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One of the Guys

Most of my friends are guys and I love my boys because they are always there for me and I love their company. The boys keep calling me one of the guys, at first it was great because they share their secrets with me and they can be very comfortable around me which is totally cool BUT sometimes being "one of the boys" is not so great. Whenever they check out a girl and I'm sitting right there between them I feel very uncomfortable, the way they describe a girl and the details they get into... I'll be like e7im a girl is present here and they'll joke around and say where? :(
They laugh and say but "Jelly" you're one of the guys!
I mean there are other girls in the group but I'm the only one who gets treated that way...I really need to feel I could be part of the guys and yet be treated like a woman but I don't know how I could change that in them...I wonder if it's just too late!

oh just a note, the boys never disrespected me in any way and they love me like their own sister or maybe I should say their brother! LOL

A gentleman's a gentleman and a cad is a cad. Mo 3adil?

:) I see you as a beautiful woman.

you really hate it for this reason!! girl this is the best part of it ..to see how their brains are actually out of place :P specially that they are not your hubby that you would get jelous if he did so in front of you :)

Enjoy it girl and tell us about it :P

same here.. :/ its great but sometimes it doesnt feel so awesome..

sweetie, I think you're great!
you're sweet and so friendly. It's not bad.
3aadi, sometimes guys act a little stupid. (ma yin3a6on wayh sa3at lol)

You can always tell them that you feel uncomfortable when they do that. I'm sure they'll understand.
or if you don't wanna look so serious you can always make it sound like a joke but at tyhe same time it could be a slap on the face. If you know what I mean ;)
3aadi, sometimes guys act a little stupid. (ma yin3a6on wayh sa3at lol)

Why don't you describe a guy and see how THEY like it :P

i know how you feel!!!

The majority of my friends are guys as well because I think girls are way too bitchy and I generally get on better with them.

I don't see anything wrong with it, but I wouldn't wanna be seen as one of the guys as I wanna be able to flirt with them lol

It's always good having a guy persecptive on things especially if your dating :)

WOOOOW , u're blessed ... jelly belly please write about their thoughts and about this experience. this would be FUN.

Jelly, I know exactly what you mean. I have MUCH more guy friends than girls but sometimes, I have to establish certain yet subtle limits. For example, one good friend of mine was telling me about a girl in his class and he was saying how hot she was...then he started going into bodily specifics. That's when I blurted out jokingly yet firmly 'Haw flan! Bes yallah 3ad!' He laughed but got the point. Sometimes, I feel that I have to "awagefhom 3and 7adhom" so they don't push it TOO far.

I totally agree with 3baid.... and get REALLY graphic hehehe and make animal sounds (howling etc) too... this of course considering they really are close and will "get" it.... of course this is a hell of alot funnier than effective although sometines if ur crude enough it will shoch theminto silence.. but for a real solution id have to go with erzulie a quick firm word or notification that a line is being crossed usually does the trick...now turn around n walk away so i can admire what ur momma gave ya Big boy...awoooooo!!! <- llike that n for some reason if its a big black guy it always works seems more effective .... something to do with themnot sizing up to the male ideal or something hehehehehhe;P

first of all, the picture hathy sorat shakhs?! I think I lost my sight completely! I flipped the laptop unside down trying to see where does it say person!!

thaneyan, I don't know why you get upset! I mean I don't think boys would look "you are uncomfy" as we understand, they would get that you're jealous cause that's how they think girls think, you got that? I kinda lost myself there a little, I mean they wouldn't get the respect part when it gets there, they take it as "3adi we were only talkin"
khalas ba3ad they got used to it chithey, hey I know! you talk about boys the way they talk about girls ;} fekra mo sa7?

i agree with Mother Courage!! WRITE WRITE WRITE! :p

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving bak JellyBelly

What? no post-thanksgiving post with pictures of all the delicious food you made? I'm shocked! I hope you had a great thankgiving :)

Perseus: 3adil, but in their defense the boys are gentlemen 90% of the time! LOL :)

Purgy: You made me blush! Thank you so much for this sweet comment :D
Purgy you are simply the best :))))

Judy: hahahahhaha Rasta baby I do love my boys and I do enjoy their company it's just when they get over board with their comments that's when I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Snookie: That's exactly how I feel!

Papillona: Thanks 7abebty :* wallah 9ajja ma yen3a6oon wayah...hahahahhaha...3ad I told them before that their comments can be a bit out there bas I guess I got to be more serious with them.

3baid: hahahahhaha, I love your idea 3baid bas how descriptive are we talking about? ;)
by the way I think this is the first time you comment here so welcome to my blog :D

Flamingoliya: hahahaha, I guess I'm not alone! :)

Ananyah: Hahahahha you're right about girls being bitchy! I noticed in recent years I can't handle the drama with my girlfriends...guys are way more laid back and it's easier to talk to them...and you're right about the guys perspective on things...it sure helped me out a lot!

Mother Courage: hahahhaha write about their thoughts! Are you serious? hahhahahaa I'm afraid it's a bit Rated R! LOL
I could tell you one thing...whenever they are checking out a girl, they can go into a lot of details about her body, the shape of her boobs or how firm is her ass! Come to think about it, they always check out the ass first and then the rest of her body!

Erzulie: I think because I pretended many times I didn't hear their comments, that now they think it's ok to say a lot of things in front of me! bas you're right I should give them a little talk.

Q8's Biggest Loser: LOOOOOOOOL you and 3baid got me thinking about giving them a taste of their own medicine! I might just do that ;)

Spontaneousnessity: LOL, it's a group picture of my guy friends.

Swair: I believe this is the first time you comment in my blog so welcome dear...and I can't write in details sorry babe...it's too graphic ;)

Jewaira: Happy Thanksgiving Lady J, I had a very laid back Thanksgiving no big plans this year!

Shemsi: hahahhahaha yeah I didn't cook this Thanksgiving, instead I had some TV dinner, read a book and enjoyed a nice glass of wine.

I'm Thankful forhaving u in my life even though uve been a witch and havent been keepin in touch lately luv ya...oh n 3afya msg heheh ;P

Q8BL: LOL, I'm a witch now! 7abebty I'm thankful to have a cousin like you...I don't wanna get too cheesy but I wuv you baby girl and yes I know I could be horrible keeping in touch but you know how much I wuv you at the end 9a7? :***

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