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Ramadan is early thanks to NYChick :*

I got a package from NYChick today with Ramadan goodies...I can't tell you how happy I was just looking through the box, NYChick 7abebty in3am allah 3aleech o 9ij ma tetkhayalin ishkether istansat...you don't know this but tomorrow is my birthday and I swear your box is the best birthday gift I had in years because it meant a lot to me. You actually remembered how much I love Caramel log and you bought me some wala I'm speechless. I wanna send you a virtual hug and kiss from me to you for your wonderful gift. 3asa allah yegaderni ared lich al jemeel :*

OK now I gotta run and get ready for my "Surprise" birthday party! Don't laugh, I found out all about it but I'll act surprised.

Again NYChick thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :******************

Opening the box when it arrived.

The goodies in the box included: Khobiz ergag, achar-thoom yebel (my favorite by the way!) elgaimat and the big surprise was a box of Caramel log :D


I am concerned with this chick, she knows people's addresses, she knows what they like, she is an alien!

Happy Birthday JellyBella and testahlain walla

Hey birthday girl.. How did the party go? :)

كل عام وانت بخير :*


happy birthday sugar jello bello mellow chocolate yummy :) wish you a great year a head

yummmmy i c yummmy goodies :) :) Enjoy 3al ba6ee2 :)

Happy Birthday Bella

I lllove caramel log I just love it! 3alaich bel3afya.

So what is more fun, this present or another present you got at 12 am ?? :P

Don, Why? Why? What did she get at 12 am?! =D

Yeah Happy birthday jella bella ;*

Happy Birthday, JB! Hope you enjoyed your party.:)

Happy birthday. getting elgaimat while in the states is the best.

i love caramel log too :)

happy birthday JB...... la7tha shway.... my birthday is on 17th too :D

Happy birthday :)

Wish you wonderful years ahead..bunch of smiles and beautiful thoughts.

Happy Birthday :)

happy birthday!! :D
kil 3am wintay ib alf kheir! :*

by the way, my dad makes secret recipe achar (me no likey) handed down from my grandma o ppl kila they ask for giant jars oof them.. o 3indina wayid foug ohwa imsawi.. chan gilteeli 3ashan yidizoona 7agich :P

Happy B-day dear
o bel3fyah, u r welcome
and don't ever say "Jemeel" ever again.

:) Thank you for the hug and the kisses

oh yeah sorry! shame on me! happy birthday, hope you had a blast.

Happy B-day Jella Bella... :*

Purgatory: hahahahha she's no alien! She's an amazing and kind human being :P

Jewaira: Thanks 7abebty :*

Shurouq: Wentay eb 9a7a o salama 7abebety...the party was AMAZING! thanks babe :*

Nooni: Rasta baby, thank you so much 7abebty for your sweet wish and your very sweet greeting card...emwaaaaah :*

Sarah: Thanks honey :*

Spontaneousnessity: allah ye3afeech 7abebety :)

Don: hahahahahha I'm not gonna pick any favorites but your birthday present was very sweet and it made me happy :D

NuNu: I see someone is nosey! LOL
just kidding babe, thanks for your sweet wishes :*

Christina: Thanks honey, I really did enjoy the party, almost all my friends showed up and that was the best gift someone can have :D

Hanan: Thanks 7abebety....oh and you have no idea how happy I was over the elgaimat and caramel logs...sawaitlee gahwa 3arabeya ma3a al elgaimat :D

Bo_Ghazi: Thanks sweetie, and Happy belated birthday to you...ooh and a little note your older than me by a day...e7im my birthday is on the 18th :P

not without my cigi: thanks dear :)

ancient: Thanks 7abebety for your sweet wishes :*

Snookie: Thanks 7abebty o intay eb 9a7a o salama....ooh so your family has a secert recipe for achar? hmmm yummy...agool snookie itha 3indech achar let me know...LOL

NYChick: No 7abebty THANK YOU for everything wallah :*
and I'm enjoying the caramel logs (Yummy) :D

Spon: thanks 7abebety, I did have a blast :D

ShoSho: Thanks babe :*

oki get it im the shittiest cousin ever cuz even though i used ur id for half my life i dont remember ur b'day and u know what?It will NEVER change u know why??? cuz dates don't mattern to me...experiences do! and u shared many of those with me and thats all that matters... i LOVE u to death u make my world a beautiful place n i hope u know that!!! btw my mom wants to buiy u extravagant b'day presents so i hope that makes up for my deficiencies... i still love u i just prey that u know that ... mwah ;)

Q8BL: LOOOOOOOOOOOL that's so funny! 7abebty in the past I used to get pissed cause you never remembered my birthday but khal9 I got used to it....hahahahahha...I know you love me and I love you too bas your memory sucks royally! LOL
oh congrats on the new number...hahahahaha...I'll call you tomorrow babe mmmwaaaaaah :*

ee walla min siji :P if you want, dizeeli ur address o im gonna hook u up..

Snookie: ya ba3ad galbi mashkoora...wa9la 7abebty...bas just in case I was short in achaar I'll let you know..LOL :*

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