one but to me very scarey.

I always got more scared reading Steven King books than from the movies they made from them. Carrie and Salem's Lot books both kept the lights on in my room for many nights!


i love your blog girl

about the movies .. أنا وايد جبانة
any horror movies would scare the hell out of me ..

i totally agree with:
* The Omen
* The Exorcist .. which scared me alot (and by the way my mother saw that movie when ahe was pregnant of me)
* The ring (when the girl got out from the Tv .. waw didn't sleep that day)
* Carrie ... totally agree .. i still consider Sissy Spacek scary)
* The Blare witch project .. very scary

i would add JAWS ... SCREAM ..
مع انهم افلام رعب سخيفة يعني ما تخرع وايد بس انا خفت

bas my favourite one .. the one that i still remember is THE EVIL DEAD .. i was very young when i saw that and i'm still afraid to run in the dark

good collection, mako kharabee6 min kharabee6ich wayaahom . :P

u forgot friday the 13th and candyman hehe i couldnt look at the mirror in my bathroom a week after that heheheh

The Exorcist is the scariest movie of all time... I get chills up my spine every time I watch it! Yikes!! IT! I HATE that movie, dude! I'm terrified of clowns, and that movie didn't help.

Are you kidding? Freddy Kruger is the scariest motherfucker... he gets you in your dreeeeams! Lol.

Anyhoo, how are things you daaahling? I haven't seen my brother in daysss and have no idea what he's up to. We rarely talk. But I am definitely going to come to see you as soon as Ramadhan is over. For real this time ;)

Love ya 7abooba!

Laialy: hahahahaha, ok you gotta watch a scary movie with a guy so you can cuddle with when there is a scary scene! LOL...just kidding babe...I think scary movies are fun to watch in sleep overs with bunch of friends...should try it some time ;)

Perseus: so I only see you comment here when I post about movies ha? LOL...it's always nice to see you dear...well with all honesty I didn't watch "Dial M for Murder" but I trust your taste in movies...in fact I will check it out and let you know what I think :)

Hanan: Oh the sounds fun! I have been watching scary movies all weekend! hahahahah and the reason I picked silence of the lambs because the fact that chubby girls were kiddnapped by Buffolo Bill and skin them...that was a scary fact...it was more a very good thriller than a scary movie.

True Faith: Harry Potter?! Oh come on..are you serious?

Babbler: welcome to my blog dear...I didn't watch Clock Works Orange (I'll check it out)
I heard that the orginal Japanese Ring is much better so I need to check that too
and OMG The Audition was one scary movie...that chick was sooooo twisted!
good picks girly and I did watch Prime this weekend...it was a cute movie!
Happy Halloween to you too babe :D

Christina: Hey sweetie, it has been a while! I have to check out the movie...and your right about Steven King books...it scares the hell out of me!

Alia: Thanks girl and welcome to blog :)
and JAWS would be a good pick! actually come to think about it...I was scared of swimming for a while in fear of sharks.

Don: LOL Ay kharabee6?

Q8leo: OMG how did I forget Candyman?! That was a scary movie...I was scared to look into the mirror too! LOL

Jaded Saudi: LOL Sarooh your funny!
I can't wait to see you babe and hope everything works out with your bro...love you :*

I guess I'm going to Hollywood Videos soon to check out some of the movies you guys added to the list. Thanks everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN :D

jelly u just added 8 movies to my dvd wishlist.. i just cant wait to terrify my mom :P muwahahahahaha!

Snookie: LOL...that was one evil laugh!

OK I'm out of here I'm going out for Halloween...pictures will be posted later on today or maybe tomorrow :D


khoosh then I'll be the resident movie critic howzzat?

Enjoy your trick-or-treating! :P lots of people dressed for the occasion on campus today, I saw a big black guy in drag with a dagger in his fake "chest", a girl wrapped in silver sheets resembling a Capri-sun juice container, and another guy dressed all in green as Gumby :P lol

my favorite though was a nun in a habit and prayer beads.. looked awesome.

looool remember our run in with a shark?! loool u know i saw 2 of those movies on ur list with u which is really strange considering im too chicken to watch any of them... ( i just hurd a scary sound outside!) but i saw the ring wid u rememba? i was wearing that t-shirt? n ofcourse who could forget our camping expedition looooool.... u know i think i might still have the video tape from that night ;P loooool the q8y witch project!!! heheheh
ps. that stooobid word verification is very difficult for me :P~~~

Perseus: Hahahaha...I love the idea of having you as movie critic :)

I had no idea you were in the states! 6ol hal moda 7esbali your in Kuwait! My teacher was wearing a costume for class today...I thought it was cute she was dressed up as princess Fiona from Shrek!

Q8BL: LOL while I was writing this post I was thinking of that we saw both The Ring and The Blair Witch Project together! hahahahaha and I remember how scared you were...haahahahahaha and about the video of us camping (Q80 Blair Project LOL) I want a copy! that was one crazy night alright ;)
oh and about the stupid verification...you'll get used to it :P

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