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This post was inspired by Anti_Reason.

Imagine having your life turned into a movie, what celebrity (dead or alive) would you pick to play you?
You can have leading characters in the movie and pick as many celebrities as you want…it’s your life after all ;)

oh and Happy Birthday to a dear friend ;)


My dear you are sooo sweet!

Should I start? Lets see, I want someone intelligent, funny, charming, a good dancer, has a great voice …

OK, I’ll settle for Cary Grant!

أستيفان روستى

I want Edward Norton to play me
(as in play my character, people!)

Kaifi.. You didn't say it has to be of the same sex.

Parker Posey!

Or, you know, if you want someone who actually RESEMBLES me... Angelina Jolie. Ho hum.


Morgan Freeman

I think I'd like Renée Zellweger but she couldn't do it as a blonde,she'd have to do it with darker red hair.

Nicole Kidman

Ron Jeremy

اتقمص شخصية كاري جرانت
والبطلة أمامي إيزابيللا روسيليني

لأني راقي بأخلاقي

Tom Hanks acting.


I don't care who i'd be as long as i'm working with Rene Russo :D

Purg! LOL!!!

Q :) he is the best actor that can play my life, what do you think?

Purg, who is Ron jeremy, what movies did he do, why do you like him, and why not Rocco :p

:P you know how I look like, am not a Rocco, maybe Q with his muscles ;)?

As for your other questions, besek te7resh.

Anti_Reason: oh I love Cary Grant...two of my favorite movies of him are The Philadelphia Story and An Affair to Remember...aah he sure was a beautiful man...I can't decide who is my favorite...I love Rock Hudson looks...Cary Grant charm...Clark Gable sarcasm and oh the presence of Gregory Peck on screen...I would add Roshdi Abatha, A7mad Math-har and Omar AlSharif ;)

Bo-Maryoom: we7yatik his name is so familiar...I'm thinking aflam ma9reya gadeema bas mani thakra shakla please give me an example of a movie :)

Shourouq: hahahahaha interesting choice...actually I like Edward Norton...2 of my favorite films are American History X and The 25th hour.

Shewrites: at first I didn't recognized the name...I had to google her...and then I remembered her face...she plays a lot of small roles but she stands out...and about the looks...damn girl Angelina Jolie? Oh mamia! ;)

idip: by far the best actor of our time...I love him...great choice :)

Christina: so you are a red-head? ;)
I think I could see you as Rene...she does look like a sweet mid western girl ;)

True Faith: interesting choice... I like her grace on screen :)

Purgy: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...naughty naughty naughty :P
I can't believe you picked him...that was just too funny!! :P

Kuwaiti Man: aah another Cary Grant fan...great actor...Isabella Rossellini to me is a better model than actor...she could never reach her mom (Ingrid Bergman) quality of acting...but that's my personal opinion...after all it's your life and you pick your actors ;)

Flamingoliya: aah he makes me feel as if he could be a friend...someone easy to talk to...very cool choice flam ;)

Jandeef: Denzel aah a very classy actor...nice choice :)

Bo_Ghazi: I like your taste in women ;)
Funny and charming…she had great chemistry with Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon and I also loved her in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Q: gotta pick an actor/actress :P

Now boys boys boys...no Rated R movies in this blog :PPPP

I have to say I have really enjoyed your picks...in a way it gave me some sort of insight of your personalities...I should have asked in the post why did you pick the actor/actress to play your role?

R, hmm is that R for Ron ;)?

Hmmmm me will pick Jennifer Aniston! So that I can kick some a$$@#$ around, precisely (Brad Pitt)!! I don't know she seems to me a kindhearted lady :>

Hmmmm what about you bella! who would you pick?

And Happy Birthday to your dear friend (F)

Stay Safe


Well naturally I'm a brownish red but now that I'm fighting nature I'm more of a redhead.;)

Charlize Theron :)

First choice Ava Gardner; second Ann Margaret.

Giovanni Ribisi, Not the physical part, but I think we have lots of personality in common..

Thaks sweetie.. :*

hehe In my movie i would play my self. but hmmm the male lead(s) id have to think about;) oh and of course it would take place in belize of course;)p.s. dont really mss u but would luv u to come down and visit once i settle in ...wink wink

Nicole Kidman. I like redheads and that girl has class.

Natalie Imbruglia

hmmm well i know she's not an actress , But she may do that if we ask her;p

i love her face : )

I want Audrey Hepburn to play me! Or Marilyn Monroe. I think Audrey looks like me more though.

Meg Ryan
but she has to add some weight ;)

Purgy :PPP

Goldeneyah: Jennifer is cute and funny...nice choice...and about kicking Brad Pitt ass...I guess he likes naughty girls ;)

Christina: nice hair color ;)

Sarah: wow great choice...I think she's one of the most beautiful actresses today...she has this classic hollywood look that I love. :)

Jewaira: Jewaira Jewaira...hahahaha loved your choices the most...but I don't know but I picture you more as Ava Gardner...she was one sexy lady ;)

Don: hahahahha the minute I saw the name I remembered his character in Friends...so are you into older women? :P
and your welcome :D

Q8BL: Hey babe...I miss you!! I hope you are having a good time...when will you be back? call me before you leave to Kuwait :P
oh and you starting as you...you should read the post again...you gotta pick an actor :P

Hanan: I agree with you she has class and grace on screen...great choice ;)

eva: indeed she's cute...but she did act in a movie with Mr.Bean...I don't remember the name of the movie but it was a funny James Bond of some sort ;)

Jaded Saudi: I think Audrey is more you ;)

bora bora: hahahahaha...I love Meg Rayan...one of my favorite movies are When Harry met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle...but I love her funky short hair cut...like your choice :D

Ok people I was debating between Mae West and Lucille Ball but I think I'll pick Mae West not looks but e7im for other reasons ;)

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