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Wild Wild West

I was so happy to get a call from old friends today...they asked me to go with them to an old western town for good BBQ ribs and steaks...enjoy rodeo show, country music and the grand finale of fire works...I don't remember the last time I had this much fun...I felt like a little kid when I was staring at the sky and watching the fire works...over all I had a very pleasent day and I think I'm ready for bed now...talk to you all laters ;)
Happy Belated 4th of July :D

here are some pictures I took today...my favorite picture is me and the camel LOL ;)

That camel doesn't seem very happy.

ee istadeg

Il Camel kilish mo mistanis


JB, wallah tha3fana :)

did you threaten to ship the camel via Kuwait Airways?


Woohoo.. I love fireworks!

Happy (belated?) 4th of July, Jelly

hey babe

looks like you had a fun interesting 4 of july (apart from country music!).

i chilled and watched BET awards instead :p

Stop stealing my ideas!

Looks like you had a wonderful 4th!

I have a question....how can you tell if a camel is happy or not?I thought he was smiling?

ya3ny metnaqba :P,, jelly chinich '6a3fana or is it fanta squeezed u / u look grt :)

Jandeef: what do you mean the camel wasn't happy...it was posing for the picture :P

Mobi: I was singing haydoo haydoo...our camel...haydoo haydoo lovely camel...LOL :P

bo_ghazi: allah yesma3 minik ;)

Sharqawee: LOL...7elwa...I have been boycotting Kuwait airways for more than 4 years now!

Shurouq: hahahahaha yeah belated since I posted on the 5th ;)
I loved the fire works and I wished we had these kind of shows in Kuwait :(

Luminous: I almost spent 4th of July at home but I was happy to hear from my friends...and the country music part...I only knew one song "sweet home Alabama" LOL

Superman: what ideas?

Christina: I think he was smiling and posing for the picture...he looks happy to me :D

nooni: "wanna Fanta...don't you wanna Fanta" da3ayat Fanta 3indena and that's what my shirt says...hahahahahaha...o ba3dain allah yesma3 minich inny tha3fa :*

nice glasses ;)

Don: Merci ;)

I can see your smile .... Through your eyes :)

Good to know that you had great day, and you look really sweetheart :)

The camel looks quite attractive.

Glad you had fun.

True Faith: I sure was smiling...I felt like a kid that day...and my eyes disappear when I smile behind my cheeks LOL :D

ancient: Thanks sweetie..hatha min 6ebtich :D

Hanan: the camel was posing and smiling...love the picture :D

I love the pictures esp the one w you and camel. Such lovely teeth he has and he was smiling ;) for the camera.

You have a wonderful smile JB- can see it from your eyes :)

Jewaira: thanks honey...I Love that picture so much that I have it on my fridge! LOL

Jandeef and Mobi see everyone thinks the camel is smiling so :P

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