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I can't let go!

OK, I’m setting here scratching my head. What exactly are these objects – they remind me of something I’ve seen in a museum once - and how are they related to the iPod?

I can't either

I know it's hard to let go
Sweetie, you should be strong *holds your shoulders*

Never having to pay for another mixtape again? - I was more than happy to let go :)

Join us, the dark side is waiting.

oh no
never let go of thoes
fee ashyaa2 ma telgyn-haa ella on tapes :)
sewalif jalsaaat o 3adaniaat o el mo6riff ...

some just have pretty memories ={ I had to hold on to some =/

Jellly BELLY !!
its been a long time !!
aLL I CAN SAY is do not let go.. i for one refuse to go to the "DARK SIDE" as Mcarabian said.. Some things will always be a part of our lives-history with lots of memoires. Also i refuse to accept all those technological advances that are making life pretty complicating !!!!!!

man i turned my back on those when i first started buying cds for my discman 7 years ago!
last year, i gave alllll my cds to my cousins..

KD: hahahahahah yeah I'm still living in the stone age! :P
well I have my ipod in my car but I always end up playing something from one of my old mix tapes!

Deef: It's hard to let go.

Papillona: hahahahahaha, I'm scared to let go...the memories papillona....the memories those tapes hold!

McArabian: ah the Queen of the Darkside! LOL...I'll try to join the other side but I don't know if I'm ready yet.

Laily: hahahahhahahahahaha chenich tadreen shino bel ashre6a! Samraat o Samreeyaat ;)

Spon: e wala e wala kilha memories...I think that's what's making me hold on to these old tapes and some of the songs you can't really find easily either.

Portugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: ma a9adeg @@ you're still alive! hahahahaha wallah I missed my tall Kuwaiti man ;)
how have you been dear?
shal ge6a3a?
o e wala 9aj ana wain wel Technalooogyaaaaaaaa (in a heavy Kuwaiti accent) wain LOL!

Snookie: hahahahahaha you gave away your CDs?! I still have a whole bunch of my old CDs that I can't let go of either bas the tapes have special memories....ma adree if I'm ready yet ;)

"sewalif jalsaaat o 3adaniaat o el mo6riff " i have them all on ma ipod... i LOVE JALSAAAAAAT

You've got to keep the tapes!! because potentionially
1) With all the hipster old skool trends... tapes might just becaome cool again... or
2) When ur really old u got something cool to show offf to ur kids that will make emmm think ur ancient... remember the first time u saw an 8 track?

you can't be serious!

Don’t worry about that, for we are all living in an everlasting state of prehistory ;-))

Seriously now, the last time I used (analog) cassettes for meaningful recordings was almost two decades ago. In 1987, I purchased a Sony DAT recorder, and I still have it somewhere. Unfortunately, thanks to Sonys notorious bad marketing coupled with the attempts of the record labels back then to cripple the quality of digital recordings made from commercial masters, DAT as a consumer product went nowhere – but its still used professionally.

In 1992 came a couple of products: Sonys MiniDisc (MD) and Philips Digital Compact Cassette (DCC). Both products offered digital recording with a level of compression (usually 1:5 ratio). The Philips format was attractive since the units would play analog cassettes, but in the mid-1990s Philips pulled the plug on DCC. Sonys MD is still around and sometimes I use it for recordings. Neither one of these products managed to kill the analog cassette. BTW, both formats were ridiculed back then for relying on compression and hence they were not true Hi-Fi. This argument is virtually meaningless nowadays with everyone listening to MP3s that rely on compressions ratios of 1:10 or more. The current medium of choice for recordings is the CD-R.

In my experience, the last venue for tapes was listening to audiobooks. It was more cost effective to listen to books on tapes rather than CDs, but nowadays bestsellers are available as online downloads.

In retrospect, the analog cassette has enjoyed a long life. It is still with us at some level, even though Philips intended it to be a Low-Fi solution to be used in dictation machines when it was introduced in the early 1960s. Compare that with the 33RPM LP introduced in 1947 and was virtually decimated by the CDs in the late 1980s.

As for the nostalgic value for such media, I consider myself lucky that I’ve used or witnessed many of them. Remember open-reels, 8mm films, Polaroid instant movies and slides, 78s, automobile or portable record players? Now, what about todays superhip devices? I just LOVE the iPod and I have purchased each model since Apple introduced the device in October 2001. Just reflect that it will be the Edison cylinder of tomorrow :-))

wai 7abeebti entay, don't let go!!! keep 'em!!
Wallah ana 7addi I regret letting go my computer "sakhar" =(

I can't stop missing it!!! abeeeeeh!!! I miss all the tapes!! Kan 3indi ishkethir!! Wallah 7yati hal memories =<


Blasha: oh another fan of jalsat! hahahahahaha...ana agool insawee jalsa 7ag albanat...net7a6a6 wenyeeb Bu 7anan....for the laughs...ishraykom? ;)

Q8BL: hahahahaha I remember 8 track because we had one in our house! I even remember playing songs min Masra7eyat Alsindebad Alba7eree...aah the memories! LOL

Shopa: Yes, I am serious! LOL

KD: I loved the history background...thanks!
I know you own every new Ipod that came out and admire how you keep up with what's new...bas I'm still technologically challenged! LOL
I got my IPod as a birthday gift from a dear friend and I love it but I still don't know how to use all it's features...LOL
I guess that's why I'm holding into my old tapes and CD's...hahahahhaa!

NuNu: hahahahhaha I remember computer 9akhar! in fact we still have it in our house, my brother can't throw away any of his old toys, he has a whole storage for all his old stuff!

i have the same things in my car ... including the ipod

WOW!! Then tell your bro that my birthday is coming and I really appreciate old stuff as gifts and I too "can't" throw away any of my old toys!!

Except that dad took "sakhar" away from me =(

Alia: I'm glad I'm not alone! :)

NuNu: hahahahaha..yeah right he would give away he's stuff...you have no idea...he hates anyone even getting close to his old stuff! LOL

i'm stuck in the middle... i'm using CDs :p

Swair: hahahhahaha, I'm stuck on CDs too...but my tape collection is priceless!

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