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Weekly Update :)

Hello everybody, sorry I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to but bare with me after all I'm only taking 24 credits :P

So here are the highlights of my week:

My heart was broken over the devastating hurricane Katrina, I was so depressed just watching the news...I was trying to get hold of one of my close friends who works in the oil refineries in Louisiana and I couldn't get hold of him for 4 days...I finally got an email that he was safe and away from the major hit areas (al7emdallah)
My heart goes to everyone who suffered from this horrible natural disaster.

School is crazy...I don't know what I was thinking of when I took 24 credits…but I'm busting my ass big time...I need some cheerleaders to cheer me on LOL.

Memorial weekend was amazing! My cousin came to visit me and one of her friends and we decided to drive to Sedona, Arizona. It was such a fun, adventurous, beautiful, relaxing weekend.
We went hiking, took a jeep tour up the mountain, spent a day in a spa, were abdicated by aliens, almost got attacked by a bear...OK…I could keep going but as usual I'm gonna end this post with pictures I took...ENJOY ;)

The view from our hotel room, isn't just breathtaking? (my feet in the picture...I need to get a pedicure)

We took an off road jeep ride, that was pretty exciting and fun, this is our tour guide/driver this chick can drive!

Our Pink Jeep ride took us right in the middle of the canyon and surrounded by the beautiful mountains right at sunset.

OK I cracked up when I saw this...but I'll leave it to your imagination :P

After a nice massage in this tiny spa, we sat and drank some coffee (Perrier water in my case) smoked a cigarette and read a book...at that moment MissCosmo-Kuwait crossed my mind because the area I was in was known for Meditation.

I was taking pictures of flowers and I saw this grasshopper (at least I think it is) and I had a flash back of cartoon memories when I was a kid...remember Bashar...wa zaina o na7ool...o 3oglat al e9ba3...they all had grasshopper characters...LOL

I almost got attacked by a bear...it was scary :P

And abducted by a UFO...LOL

Just for you Don...that was the Sedona chopper store ;)

is that better? :P

Love the pics. Love the sandals!

Nice pics .. specially the ones with the mountains .. I wanna be there one day ..

Nice to hear that u enjoyed it .

you really look shocked :P

love the pics.. u sound like u really had fun.. ;) 3alaych bil 3afya

WOW!! Nice pics!! =)
But the 4th pic it doesn't look good =/

Nice pierce! As soon as I go to college im getting an eyebrow pierce without my parents knowing :P I love them :|

:) good enjoy your time. this is a good cheerup before school (GOOD LUCK)

Another thing what happened to quiting? you are still smoking girl why why why :9

hahahhaha.. sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Loved the "scary" look :)

Don't worry JB we're cheering you on here: Go Jelly GO! Till you finish :)
Loved the photos

Jella bella !!.. what’s up with taking pictures of 7asharaat ?? ma khabartich min the nerdy kind?? hahahaha

BTW, I like your toes ya om el French pedicure.. :P

And the view is truly breath taking.. if there was a Harley in the picture I would have killed you for living my dream.. :*

PS, I see you found a tall, dark and handsome guy over there..

NuNu.. hahahahahahaha.. why don’t you like the forth picture ?? lol

Seeing you having fun is what counts, keep living it to the max Jello :)
Love the pics.

Redenclave: Thanks babe :D

Broke: If you ever get the chance you should visit Sedona...it's so beautiful and peaceful.

Purgy: I was shocked ;P

Charisma: allah ye3afech 7abebty...al7emdallah I had a relaxing weekend.

Nunu: LOL, I think the 4th picture is so funny that I had to post it! :)

Dyxio: I love my piercing click me
that's when I first got it done and my parents were cool when they saw it...well they were shocked but they got over it ;)

Juddy Abbot: Oh Rasta Baby my cheerleader :*
yeah I know I said I will quit but I'm still working on it ;)

Bo_Ghazi: hahahahaha scary look? I was scared ;P

Jewaira: Thank you sooo much babe for your cheering...I need it!

