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Why do Arabs love to fight?

Two of my friends are visiting from out town and they asked me today to take them out to an Arabic restaurant then to an Arabic night club…they are both Americans and they love anything and everything that is Arabic…I was happy to take them to the restaurant but I was a bit reluctant to take them to an Arabic night club…my past experience with Arabic night clubs were mostly bad…but finally I cave in coz I felt bad that they came all the way here and I wanted them to enjoy their time.
We went to this Arabic night club which was decent in my opinion but for some reason they didn’t have a belly dancer today and my friends girlfriend wanted to go to a place with a belly dancer…so fine we drove to another night club that I hate…we walked in and it looked like a meat market…I felt a bit uncomfortable but I was in good company with a big group of friends…we sat in our little table and the place was packed!
The music was too loud and the belly dancer was lousy in my opinion but my guy friends thought otherwise but that’s another story….we ordered some shesha and I was smoking like m3alema (yes smoking I guess my new year resolution went out of the window LOL) the next thing I know two guys are arguing and then started hitting each other and the fight got bigger and bigger...it was a group of “Khaljeeyen” fighting with a group of “Shamyeen” at first I started laughing and I said to myself here we go again…but I had a thought this wasn’t the first time I witness a fight between Khaljeyeen and Shamyeen…why do they hate each other?
I don’t know the thought just crossed my mind…personally I have friends from both sides…anyways we left the club unharmed…thank god!

that's easy!
cuz el 3arab... Jarab!
well I can't think of any other reason for this stupidity anyway.

its quiet simple...I as a khaleejy individual am superior to all other arabs and therefore have the right to pick on them n cause trouble.....heheheh.... or so it seems heheh and no thats NOT my opinion of ALL khaleejis but hell we really do have a superiority complex or something but on the flip side i have found that sometimes i get a less than welcoming reaction when people find out im khaleejy which is disappointing but i can't say i blame some of these people after all they probably learnt from experience ....its a vicious circle...

BigLooser .. true true ;)

It is politics, dear bunny, and the stupidity of our power hungry leaders that drove us to this fate.

I beg to differ my dear peach it is both side to blame cuz shamyeen also look down on us.

I kind of agree with both sides because I have met some Khaljeyeen who thinks they are superior and I also have met some Shamyeen who just for no reason hate us...I think Rabab is right politics have made us feel this way about each other!

In addition.. hot blood + lack of alcohol handling experience..

Don: you can add stupidity to that too...man I hate it when people can't handle their liquor

Its envy...I might be wrong (pls pardon me if u think so) but strike a conversation abt ANY khaleeji making it big, or hitting on an excellent idea and their (Shamyeen's) answer will be... "take his money and then tell me..." - they consider Khaleejis a "new" breed who are stupid and rich ,,,and if we have acomplish anything it is always coz "we have had it easy"..but u see this is not the case always...
there is no smoke without fire --- and some ppl (Khaleejis) are just damn rude and everyone just loves to stereotype...so there.
but then again...
ARABS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE WARRIORS,so i guess its just in the blood then ;)

preternatural_al: sorry sweetie I didn't notice your comment...I agree with your point, I think as Rabab said it goes back to politics and the way we were raised...you reminded me eb sh3er Khaled Al Faisal "7ena al3arab" in the part where he said "Youm Alfager shelt 3alaina 3yooba...wa alyoum 3ogob alnafa6 jetoolana ansab...youm alfager sheft albedawa sebooba...o alyoum 9ert nafasana bado o a3rab"

I just wanna end this with saying I hope we could be more understanding sawa'a khaljeyeen or shamyeen :)

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