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I'm Back ;)

I'M BACK from my little trip to Mexico and everything went well al7emdallah. I know I didn't post for a while but I got busy with school trying to get the classes I wanted and paying my tuition.
As you can see from the pictures I had a good laugh in Mexico, my friend was trying to cheer me up coz I was nervous as hell, when we got into Mexico we did some shopping and she saw this Jackass...she begged me to take a picture with the jackass..I couldn't help but laugh...it was so funny...bless her heart she made the trip fun
Re-entering the border was scary at first but everything went smoothly (al7emdallah) thanks to my mom she smsed me every second with a little prayer...hahahahahaa.
yeah so I'm back and everything is good, I'll keep you posted on school and I just wanna say thank you to everyone who prayed for me and wished me luck...love you all :*

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Sorry I was bad...:) luv u heheheh nice pix im trying super hard not to be mean :) hehe i'm gonna try to wake u up

hahahahahaha, just be yourself, I love your little sarcasm and I saw your 1st comment before you deleted it :P

I am glad all went good, hope you have fun after sneaking across the border to the U.S. and find a decent low paying job :P

Purgatory honey I'm legal now, no more low paying jobs :P

your mean jb :P u know jb stands for jim beam too ....i think?

:) legal ha, good ;)

It must be an inside joke, but what's so scary about going to Mexico?

Welcome back home darling :) We missed you

Hey, welcome back, did you use some of your little ah ah, and a little of your ah ah? You need Purg to lend you his magic wand (P4) to change that jackass to a prince :p

welcome back ... it looks like it was fun..

Q8's biggest loser: Whiskey ya shagool...LOL
JB as in Jelly Beans...hahahahaha mo Jim Beam :P
Bas you know what my evil twin would have chosen Jim Beam :P

Purgatory: Legal all the way baby ;)

LinF: welcome to my blog first of all and no honey it's not an inside joke, I had a little immigration issue and everything is cool now...if you read my previous posts you'll know more :)

Jewaira: thanks honey walla I missed you guys too...I have to say I have been really busy with many things I'll try not to be away as much :*

Rabab: I used a lot of ah ah honey...hahahahahha...and yes that would've been nice to change that jackass into a prince but he would be one nasty smelling prince...LOL
oh and by the way I'll check the book club site soon and post...sorry honey I was really busy before :*

mosan: thanks hun, it was fun...allah ye3afey my friend she made me laugh my ass off, I bought 2 tequila shots as my last souvenir from there LOL.

welcome baaaaaaaack :)

WELCOME BAAACK 7AMDEEELLLLAAAAAH 3ALA AL SALAAAAAAAAMMMMAAAA i am glad you are back ....i just came back from dubai as well :) but it wasnt for my visa ;) ...i hope you had fun in mexico they say it different

Hey JB

This is a bit irrelevant but I would like to point out to a post on how to change your site feed into snippets on www.kuwaitblogs.com, so that when your posts show up on Safat they won't be too long and ruin the site.

So please change your settings to showing Short Feeds :)

Welcome back jelly...

mydream: thanks honey :*

nooni: Rasta baby thanks o intay ba3ad 7emdallah 3ala alsalama, I hope you had a nice time in Dubai :)

Jackie: Thanks Jackie for the little tip, I just changed the settings and I hope it looks better now?
I still have a long way to learn more about blogging so bare with me sweetie :)

Grandma Funk: welcome to my blog Grandma and thanks :)

We love u too ya ba3ad el chabda ;) hehe welcome back sweets and I’m sure as hell glad u had fun ;) 7amdilla 3ala el samala .. so sweet of ur friend and ur mom .. I’m very glad u have ppl who love u and are next to u to help pull u through hard times .. allah ykhaleekom kilikom for each other inshallah o allah ykhaleeni lich too lol ;)
I loved the jackass pic .. cuz u look scared shitless lol .. nice ;)
Study well girl .. and get this shit over with .. viva la freedom with a school degree ;P do urself proud girl .. and do ur praying mom proud and ur dad and all of us here who are already proud of u ;) G’Luck Jelly Bean ;)I'm cheering for both u and UzF .. allah ywafigkom ishallah ;)

Peach: ya ba3ad galbi wallah, thanks for your sweet words and inshallah I will do my best to get done and get back home, Khala9 I'm so ready and inshallah nothing will get in my way this time...love you girly :*

ooh nesait agoolich 3ala 6aree al jackass ma kint khayfa mina...the smell was just unbearable o refejety took forever to take the pictures, that's all :)


Yeah, scary that you are legal ;)

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