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Jelly Belly AlBancharcheya!

Have you ever gone through a bad day and you just felt that everything was going wrong? (I know I sound like a bad commercial) :P
Well I did and it was one hell of a day!
I started off the day by socializing with some friends I haven't seen in ages and then trying to keep a tight schedule to meet 2 other group of friends in the same day (bad idea) I wish if all my friends could just get along and make my life easier...so not only I did the stupid mistake of meeting all 3 group of friends that day…I found out I had to pick up my cousin from the airport @ 1:00 A.M and of course his bags were the last bags out! So I dropped him off his place around 2:00 A.M and on my way back from a very long and exhausting day...bam I get a flat tire!
I was thinking to myself why me god why?
I got into my car to reach for my cell phone to call for help...huh yeah right! Well with my luck my cell phone battery died on me! And you know what the funny thing is I usually have a battery charger in my car but a friend of mine went on a road trip and asked me if she could borrow it! LOL
Wait it gets better! You see it was late at night and I wasn’t on a main road, I was alone with a damn flat tire oh yeah and it was raining!!!!!
mind you I was all dolled up, wearing a brand new jeans and a cute top...I wasn’t willing to ruin my new jeans…so I was waiting for some help...a car might pass by and help me with the damn tire...half hour passes by and nothing!
So I had to face reality and change the tire myself…oh what an experience it was…first I couldn’t figure out how to lower the spare tire from underneath my car…that took me about 30 minutes…why can’t they make life easier and put the spare tire in a more easier place like the trunk for example…anyways after lowering the tire…I thought that was the hard part…hahahaha think again…it was so hard trying to loosen the wheel lugs…those suckers were so tight! (while doing all of this I was thinking to myself if I was in Kuwait I would never had to go through this mess to begin with…LOL) at first I was turning them clockwise and it didn’t feel right…and right there in the manual it said counterclockwise…people you gotta remember it was late and my mind wasn’t functioning at all…LOL
The car jack was in three parts that you have to put together…which was like a puzzle to me…I had to go in the car every 5 minutes to read the manual….I finally figured out how raise the car with the jack…that was the fun part…hahahahahahaa…the not so fun part is putting the new tire in…that sucker was heavy…but I worked out some muscles ;)
when I was finally done with everything I had this huge smile on my face that I Jelly Belly actually changed a tire...I was so proud of myself but I was sad that there was no one there to witness this glorious moment…I wanted to have all my guy friends around whom for years made fun of me coz I didn’t know shit about cars! LOL
So the moral of this story…ladies we don’t need a man in our life! LOOOOL

Go JB! WooHoo! Now I have to confess that I don't know how to change a tire.I've just always got the lug wrench out and stood there looking helpless and someone always stopped and did it for me.:o I really should learn just incase one of these days no one is around.

Bravo girl. It sounds like it was a big day for you. What's next? fixing the sink?

hummm.. so thats whats it all about! You (girls) just need us for fixing your tires...I knew it!!!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL sorry i know it was a bad day but gurl you made it fun...
hey jelly belly YOU ROCK GURL
(dancing around)

you go gurl you deserve a dinner :)


but hey i remembered once i told a guy a did my friends flat tire and guess what he told me (tara hatha beeny o benich la etfashleen roo7ich and say it in public ) LOL

Hallelujah, sister

Christina: Thanks babe, I did your trick of holding the lug wrench and looking helpless but there were no cars in sight!!! well there was one car that stopped and the guy scared the hell out of me and I told him my boyfriend is on his way! LOL
But believe me it's not so hard as it may seem (it's true it took me 2 hours to change a tire) but hey if I can do it anyone can ;)

hanan: hey sweetie it's been a while, how is Kuwait treating you?
well 3ala 6aree fixing the sink...I technically did that once....my sink was clogged and I was waiting for the maintenance guy all day...so I decided to do it myself...it was a big hair clog...it wasn't a hard thing to do (wala America it3alem balawee) LOL

Bo_Ghazi: yeah fixing tires and pipes...doesn't that sound perverted? LOOOL ;P

Nooni: awal shay can I say I miss your old nick name...I'm not feeling the new nick name at all :P
o ba3dain akeed your taking me out to dinner when I get back hatha ma yabeela 7achee ;)

