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Pulling all nighter!

Studying for 2 tests
greecy food
weird people
drunk people
me and my friend acting silly
waitress and her crazy stories
waitress with no front teeth
6 cups of coffee
a whole pack of cigarettes
all wired up
test in 4 hours!
wish me luck.

Good Luck sweets

akheeeeh this sounds auch min galb... good luck latheetha

bitofeeg inshallaa

i know how you feel i just got done with my midterms

toooOoo stressful

sounds like my school days, not including the cigarettes ;P

Good luck babe ;*

Good luck JB, I am sure that you will do just fine..
let us know how your exams go

Good Luck :)

:) How did it go?

talk about 3athaab..
hehe typical.. cramming everything at the last minute! :P~

i hope ur tests went well..

So, how’s your love life?
Best of luck sugar

Good luck sweets!! Allah y3eenich ;*

smoking is not goin to make things any better

good luck =)

Good luck!

so how did it turn up?

Wishing you the best JellyBella

good luck :)

waiting for an update on:
waitress and her crazy stories
waitress with no front teeth

off topic..
mbarak 3alaich alshahar :)

Sarah: Thanks babe :)

Judy: thanks ya 3asal ;)

Laialy_Q8: welcome to my blog first of all and thanks 7abebety :)

Shop: I'm sick of this school life bas allah kareem! And thanks hon :)

Babbler: Welcome to my blog and thanks dear...I did just fine :D

Tequila: Thanks hon :)

Shurouq: It went well al7emdallah...I know I Aced one but I'm not so sure about the other one yet! :)

Charisma: I work under pressure! hahahaha and yes I always do things last minute bas al7emdallah it usually works out fine :)

Ayya: What love life? LOL
let me just say this long distance relationships sucks royally!
and thanks babe :*

NuNu: we3ain al jemee3...mashkoora 7abebety :*

Mother Courage: I need all the luck to quit smoking...that's for sure :D

Q: Thanks dear...al7emdallah it went really well :D

Jewaira: Thanks honey...you're my cheerleader :*

Flamingoliya: well the waitress with the crazy stories...she believes in Aliens! LOL
and the waitress with no front teeth...it's because her husband beats her up and I think she's a crack addict too!

Bo_Ghazi: 3alaina o 3aleek dear :)

poor waitress :/

Flam: naah I hate people who are in abusive relationships and doesn't leave! They have a choice.

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