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Embarak 3alikom AlShahar :)

It's that time of the year when I feel home sick the most! One of the new kids here was complaining how hard it is for him to spend Ramadan away from his family...I had a flash back of my first Ramadan here in the States...I can't believe it has been 8 years since the last time I spent Ramadan with my family...but the memory is still fresh in my mind...the family gatherings in our house and the kids running around...how my mom would always be the last to break her fast...I also miss Ramadan in Bahrain...my grandmother rest her soul used to cook (Harees) and me and my brothers would be waiting for the Harees soup.

Another year away from home...I know my mom will be calling me right after she breaks her fast like every year...crying and asking me what will I be eating for fo6oor....love you mama :*

Although our Mosque said Ramadan is on Wednesday, every where else announced its on Tuesday...I don't know why they do this every year! Khalef to3raf!
I called some friends in Cali and Florida and they both told me Ramadan is on Tuesday...I also checked on Islamic Finder webpage just to double check and it said Tuesday is the first day...so I guess I'll be fasting in a couple of hours inshallah!
Allah ye3aina 3ala al 7ar...it's still warm in here bas allah yekon bel 3oon...

anyways...Emabarak 3aleekom alshahar again...o tagabal 6a3tkom inshallah....Happy Ramadan Everyone :D

Happy ramadan to you :)

TF: Thanks 7abebety...tagabal allah 6a3tich inshallah :*


Technically, Ramadan starts in a region the day after an official in that region sees the hilal. The hilal was visible in the Middle East last night, so Ramadan 1 is today. But it wasn't visible in North America last night, so Ramadan 1 is tomorrow in N. America. Well, some people still prefer to follow the Middle East. I've always done what my local masjid says to do. I think as long as your niyya is good, it doesn't really matter which one you follow. Also, if your friends and family are fasting today, then you'd better fast or else they will give you dirty looks :)

I hope you have a fantastic Ramadan!

3alainah ow 3alaich. Yalla hurry up and finish so next year inshallah you can be here to hear midfa3 el if6taar.
{Hugs} :)

Happy ramadhan, Ramadhan officially starts on the 5th of October. A day later than Saudi!

3alaina ow 3alaich

3alaina o 3alaich :)

/me sends you harees o yireesh o tashreeba

3alaina o 3alaich. hopefully you'll be spending ramadan with your family and loved ones soon :)

3alaina o 3alaich Jella Bella ;*

Happy Ramadan to you too, Jelly :*

3alaina o 3alaich :D

Sarah: Hey sweetie, it has been a while! I hope everything is going well?
I understand babe about the hilal sighting but the thing is every year they'll be a confusion with our mosque and other mosques in the states! I don't know but since I checked on Islamicfinder.com and it said Tuesday was the first day of Ramadan in the states I guess I just went along with them....any how as you said it all goes back to al neya :)
I hope you'll have a great Ramdan as well babe :*

Jewaira: Thanks babe for the hugs :))))))
it9adegeen I really do miss hearing medfa3 al ef6ar...it reminds me of my chilhood :)

Redenclave: yalla I guess I started a day early ;)

Sarah: Happy Ramadan to you babe :*

Flam: abee harees more than anything...lel7ain ma theba6ta bel 6obakh :)

Hanan: Ameen allah yesma3 minich babe :)

NuNu: :*

Shurouq: :*

Tequila: thanks babe :*

same to you babe =}

3alaina oo 3alaiky :) How is Ramdan treating you so far? And hey you totally flaked on me last weekend! :P

Oh and I didn't fast till Wed. because I decided to follow the mosque here. Madry.

<3 you.

hi there :}

embark 3laich el shahar o 3sach mn 3owada kel sena o kel 3am yaa rb :>

Happy Ramadan
By the way, I like ur name alot when fasting ! ;)

Ramadan Mubarak.. and for those who love chocolate or addicted to cocoa.. this is the perfect blog for you....

check my blog soon.. i am updating it..


3aleena w 3aleekom:)
W ya rab yekoon 3aleeke shahar 5eer w 3ala al jamee3 :D

Hey babe happy ramadan to you u live in a zooo you look like a monkey and smell like one tooo ;P luv ya

Spon: thanks hon :*

JS: Sarona 7abebty I'm sorry about not showing up but I had mid-terms and it was so crazy bas I keep hearing of your brother coming for a visit I wonder if you can make it with him!

Q80CG: 7abebety it has been a while since I saw you! 3aleena o 3aleech 7abebty :*

Q8Jandark: welome to my blog first of all...and yes my nick name could make you hungry when fasting ;)

GL: oh I'm a chocoholic, I will check the website and your blog now :D

Rimyoleta: welcome to my blog awalan o allahoma ameen inshallah :)

Q8BL: LOL, ana al monkey ya monkey? :P

Yeah i know how it feels, i used to live in rakunda, but i went to live to sildenafil because i had to study my career, and 10 years later i went back home and that was... indescribable feeling.
Thanks for sharing.

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