Shurouq: Praise the lord...women can do miracles ;)

lol hey it might have been a bad day but ur laughing now & u got a hell of power trip out of it no? ;) 3ashat bancharchiyatna 3ashat ;p
I always wanted to change a tire 3ad ;\ But I'm in kuwait!! no can do! The 2 times I got flats and commenced operation "change it" on my own .. someone would see me and stop thier car offering to do it for me.. and well with a man offering to do the job and me being in a situation where I'm a spectacle for el rayi7 wil rad .I wouldn't have an excuse to say no! So I would just buzz off and let the men do it lol

oh how I long to change a tire!

bo_ghazi,if you want to win a womans heart, fix things for her. If a man can't fix things, why keep him?LOL

Christina, thats the different between you "women" and us "men". You look at love from a "what good will he do for me" perspective. We on the other hand.. well we try to communicate.. we want to share a quality time.. we want to discuss our future as couples.. we want to watch Oprah and talk about the issues discussed...etc.

Us "men" deserve more than what we get...

Help me Christina... Help me, help you...


Peach: affa 3aleech bas lama ared al Kuwait inshallah afashesh all my 4 tires itha tabeen so you can have the experience of changing tires! LOL

Christina: LOL

Bo_Ghazi: LOL, 6al3t jombazy 3ala mostawa rafee3 :P
You like to listen, communicate and my best part watch Oprah! LOL
you must be in-touch with your feminine side :P

3adiiiiiiiiiiiill :D ta3jibeeni !! i can fix electronics and the ac and other stuff but ive never tried a flat tire.. GOOD JOB!

bo_ghazi, I was just teasing you. LOL I think most of "you men" do just fine on your own. ;)

Good for you Jelly girl :) In the face of all those little obstacles, you rose up, beat them back and took care of yourself.

Good for you :) :)

I just LOVE the moral of this story =D

You go girl!!! Yeah we don't need men for anything, except for one thing and most of the times their even horrible at THAT! LOL! Sorry got a lil' carried away :p

Good for you changing your own tire, especailly given the circumstance! I'm proud! :")


You poor thing!
7asafa no serial killers were around :P
That would've taught you another lesson on how to put the jack into full use! And by simply changing a tire you don't need a man no more? Wait till you get stuck trying to fix the engine (next time) :P
me grins evilllllyyy..

*PS* Good job girl, Applause :)

hott stuff walla, way to go JOJO

Allah y3afi AAA in the states :) But good for u :) why do we depend on men to do things for us if we're capable of doing them ourselves? (becoz men love the feeling of being needed!) ;p

holly! I got me 4 tires to look forward to changin .. woohooo ;D

I am very proud!
I can fix anything, and I mean everything, but two things, change a tire and pump gas.


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Sorry everyone it took me a while to reply! I have been really busy latey :)

Snookie: 3afya 3ala ebnaytana...ana 3aksech I can't fix electronics...I have to ask the guys for help...I guess I always look for the easy way out when you have guy friends you just expect them to help :P
they hate me whenever I have a problem with my computer and their like when will you ever learn how to do it yourself! LOL
but believe me the tire change is not as hard as you think...give it a try ;)

MsBaker: Thank you honey! I was so proud of myself :)

NuNu: affa 3aleech ;)

JadedSaudi: LOOOOOOOOOOOL Saroooh!!!
mawateni min al the7ik...e7im (So True!) LOOOOOOOL
and thanks babe :*

oh Sarooh don't you find it funny that we can call each other yet we communicate through blogs! LOL
I promise I'll call you soon :*

ArtFinale: Alyoum bancharcheya bacher mechanic affa 3aleek :P

Blasha: Thank you Bo Bo :*

Tequila: I do have AAA membership but as I said my cell phone battery died on me...and I know men take pride in fixing things even though 90% of the time they are cluess and would refuse to read the instructions to make life easier! LOL

Peach: hahahahha I'm gonna grade you too :P

Shopaholic: ok change tire I can understand but pump gas!!!!
are you serious? do drive in the UK?
I mean I know in Kuwait the hindi guy will do it for you bas in the UK! HMMMMMMMM ;P

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