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Jelly Belly on TV!

One of my dear friends is a interior design student (from Kuwait) and she was picked to be a part of an interior design show on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) She has to design a bedroom for a young newlywed couple...she called me up a week ago to ask me if I would like to be a part of the show and help her out...at first I was a bit hesitant to be on TV...although my major is broadcasting management, I like to work behind the camera not infront of one...so I decided at the end to help her out since she really needed all the help she can get!
I got there early in the morning and our job was to paint the walls...I have never painted a wall before but it was a fun project and a pretty good workout too ;)
although we painted the walls, tomorrow the pros will come in to finish up the paint job and add different colors to it for the final look (I can't wait to see it)
She decided to go with a Moroccan theme to the room and I'm in love with all the pieces she got (Although I think the stuff she bought was overly priced even after the discount...I kept thinking how cheap she could find these stuff back in Kuwait) she has to work with a budget of 3000 dollars and get everything for the room within the budget...I have to say I'm impressed she did very well (al7emdallah) so tomorrow or I should say today since it's almost 2:30 AM I need to go there and help her again for the finale!
I can't wait to see how everything will turn out...I'm very proud of her...she's very talented and gifted...so people you have to watch the show on HGTV...they said it should be aired sometime in November! for all the rest of you back in Kuwait I will post pictures of the room when they broadcast the show...I can't show the pictures until the show is on air!
But I have included some pictures of yesterday's work.

This is me "screwing" LOL
I was putting all the pieces togetehr for the ceiling fan.

posing for the camera with one of our friends mom ;)

The two contractors for the show...really cool guys...they were my smoking buddies...LOL

our local ABC News showed up for the story.

My friend and the TV crew.

yahahahahah :P

wow thats really cool!

oh i love that show :) 7asafa i will be in kuwait and wont see you on tv


this is a great thing for your friend mashalla ...best of luck..i can't wait to see the room.

It will be a wonderful accomplishment for both of you mashallah.

Aren't you the sweetest among your friends :)? thanks for sharing the pictures.

Great ;P Can't wait to see the pictures.

Hellloooo...didn't take long for me to figure out who you are or where you are...or WHOOO the famous interior designer is...please say hi to my neice...and as usual..you're always there to help habeebti...now can you guess who I am??

Would you sign this shirt for me? :P

Wow! U're a celebrity! was it hard? i mean the DYI stuff seems so complicated?

WOW!! Sounds FUN!! =D

JB,that is so cool! :D I will be watching to see it in November. If you get an exact date and time please post it for us.

Allah wanasa ;) U look like ur having the time of ur life kid! ;)
smoking buddies! tsk tsk tsk ;p


wnasa :D:D glad u had fun der :*

Ish3alaich, sirty celebrity :) , nothing beats working with hands handywoman, enjoy it

That was a great post JellyBella. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Allaaaaaaaaah that was funnnnnnnnnnn :)

Where are you JB? Enjoying the new celebrity?;)

Hey..I love these types of show. They have a show called "While you were out" shown on Cable over here in the other part of the world. I don't think we have HGTV! So you better post more pics! Hey your smoking partner is black tee is damn good looking!

p/s can i link you to my site?

I am jealous.. :(

BTW, you really know how to screw.. lolol

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Purgy: hmmmm I wonder why you're laughing? ;P

Mark: I believe this is the first time you comment on my blog so welcome :)
and yes it was a really cool project to work on :)

Judy a.k.a Rasta baby: wala intay ilee you Roack ;)
I was so happy for my friend because she did an amazing job :)

Ancient: Thank you for your sweet words...I try to be a good friend and lend a hand from time 2 time ;)

Shopaholic: I think I'll show you guys one as a teaser ;)

Misscosmo Kuwait: halaaaaa walaaaaa! welcome to my blog and the blog world! your neice did an amazing job! I know who you are but just to make sure when I checked your profile and saw meditation that was the give away ;)

Shurouq: hahahahaha me famous! naah I was just helping out...I was running away from the camera ;)

Charisma: hello and welcome to my blog...well it wasn't really hard since I was just helping out but I have to say it was a fun project to work on :)

NuNu: it was a lot of fun :D

Christina: I will post the date as soon as I find out...they didn't give us an exact date but they told my friend they'll let her know before hand when the show will be on :)

Peach: hahahahahha...I had a great time in terms talking to the crew most of the guys graduated from my school and had the same professors...it was pretty cool and the painting part was fun too :)
oh smoking buddies...hmmmm shasawee I can't help it :(

Q80-ChillGirl: 7abebety thank you :*

Ayya: 7emdallah 3ala alsalama :****
it was fun working with my own hands...as I said painting was fun and hanging up everything where is supposed to be...it made me wanna work on my own room!

Jewaira: thanks babe :*

Bora-Bora: e walla it was a lot of fun :)

Christina: hahahahahha...I was really busy since school started on Monday but I'll try my best to check on my blog :)

Redenclave: Welcome to my blog...oh and I know the show while you were out...there are so many designer shows these days on cable tv that you can't keep up I will post one picture as a teaser ;)
and yes you can link me...thank you so much :)

Don: Don't be hating now :P
why don't you paint your walls or have a fun coloring project :P
oh and I'm a pro in "screwing" LOL

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