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Hello :)

Hey everyone sorry I have been really busy since school started on Monday...I'm taking 24 credits this semester! 17 at the University and 7 in the community college!
Fun ha! LOL
well some of those classes are easy A so I'm not so worried but I need to work my butt off to graduate...I've messed up so many times before and for the past year I have been working to clean that mess...al7emdallah 3ala kil 7aal :)
I can't complain much but it's kind of embarrassing that I'm turning 27 in September and I'm still in school...I feel old since I'm surrounded by 17 and 18 year olds.

I'm taking a dancing class every Saturday it's Salsa, Swing and Ballroom dancing...I can't wait for tomorrow...I'm really out of shape so I'm a bit worried but let's just hope it's gonna be fun.
so that's what I have been up to lately...

oh one more thing I'm gonna add a picture (teaser) of my friends project (Check the previous post) I wish I could show you how the room turned out (Sorry you gotta wait until the show will be aired) everything looked amazing...I'm so proud of her :D

You are not old :P

Being around 18 year olds is revitilizing ;)
Anyway, good luck to you and remember we are all supporting you here: Go Jelly Bella!!

HOw Exciting!..I can't wait to see the final version...but I'm pretty sure it looked terrific! (so the meditation was my giveaway..huh!...:)...Too funny! Your blog wayed wanasa..and I get to know what you girls are up to...so don't go Japanese without me!..:)...take care 7abeebti and love to everyone...

That's great girl! Hey what's the plan for your birthday? :")

24 credits! Yikes! Allah ye3eenek.

Ahh dance sounds like fun. I'm taking Jazzzzzz this semester! It's going to be awesome! :")


Don't feel bad, I'm 37 with a wife and 2 kids and in school while working.


Firstly, love the fan & the ceiling lamp. Antique?

Don'y feel bad about still being in school! Enjoy it while you can. You're going to miss it once you have left the academia. I have, am doing my master's now...not easy!

Hey 24 credits is normal, some of my pals took 31 credits 10 subjects I think!

Good luck!

Alllah y3eenich inshallah, and don't be embaraced. You're almost there hon. Baby steps go a long way ;)
I love that ur taking dancing classes! And don't worry about not being in shape .. dancing will get u into shape lol .. and it's a great way to unwind and keep ur stress levels down ;)

The room looks great mashallah! I love the window thing.. is that a window?

no it's not .. silly me ;p

I love Salsa!!! =D

the best thing is to be with young kids :) and feel huh what r they talking about LOL

now i read something great gurly you go on ur dancing classes :) wanasa... beleive me i was really really out of shape when i had my salsa classes :) and it was hell of fun.

Purgy: thanks, but I feel that way sometimes! bas thanks anyways sweetie :*

Jewaira: hahahahaha revitilizing that's for sure...I can't keep up with them but I'm trying ;)
and thanks a lot 7abebty for your support...you've always been one of the first to give me that boost of support that I need in the blog world and I thank you for that my dear Jewaira :**********

Misscosmo Kuwait: ooh the final look is terrific and if you want I could email it to you...after all she's your neice and you get a special treatment ;)
oh yes the meditation was the giveaway...although when you said you knew who I am and the designer was your neice I guessed but just to double check ;)
and I'm so happy you liked my blog...often times when I know someone personally that reads my blog I get a bit worried and feel if I should think twice before posting but I didn't feel that way when I found out you read mine...your cool babe ;)

Jaded Saudi: Sarooh the plan for my birthday is to party hardy...so you better get you ass down here...I don't care what you tell your brother...just think of something good...besides I miss you and I haven't seen you in ages! so please come...I'll call you soon :***

oh and the 24 credits are not too bad I guess...it's just the commuting between the college and the University at the same day and you have a cap of an hour between them and trying to find parking...aaah it sucks royally :(

ooh I can't wait for my dancing class...it's gonna start in a couple of hours...I'll keep you posted...and your taking jazz? wansa! you know I really wanna go to a nice Jazz club bas in our state there aren't many out there!
anyways 7abebty good luck with school :*

Palforce: God bless you! I have always admired people like you who can juggle all these things together! mashallah 3alik good luck with school man and thanks for your support :D

redenclave: welcome back to my blog sweetie and the fan wasn't really antique! my friend got it frome Home Depot (a retail store) but the orginal fan light fixture was white and looked horrible so my friend gave me the task to go and look around for a color that would fit with the theme of the room and she was lucky I found one that was very close in the size :)

and thanks for your support on school...all my friends keep telling me...enjoy it while it lasts since most of them miss school...although I know I'm gonna miss it but in reality it's time for me to move on :)

Peach: I love you girly for your support :*******
and the dance class ooh I can't wait for that one...I have always wanted to learn how to salsa the right way and the cool thing about this class is they'll be teaching salsa, swing and ballroom! how fun I get to learn 3 types of dances!
I'm so excited :D

oh and the thing you were talking about in the room...is the headboard for the bed ;)

NuNu: I love Salsa too...I can't wait to shake my booty ;)

Judy: Rasa baby thanks 7abebty :*****
I know I'm out of shape for sure but I think the class is the best way to get me started to lose some weight...you know something fun and active ;)

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