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Al Seter Zain!!

I can't believe how fast news travel?!
I heard about the accident 2 days ago from a friend telling me to watch the news and when I did I was shocked over what had happened!
I know these two girls personally from school and one of them is in one of my classes!
I know what they did was stupid and very irresponsible but people please stop publishing their names and pictures!
ya nass hathee som3at banaat!!!!
When I heard some of the guys here were sending the news links to their friends back home, I went crazy! How could you do such a thing?! laish e3yalana ma yasteroon 3ala ba3thom ba3th bel `3orba?! chena ma 9adegaw isma3aw khabar they start gossiping like women! I swear they make me sick!

I have been getting phone calls and text messages all day from people I haven't spoken to in ages asking me if I know these two girls and what exactly happened! Ya nass 3aib ma edegoon ila 7ag al legafa o al7ash?

ma agool ila allah yesa3ed ahalhom wesa3edhom!

ee walah winty sajah! we're all mad about what they did (I am personally infuriated), but there is no need to defile reputations and families over some gossip fix.

allah y3een ahalhom.
It is really sick how kuwaities zahbeen 7ag il shemata.
and it is a terrible thing to post their pictures and names 7araam elli ohma feeh mu kafi?
I'm really worried about the girls ya rab t3addi 3ala khair.

me too im really mad about this story bs i wont go blabbing about it!! gossip is a trait us kuwaitis are professionals in.. it sucks ass.

Oh my Gosh Jelly, after we talked last night I kept hearing about this right and left and you're right (sadly) people are talking about it 7atta hena bel blog land. WEJA3!!! I second everything you said. Bite your tingues people and mind your own fucking business! T5ayyalo if they were related to YOU!! And don't say that's impossible because NOTHING is impossible. Jeeeeez!

"chena ma 9adegaw isma3aw khabar they start gossiping like women! I swear they make me sick!" -- Go to the nearest hospital dear...with all the cussing goin' on here no wonder you defend them ;)Now sue me...Peace

Sorry to mention this that whether or not people stop spreading their names and mug shots, well they are only a click away, just enter their name in Google and you will find out, better yet wait and read it in the local newspapers, even better than that? Wait and recieve and SMS or MMS about those girls, so merely stating the situation and attempting to discuss what happened rather than pass judgement is not really a big deal. You're worried about Fethee7a and all that? What about the man who died? True her family will have to live with the shameful act that she commited but nonetheless, his family will have to learn to get on without him, they lost a person, while here they lost the reputation of their girl, which by the way is easy to lose and gain in this country since everything is considered scandlous.

they always tell us " al Seter zain " and then when people get married they find out stuff about the other that was covered up
which just lead to more trouble later on

I'm going to say this again to anyone who didn't get the point behind this post!
I think everyone who read, witnessed and saw the news agrees that what they did was wrong. A man died because of their stupid action but some of you didn't get what I said, I was upset over how the news was spread!
ya3eni alkhabr inteshar bain youm o laila?!!!
laish ya jema3a en7esh eb ba3thana ba3th eb hal 6areega?
I was really sad over the fact we can gossip and even make fun of other people miseries!

and Abdul: to me this whole thing is not a joking matter! I really feel sorry for you!

allahumah la shamata.
Alla i3een umahat-hum ew um illi mat. Society here is merciless. I was flipping in my bedall night thinking of what happened it could happen to any oneof us.

Honestly, I have not heard a thing about this, nor seen anything on the blogs ( but then, I haven't been blogging faithfully recently).
But really, Kuwait is a small community, a small town. Reputations are like glass - fragile and easily broken. And gloating about other people's misery is a very unfortunate universal human trait.

In any case, I am glad I don't know what happened. I have young, college age sisters. I am uncomfortable hearing about scandals involving girls of that age...I believe in "sitr" strongly too. But C'est la vie...*sigh*...people will always talk..


one day and one time their names and their storys will be public!
if not him/her
one of her/his kids or family.

these things you will see them in life!

Thank u for this post ... i really cant believe what happend !! one of the girls is my cousin i know what she did was wrong bas enas ma tir7am 7aram 3alaikom kafi eli feehom la etzeedona and this thing could happen to anyone ,, ya nas la titshametoon ,, u cant judge people allah fog ,, ma agol ela allah yesa3idhom o yesa3id ahal il victim,, thank u
btw. nice blog :)

not without my cigi: you don't need to thank me. I just hate it when soma3at banat tetnagal be7looj alnass chethe!
I hope your cousin and her friend will get through this very difficult time. Allah ye3ainhom.

and I'm glad you liked my blog :)

to everyone else I don't want to drag this issue on and I think I said what I needed to say over this subject.

oh one little note: I usually reply to every comment, please don't feel I ignored you I was just having one major response to everyone. Thanks :)

the thing is on news 5 !
i was choked when i saw it!

I agree with what u all said, but i believe a reason why the news spread so fast, listening to what the guys are saying, hathol banat ilq8, who are precieved to be innocent o ma3indohom hal sowalif i.e. "drinking" bc mo min 3adatna o taqlidna, fog hatha 6ab3an 7aram. Even though it is more common to c or hear of shabab drinking, but a girl drinks, well u know the rest.Unfortunatly this is the truth in kuwait, I'm not judging the girls, who am i to judge, bil3aks allah sa3idhom.

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