Don: hahahahha yeah nerdy me collecting bugs and taking pictures of them! LOL

e om French Pedicure lazem itdale3 3omerha :P

and I did see a lot of bikers over there..in fact I'm gonna add a picture just for you ;)

o shino tall dark and handsome! haaa...he's too scary and hairy...LOL :P

ArtFinale: thanks sweetie, I try to enjoy every moment :)

Interesting blog you have here, I have added it to my list and will check in often!

Best Wishes,
Speed Reading Made Easy

Yay, looks like you had a wonderful time!

Yeah, Katrina was terrible. I could kill those looters though :| They make me maaaaad.


I love it.. I just love the art involved in it.. I am a poet, and I didn't know it.. hehehe

I wish you had the picture taken sideways, but still, thinking of me when taking this pic, is all that matters.. :)

Ken: thanks for stopping by and I'm happy you enjoyed my blog :)

Jaded Saudi: Hey babe, how are you? walla I had a good, relaxing weekend al7emdallah.

and about the looters...I hated the way the media portrayed African Americans...images being broadcast over and over only on them...it made me furious knowing how powerful the images and how it's gonna imprint on the minds of many people and reinforce the idea that African Americans are criminals...I can't blame the rage of African Americans leaders on the media and the government for their slow response!
It is just sad in every way you see it!

Don: it's funny how each blogger made me realize things when I see them...with Purgy I associate him with penguins, and you with choppers :P

and there I posted a sideway picture :P

The Don, Hehehe I guess you got my point and you know why!! ;P

Love the bear photo.Very cute!LOL :D

Good-luck with school. That is alot to take all at once. I wish a high GPA to you!

Christina: thanks honey for the high GPA wish...I sure need it ;)

OMG girl! 24 credits min sijjich! Allah i3eenich, and more power to ya! If anyone can do it, you can!

Loved your trip pics. I love Arizona and the New Mexico area so very much. Truly, they are "painted deserts".

Glad you had a good time :)


Seems like a much-needed vacation to prep you up for those 24 credits. The only thing clowding it must've been the smoke from your cigarette.

MSB: Thanks 7abebty for your sweet words :****

I love Arizona, I think it's a beautiful state and I have been around other states but Arizona has a special place in my heart...even though it's sooo damn hot in the summer bas 3asal 3ala galbi ;)

Hanan: I know babe I should quit...bas shasawee I'm weak...I'll try harder promise :D

Smoking after day in spa? Hmmm..
sounds like fun, glad you did ;*

hey ther jelly as u may or may not know im back in the states and i just wante dto say hi... nice pics looks like a good time ... talk soon if i ever get my phone reconnected luv ya miss ya cant wait to have a nice long chat tooodles:P

Shopaholic: hahahhaha shetay ishloon smoking chimney!

Q8'sBL: 7emdallah 3ala alsalama babe! I just love how we communicate through blogs! LOL
yeah reconnect your phone quickly! I'm not gonna buy a calling card to call your Kuwaiti cell phone number :PPPPPP
I missed you :*

4th picture is a little disturbing

Badoor: it's mother nature art work shasawee? LOL

First time visitor here and I'm a fan already, you have a lovely blog.

Picture #4: I see the poor mountain was hit pretty bad, and it developed a "sa3roorah" :-))

As for the bear I see the sweet animal probably felt threatened by the camera an was only trying to protect you ;-)

Q80-Demon: welcome to my blog dear and thanks for your sweet words :D

Isn't the "sa3roorah" picture so funny? LOL

Hello Jelly Belly - the "sa3roorah" picture is FUNNY! I look at it and in my mind play some cartoonish music *** I'm keeping t G-Rated :-))

Q80-Demon: LOL, yeah let's keep it that way ;)

fun pics :) I liked them. The best view is the third pic.

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