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I had a blast :D

I had a blast this weekend, one of my best friends called everyone and I mean EVERYONE to come for my "Surprise" birthday party....I was sooo happy to see all of them there since not all of my friends get along but for that night they did just for MOI :D
I also got calls right at midnight from Kuwait that made me so happy...my best friend called me and I totally didn't expect her phone call since she's busy with her new born baby...I also got a phone call from another dear friend (I really value his friendship)...I got phone call from my parents and people I love...it was just amazing to have all these people call me at 12 A.M :)))
At the end of the night everyone gave me their gifts and there was one gift that moved me deeply...it was a beautiful gift from Chubby Femme...she gave my gift to our friend when he was in Kuwait and he kept it for 2 months and gave it to me on my birthday...Chubboyooo a7ebich and I miss you soooooooo much :*
the next day I got flowers from my family and from one of my best friends :)
over all I felt so happy that everyone came, called, text messaged me, emailed me and of course all of you bloggers with your heartwarming comments but I would like to specially thank NYChick, The Don, Jaded Saudi and Nooni (Rasta baby)
people I got to say I'm feeling the love :*****

PS: Q8's Biggest Loser I love you too :*

Moi at my party

The flowers I got from my family and my best friend :D

Happy birthday :)

You have a beautiful smile :)

You're looking gorgeous mashallah :) I'm glad you had a great party.

I agree with true faith you have a beautiful smile.. I'm glad you had fun

Whose birthday is it?

aham shay eldarabeel foog ethalaajah.. lolol

Happy Birthday Jelly Belly, we 3oqbal 100 years!

Happy Birthday Jelly Belly :D

Did you see that missed call on your mobile where is says a private number?
That was me :p
Happy birthday sweetheart, and oh, I can’t believe it, you’re actually wearing a dress!!!!

True Faith: Thanks 7abebety...e3yoonich al7elwa :*

Jewaira: Thanks a lot babe, It was an amazing party :D

Sarah: Thanks 7abebty :*

Purgy: hahahahahha, Birthday? What birthday? :P

Don: LOOOOOOOOL, shasawee a7eb akil darabeel sa3at al9eb7 ma3a chay 7aleeb and a lot of my friends knew that about me...so when they got back from Kuwait this summer kilman tenga9alee eb goo6ee...LOL
bas tabee al9ij they taste nothing like the home made ones we get in Kuwait...yummy bas yalla al3awath wala al ge6ee3a :P

Q80-Demon: Thanks dear :D

Jackie: Thanks 7abebty :*

Ayya: Thanks 7abebty :*
Did you really call me?! tara ana ebser3a a9adeg! LOL
I wasn't wearing a dress, I'm a bit insecure wearing a dress now...maybe if I lost some weight I will but not now, I was wearing a beautiful black top with Jeans :)

Happy Birthday Jelly Baby! May you have many more to come! Gorgeous smile, beautiful top, yummy-lookin kaikah :D I'm glad you had a rockin birthday party and a surprise one at that! Lots of Love, D'n'G


Dear Jelly Belly,

Happy Birthday... inshallah ye9eer 3omrach kether roqum betaqtech el-medeniya.


Happy Birthday Jelloooooo :D
Kel3am wenty eb alf khair dear :)

D&G: thanks babe :***
wallah you have been missed! I hope you had a nice relaxing summer break...o la teg63een, I hope I'll get to see you more around here :)

Tequila: Thanks 7abebty :*

Misguided: Thank you so much dear...3ad gad ragm be6gatee almadaneya? LOL
and I believe this is your first time in my blog so welcome to my space and hope I'll get to see you more often :D

Purgy :P~

ArtFinale: Thanks a lot sweetie o ana a6albik eb 9ainyat kanfa...hahahahaha :)

wanasa ! mabroook :)

Don: forget the darabeel! take a look at the blue card just in front of the water dispenser. Looks like an invitation to a Chippendales show! :-))

Glad you had a blast =D

Hey baby doll, I'm glad you had fun wallah and that you were at least surprised by the guests who actually showed up if not by the party itself.

Oh and tell the asshole who organized the party thanks a lot for inviting me! J/K! :P :P

Love ya! :x

HaPpY BirthDaaaY.

heheh 7atta ana shawegatnii 3elbat edarabeeel ;p

Ra-1: mashkoora 7abebety :*

Q80-Demon: I did go to a chippendale show once...it was an experience alright! LOL

NuNu: thanks babe :*

Jaded Saudi: I don't think you even met the "asshole"...LOL

Mother Courage: mako a7la min al darabeel weya chay 7aleeb al9ebe7 ;)

Happy birthday ya Jelly :) Many happy returns and best wishes for the coming year. Glad you had a beautiful party, tistahleen :)


MsBaker: Thank you so much sweetie for your wishes...I'm really sorry but I didn't notice the comment earlier...thanks again :*

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