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My Car :(

My baby is giving up on me after all these years. My car broke down on me; I guess it couldn't handle our little trip to Mexico. I had to take her to the dealership today. I have a feeling this time it's gonna hurt...I'm already so broke after spending 300 dollars on books! This time it's my transmission and you know and I know that's bad news!! :(
I started thinking back to the journey my baby took with me and I couldn't believe how many places my car has been to( Washington D.C, Virginia, Boston, NYC, PA-Philly, Erie, State College, Scranton, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio- Kent, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Arizona- Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, California- LA, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Orange county, Anaheim, San Bernardino, Nevada-Vegas, and Lake Tahoe.) I think that's about it, so my baby never been to the south east nor north west....hahahahahahha…I think it did pretty well and mashallah the mileage is average…bas I just hope my baby will survive until I graduate.

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i am sorry abt your baby...you reminded me of my school days... cars were everything especially if you lived in CA....
be strong your baby will be fine

your baby can do it :) its only 80000 dont worry just go with mosans advice and she will be ok :* :*
rasta baby ;)

Jelly baby
Offffff you reminded me of the good old days when I used to drive across the sates, this is one of the things I really miss here :( , ( feel bad; just fill the gas and hit the road), I wish I could do that here.

What car make is it? what is the problem? what did the dealer say?

JB.. sweety.. it will pull through.. with love.. and lots and lots of money.. the dealership will make it all good again.. LOL goddamn money leaches..don't worry you'll be fine as lon g as you don't take it to your Latino funky mechanic LOL

Good Morning everybody, I just woke-up and had my breakfast. I'm waiting for one of my friends to pick me up, I hate the feeling that I'm without a car...I just hope she’ll wake-up and make it...coz I live about 25 minutes away from school o inshallah she'll think of the rush hour...I'm a bit worried!

mosan: yes cars are everything in the west coast, when I used to live in the east coast I didn't use my car as much. So inshallah my baby will be fine :(

Antania: hmmm Rasta baby? Are you changing nick names on me again?
Yes honey it's just 80,000 but it has been acting weird since I hit that number.

Rabab: ooh Rabab that's the best thing driving cross country, one of the major things I know I'll miss about living in the states...I love driving, I'm always the driver in our road trips (I get motion sickness if I was in the passenger seat) bas one of the things I have always wanted to do is driving along the west coast min San Diego lay Seattle...one day inshallah.

Purgatory: it's American :(
It’s a 99 Dodge Durango, my transmission is leaking...the RPM was going up and the car is not moving :(
So allah yaster coz I don't have extended warranty on the car, I'm waiting for the dealer call to let me know how much it’s gonna cost me?
I know you'll probably say dealer, expensive labor, bas purgy ta3gadat from regular mechanics coz the last time my car broke down on me I took it to this cheap Mexican mechanic I ended up with more mess that I started with.
so allah yaster how much the dealer will estimate the cost for fixing my car...o almishkila my parents are not in Kuwait fa mako money flow LOL
la inshallah my budget will cover it!

Chubby: LOL, I was just commenting about that Mexican mechanic. Yes it's gonna cost me a lot of money and I know it's gonna hurt :(
you went through that with your car bas at least your car was Japanese ista7melat wayed ana American plastic...la la bas she's been good to me for the most part.
wish me luck :(

Yeah thats the transmission, you can have two options:

1) get a used one installed, some dealers do that

2) get a new one, not recommended.

ohh hope u made it to schoool .... looool...... me got cancelled talk later.... do u remember the i think im turning japanese song??

The dealership just called me and they gave me a 50/50 choice, it's either the transmission that they fixed last time and if there is anything wrong with it, it should be covered OR if there is another part that is broken they'll charge me $1600 because they will take apart the engine to see what the problem is :(
ooh and the best part is I'm gonna stay without a car for 2 days!!
I don't know if I should rent a car bas 7aram to waste more money...I hate to ask people to take me around...effffffff this sucks big time!

I think I finally figured out what's wrong with your car.. EARLY MENOPAUSE!!!! so what are you going to do !?

aaw that's so sad! she served u well didn't she ;) I hate it when that happenes!!! me and car trouble are life long enemies and yet we know each other so well lol . pitty. hope she can pull it through fine .. costing u as minimam as possible although u know and i know that ain't likely .. allah y3eenich!!

Chubby: my baby reached Menopause!! I guess the transmission problems on and off are the hot flashes! LOL

Peach: so you do understand, sa3at I wish I was in Kuwait and I don't have to deal with a mechanic, man we are spoiled in Kuwait and I sure miss that!

Understand & Sympathize my friend ;)

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