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I've been tagged by the lovely NuNu ;)

so I guess I have 2 posts today ;)

10 years ago:
last year in highschool...getting ready to come the states for school.

5 years ago:
I met a wonderful person.

1 year ago:
I had an awakening of some sort!

First day of my salsa, swing and ballroom dancing class (I can't wait)

Three snacks that I enjoy:
1- Chocolates
2- Jelly Belly jelly beans
3- Beef Jerky

Three bands/artists that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
hmmmm wayed I can't think
Om-Kalthoum, Fayrooz, 3abdel7aleem, Madonna, Mariah Carey and many more.

Three things I would do if I win $100,000,000
1- give half of the money to my parents.
2- buy a nice house by the beach.
3- travel.

Three locations I'd ran away to:
1- Bahrain.
2- The States.
3- A beautiful island with no tourists around.

Three bad habits I have:
1- smoking
2- screening my phone calls and waiting for a message before I call back since I hate talking on the phone.
3- sleeping with the TV on.

Three things I like doing:
1- Playing cards
2- Swimming
3- hanging out with friends.

Three things I will never wear:
1- thongs.
2- mini skirts.
3- fishnets stockings.

Three TV Shows I like:
1- Seinfeld
2- The Simpsons
3- Sex and the City

Three movies I like:
waaay 2 many to list just 3.

Three people I'd like to meet:
1- an online friend that I've known now for 7 years.
the other 2 are dead maybe I'll meet them in my next life!

Three biggest joys of the moment:
1- my relationship with my parents after their visit.
2- a major change in my life that happened recently.
3- getting things back on track :)

Three favorite Toys:
1- men
2- men
3- and men....LOL

OK I'm tagging anyone who wants to be tagged ;)
yalla it's the weekend and I better go out and do something...see ya!

Ah, men :P

Lol.. I loved you responses :p especially to the last question ;) hehe.

WOW!! Men?!! Can I play with you?!!

well good you said you liked men ...ana este7eet :P
arnt they the cutiest thing on earth? :)

Purgy: Don't you agree? ;P

Jaded Saudi: Saroooooooooh 7abebty :*
hahahahahhaha I knew you'd like the last answer ;)

NuNu: affa 3aleech bring your toys with you or you can borrow some of mine! and we can play ;) LOL

Judy: Rasta baby laish teste7ain?!
ma feeha shay if we like Jombazy, 3ayaar, some cases liar, achla7 amla7, toys! ah I mean men ;) LOL

:"> :">

JB, well men are not my fav. toy :P

sleeping with the TV on... ya I used do that... wake up with my father's shouting "sh`hal maskhara hathi... int ibtidfa3 ma9areef alkahraba willa ana?!?!?"


hahahaha men! 3ajeeba.. hook me up with a toy boy too ;p

Toys for sale, toys for sail, they come in different sizes and models, you can tease them and please them, satisfaction guaranteed,……….
Now how do you play yours JB, I wana know in boring details ;)

YEY!!! Let's PLAY!! =D

lol Jelly Belly
Your posts are the "funnest" of em all
Tell us more about your awakening, girl. I'm interested

I don't get the tag idea but the answers were fantastique

interesting blog ! , enjoyed reading ur posts ... keep it up and good luck with school

OMG LOOOOOL,, love playin with men?? eh? :P

Ma mennech fayda :T

waaaaaay i love the way you said about men !
you know it's my best toy to , specially when you feel smart by dealling with them ;)

Did you used to have a Ken doll?
I hope no news means good news. Where are you Jelly Bella?

I'm so sorry guys I have been sooo busy I didn't get the chance to reply...please forgive me :)

Judy Abbott :D

Purgy: hmmm I wonder what is? ;)

Bo_Ghazi: hahahahahha...shasawee my parents gave me a hard time about it too...but it's a habit that seems I can't break :(
I usually have the TV on some news channel so I can fall a sleep and I have the weirdest dreams...of wars and gun fire...LOL

Tequila: affa 3aleech bas one toy boy...a dozzen 3ashan kha6erich bass...LOL ;)

Ayya: Oh Ayya as a toys saleswoman...now that's very intriguing ;)
and how do I play...hmmmm "I use and abuse" the naughty ones ;)

Nunu: Play time ;)

Shurouq: thanks babe...well the awakening was within me...I rediscovered myself...there were series of incidences that made me change in a major way...a positive way...I wish I could explain more but I'm very happy with myself now :D

Badoor: Thanks and welcome to my blog :D

Mother Courage: I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and thank you so much for your wishes :D

Blasha: hahahahaha you bet I do ;)

ArtFinale: Affa laish ma menny fayda?
ooh and happy belated birthday sweetie :*

Reema: hahahahaha...it's all about how to play the game babe ;)

Jewaira: I was never into playing with Barbie or Ken Dolls...I used to play with my brothers J.I Joe "action figure" I was more of a tomboy ;)
and sorry babe about not posting or replying as often as I used to but things have been really busy lately :)

Ok I'm glad you're fine. Don't disappear forever ok like some other blogger buddies. Keep us updated now and then.
Best of luck in what you're doing :)

Jewaira: You know I can't disappear on you guys...I wuv u way 2 much :*
and thanks for your wishes :***

Miss teasing ya :P
Thank you thank you, you better get me one of those slot machines for my next BD. :D

ArtFinale: hahahahha tamer o tedalal...one slot machine coming right up ;)

I have a water toy site. It pretty much covers water toy related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)

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