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A`3anee Aflam

My favorite songs from Arabic movies in no particular order:

1- Asmahan Emta 7ata3raf

2- 3abdelwahab Ya-mesafer wa7dak

3- 3abdelwahab & Asmahan Majnoon-Laila

4- M7mad Fawzi Mama Zamnha Gaya

5- Laila Murad Ana Albee Daleelee

6- Shadia We7yat 3ainik

7- 3abdel7aleem & Shadia 7aga `3areeba

8- 3abdel7aleem Awal Mara

9- Fareed Ala6rash Gameel-Gamal

10- Om-Kalthoum `3aneeli Sheway Sheway

11- So3ad 7osani Ya wad yat'eel

12- 3abdelman3m Madboole & Huda Sul6an TooT TooT I can't remember if it was TV movie or a series who cares I love the song! LOL

13- Duraid Laham Fa6om Fa6omee from the movie 9a7 Alnoum (couldn't find a link)

for the non Arabic films

From Mary Poppins:
Spoonful of sugar.
Chim chim-Cheree.

From the Sound of Music:
My Favorite things
So long, Farewell
Sound of Music

From Annie:
It's the Hard-knock life

From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty chitty bang bang

From The Wizzard of OZ
Some day over the rainbow.

These are few of my favorites that I could remember now...I might add to the list later...but I'd like to know what are your favorite Film songs too.

no mohammed mounir! how dare you!

JB, Have you heard Shadya's "Ana mkhasmaak"?

"ana mkhasmaak, o mush 3ayzaak tikallimny,
tisibny youmin, wi-gailak 3ain tikallimny,

Ana mkhasmaak.."

بالله عليك مو أحلى من "مطربات" هاليومين؟ عتيج الصوف....

Allah, put let me add the Shadiya&Farid el A6rash's amusing duet:
'Ya salam 3ala 7ubbi o 7ubbak' - it's hilarious!

Shadia (in ra7 mennik ya 3ain ha yrou7 min albi fain.. dal alb y7ib marraaa ma ye7ebbish marritain)


Your post took me back to ayam elmorahiga
You touched the soft spot.

I love the deep & dramatic beginning of 3abdel7aleem's 'Awel Mara.' Btw, there's another version of 'The Wizard of Oz' called 'Oz' staring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and other folks and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. I like it more than the Judy Garland version and that weird version with chicken instead of Todo.

I love 'Mama Zamnha Gaya'. I love milk-hating 3adel, lazy So3ad, and fire-starter A7med

'Ana Albee Daleelee' etwanis wayed em9adga her alb

'7aga `3areeba' cute. enty 3arfa laih

'Ya wad yat'eel' daloo3a o emgannenani :)

'TooT TooT' an all-time favorite. TV series

Spoonful of sugar. it sure helps the medicine go down :)

My Favorite things: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. I never get tired of singing it

loved wi7yat 3aynayk! ;)
the first 5 were a bit boring for my taste.. but loved the rest!

Purgy: Soo Ya Soo 7abebe 7abasoo...7abebe 3ayez sukkar..emneen ageeb lo sukkar...hathee a`3aneyik haa? LOL

Oh lookie lookie we have a lot of Shadia fans!

Perseus Q8: e wala yedeed lebresam...you can't compare her to anyone these days.
I love a lot of Shadia songs because she has this beautiful voice and she knows how to work the camera...daloo3a o khafeefa 3ala algalb...she's one of my favorites.

I love her in Zawja ragam 13 weya Roshdi Abatha
and the other two films that I can't remember the names of now but they were both with Sala7 Thualfaggar...ilee tetgama9 shakh9eyat kil character itshofha on film and the other one where she got hired in her husbands company and she becomes his boss.
damn I can't remember the names but man I love her in those movies.

I also love her in Raya o Skeena and her song with 3abdelmen3im Madboolee "7obak gan-enee ya asmak eeh"

by the way Perseus do you know where I can download ana m`7a9mak? 6arab's link is not working...I wish there is a website where you can find all the old movies songs.

ShoSho: do you remember from what movie it was? or where I can find the song? coz it sounds familiar bas I can't rememer it :(

Sarah: oh I love that song too...ma ye7bish martain...ma ye7bish martain...ya 3ainy 3ala Shadia ;)

Ayya: LOL I guess I'm living a morahaga stage now! no no I'm just addicted to old songs :)

Erzulie: First of welcome to my blog :)
and yes I know about the other version of The Wizard of Oz, I think it was called "The Wizz" I love MJ and Diana Ross but not together in the same movie! I don't think either one of them was good in acting and hmmm I don't know maybe also I love the orginal movie so much and I adore Judy Garland :)
I guess we have different tastes! LOL

Hanan: I get the urge to sing few of my favorite thins every time it rains in here....or when someone of my friends is sick I sing spoonful of sugar...LOL
Did I mention I bought the special edition dvd of Mary Poppins! and I can't wait for the special edition of the Sound of Music :D

Charisma: hahahahha yeah the top five are a bit slow...bas 7aram you can't diss Asmahan o 3abdelwahab? bas I'm glad you like we7yat 3ainik...it's one of my favorites :D


did you check Sawari? They have tons of stuff

(right-click and save as)


oops, forgot the link!

check it out:


oooh I love 7aga ghareeba! like the other ones:P

I demand you include him in your list.

I love Shadia's song "We2ool ya mama ya alb mama"

I LOVE the song Wind Beneath my Wings from the movie Beaches with Bett Midler.

From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang my favorite song was Truly Scrumptious (when I was a kid I used to wish that was my name, too! Yes I was a freak :P)

From the original Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory my favorites were the Oompa Loompa songs.

The song Summer Nights from the movie Grease.

"Soo Ya Soo 7abebe 7abasoo..." <<< that songs brings back so many memories!

Perseusq8: Thank you soooooooo much for the links dear! I never knew about this site before and it has a better collection than 6arab or Salmiya...thanks again :D

machiatto83: It's a cool duet between Shadia and 3abdel7aleem...I just love the two in this song.
oh and welcome to my blog :D

Purgy: no demanding in this blog :P

NuNu: wansa another Shadia fan...mo etyanin?

Jaded Saudi: Oh childhood memories are the best...I can't believe I left out Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...I love that song :D

and I love the Divine Miss B in Beaches...that song always and I mean always makes me cry!

I Love this post. JellyBella ithableen. ALL my facourites too :)

7adha amazing!! =D

Jewaira: walla intay ilee ithableen mmmmwaaaaaah :*

NuNu: I'm glad we agree ;)

Honestly I am not fan of Indian movies, but I remember I used to listen to the sing Om-Kalthoum in the raja yoga class, and our greeting was om-Shanti! This is as interesting as it is to buy kamagra

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