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I'm feeling kind of blue tonight...I don't know if it's the weather or what...I guess I'm gonna go and watch some good old movie...I think I'm gonna go with a classic chick flick...Pillow Talk, starting Doris Day and the beautiful Rock Hudson.

yallah erzegana eb wa7ed eb 6ool Rock Hudson o Jamala bas God please make sure he's straight.

Mako they're either gay, messed up from previous relationships, or taken :\

tequila69: you summed it up!

No way wa7ed methlah straight!
LOL imagin if he was straight for few years girl beyseroon mithil il namel 3al 7alawa so he will be gay again LOL

LUV U GURL (yala ta3alay) :*

JB, How about Cary Grant?

Straight as an arrow last time I checked.

Of course, the timing must be right too.. think circa 1940 with "Holiday" and "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Tequila N Shosho: ya3eni mako amal! 6areegoka masdooden masdooden masdood? :(

nooni: Rasta baby..tha7akteni 3ala chenhom namel 3ala 7alwa!! LOL
bas haman ana 3indi amal there is someone out there who looks like Rock Hudson and straight...hahahhaha shasawee I'm a dreamer ;)

o 3ala 6aree al radda intay bas ed3eelee ina allah yefraj-ha 3alay :)

Perseusq8: I believe this is the first time you comment in my blog...so welcome and it seems like you are someone who appreciates the golden era of Hollywood...a man of taste ;) aaaaah Carry Grant is a gentelman on screen...and he had this chemistry on screen with Katherine Hepburn...I loved them in the Philadelphia story and Holiday...if you wanna know more about my leading man read my comment to Anti_Reason click me :)

JB sweety, long-time reader and fan who appreciates your sense of humor :)

My all-time favorite Cary Grant film has to be Howard Hawk's "His Girl Friday". Side-splittingly funny. HIGHLY recommended. He and Rosalind Russell talk at a break-neck speed, going a million words a minute. Check it out if you haven't.

Perseusq8: oh wow I didn't expect a reply so soon!
thanks dear for your sweet words...and I'm happy to see you commenting :)
and as for the movie "His Girl Friday" I will rent it soon and let you know what I think...I love old movies and I can't get enough watching them...so feel free recommending any other films...these days I have nothing else to do and I'm bored to death!

Deal ;)

What are you in the mood for? Noir, Rom-Com, a good tear-jerker? I gotcha covered.

Perseusq8: ooh goody!
hmmm let's see...these days I'm in the mood of Romantic comedy or screwball comedy :D


For starters, check out Barbara Stanwyck in "The Lady Eve" (1941, very funny! with Henry Fonda), Clarke Gable in Capra's "It Happened One Night" (1934, the original and first screwball comedy), maybe Bette Davis in "All About Eve" (1950. dialog like honey in your ears)

Also, the funniest film ever made IMHO is Billy Wilder's "Some Like it Hot" (1959). Marilyn at her best.

OK I have "It Happened One Night" it's one of my old time favorites...ooh the charming Clark Gable oh mamia!

and I've seen "Some like it Hot"

so I'll probably rent "The Lady Eve"

Perseus I like your taste in movies!! this is fun....thank you thank you :))))))))))))

Sure thing :))

itha the ones I like are tall bold and army like are all taken! you think someone that hot would be available?! ya7asra 3alaina :P hehe

Amen to that thought sistah!

I don't like classic movies.. The actors are silly and I believe they're gays ;P

yup, masdooooooodon min oma, cuz i'm with T69

Eljeyaker mukhle9een :P

baby girl.. i miss you .. if you have been feeling blue... 3ayal ana il wath3 3indi ke7li.. been sick for a whole week.. so not like me.. madri... i feel like i am a bit depressed.. or tired .. madri .. i just miss you so much.. ufffffff

Perseusq8 :)

Spont: ooh you like bald men too? ;)
hahahahahahaha 7abebty I like to think they are out there...have some hope ;)

MsBaker: Thanks for believing ;)

nunu: 7aram 3aleech ya nunu...mako 3ala the charm and charisma of the classic old hollywood actors...mo bas hollywood...7ata Roshdee Abatha o 3omar alSharif o a7amad Mathahar...and the list goes on ;)

Blasha: ishda3wa have some hope :(

Artfinale: 3ala 6aree al Jeyaker yabeela dass Kout bo 6 ;)
if you are who I think you are...I missed you :D
hint hint...think of the devil ;)

Chubby Femme: 7abebtyyyyyyyyyy I miss you toooooooo...it has been a while!!!
welcome back to the blog world!
ana 7ashani depression since my parents left ma tetkhaylain ishkether!!
bas al7emdallah 3ala kil 7al..o salamat 7abebty ma itshoofeen shar...I miss you so bad..I'm gonna give you a call either today or tomorrow inshallah :****

You don't say!! LOL
How are ya girl?! long time no see! Yeah it is me, how can i forget all about the devil?

*ps* Lail7een ghasheema?! :P

ArtFinale: `3asheema? haaa ana awareeek yalla name the time and the place and we'll play again :P

ta3al do you still play online?

I can't believe u joined the blogging world...hahahahaha it's a small world :P

get your shisma together.. my family is flying to the US in a few months and there is a good chance I might tag along.. and this time... hehehehe YOU KNOW WHO cannot and will not be able to hold me down.. cause I have unleashed my inner demons ;)

TAWNI ASTAW3IB THAT YOU FINALLY GOT YOUR ASS TO sAN fRAN! *HIGH FIVE* NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW WHO AND I HAVE BEEN BRAGGING ABOUT ALL THOSE YEARS.. CONGRATS LOVE.. YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY SEEN ALL THERE IS TO C IN THE US!.. with the exception of "the world's biggest frying pan!" hmmm I believe it''s in Utah.. or Iowa!? i forget! heheheheeh

Well, I gotta admit, Hollywood has some great classic movies =/
So as Roshdi Aba6a o rab3a..

Chubby: chan zain you join them...you can't even imagine how much I miss you...I'm surrounded by kids! LOL
o 3ala 6aree seeing everything to see in the U.S I'm missing Florida and I'm planning to see it soon! (inshallah) ;)

NuNu: I love the saying (3ateej al 9oof wala yedeed lebreesam) ;)

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