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Back to school :)

First day of school is tomorrow...I haven't been at the main campus for almost a year now...things have changed since I left...most of the people I know graduated and it's gonna be different this time around...I gotta sleep now...I have a long day tomorrow....wish me luck...I just hope I won't have one of my anxiety attacks!

Good night :*

tomorow is first day of school for me too,
but my roommate and i are having the cant-sleep-b4-first-day-of-school thingie..!
god knows when we r sleeping!
well enjoy the school day ahead, and i will if i could ;P

what happened to Mexico :)?

May god be with you always and direct you to the path of correct


that statement is interesting, what do you mean by path of the correct ;)?

UzF: Do you think I actually slept? LOL
I tried but I couldn't really...I slept for about 4 hours which is the usual for me.
Good luck with the first day of school too sweetie :)

Purgatory: Hey sweetie, Mexico is on Wednesday, I have to pick up my I-20 and pay part of my tuition first. iskit ga3da a7atee that more than anything! allah yaster.

Rabab: Thanks honey for your prayer :*

Purgatory: la tet7arash feeha :P

ok I think I'm gonna fix myself some breakfast...
Chay 7aleeb, Mana'eesh and zatoonaat...you know lazem alwa7ed yedale3 nafsa ;)

anxiety attack my maqwa...stop being a hypochondriac and just get that stufff over with i know u can do it!!!! sorry i missed ur call last night i passed out early.... now thats a good girl wakey early dress up in ur pretty pink dress and bows... wear ur glasses (makes the teachers think ur a nerd ...1st impressions n all) have a nice ciggie to calm u down then say a little prayer for me that i don't get stuck with another MMR shot luv ya much chickadee good luck talk lateh!

Hey honey good morning...I see you are up early too..I guess you are still jet lagging...yeah about the anxiety attack I'll work on that...hahahahahaha and yes I will wear my glasses, I always do that on the first day of classes for some reason! LOL
ooh and good luck with your MMR shot...inshallah they'll find your records and you don't turn out like your cousin here, as you know in order for me to register for this semester I had to take the damn shot for the 4th time coz they lost my records!!
7asha Ginnie Pig mo Jelly LOL ;)
Love you and I'll call you later babe :*

Hi Jelly Belladonna
Hope all went well with you. Best of luck in Mexico tomorrow :)

Inshallah everything goes well on your trip and you get back home quickly!

Good luck everyone, on your first day of class if it's today. My first class isn't until 12:30, so technically I'm still on vacation ;)

Oh the butterflies in ur stomach b4 the 1st day of school or the 1st day after thye weekend i hate that...
Cood luck darling

i really hope things are going the way you want them, you will start your 1st days at school and i just started my holiday ...
i really wish you good luck and believe me if you need any help in any home works please i would really LOVE to help you in them ,, please let me know if you need me to help in any home work .

Jewaira: al7emdallah it all went well today, Mexico is next, wish me luck honey :*

sarah: thanks sweetie for your concerns inshallah when I come back from Mexico, I will finally relax :*

mosan: hey babe, thanks for your sweet words and please cross your fingers for me :)

nooni: Rasta baby, thanks for the offer, I think I can handle my home work (I better coz I slacked off bema feeh alkefaya) bas wala it means a lot for me that you offered...I hope you enjoy your holiday :*

I survived the first day, I have to say I forgot how big the campus is....man my whole body is sore...I have been walking all day...I think that's a good start for my workout (I'm really out of shape)
I also forgot it’s a pain in the ass to find parking...the only thing that I miss about the community college is the parking!
I met some old friends which was nice and the weather was just amazing today...al7emdallah that’s a good start.
Tomorrow is the big day...MEXICO
I'm a bit worried but I got all the paper work with me and the money for the worst case scenario!
So people I still need your prayers that everything will go well in the south of the border o ina allah yesahil 3alay..
Thank you for the support and prayers it really means a lot to me.
Love you all :***

Good Luck Jelly Belly..

Been in School for a week or two I think ..its cold as HELL..

Its only Ghurbah for me when its winter :(

I feel u,

Good luck from Sowaida' il qalb (Bottom of my heart)

good luck dear:***

eeeh nesait agoolich 3idech embarak :**

Sorry am late (again @.0) but i hope u had a nice day @ school & wish u the best dear :*

Oo 3edch embarak

yeayyy mexico!!!! Me so excited for u let bme seee I want 3 habanos a bottle of the finest anejo tequila ohhhh...and 3 carne tacos hehehe jk best of luck sweety!!! oh how i wish i could go with you but itroo7een wetredeen bilsalama?? and if u get stuck call ilhabla im sure her fam knows someone who can get u back across the border;) much love talk later!

مبتدئ: first of all I believe this is the first time you comment on my blog so welcome and thank you for your wishes min sowayda’a galbi ba3ad ;)
O allah yekoon eb 3oonik weya hal barad…please stay warm :)

mydream: thanks sweetie o 3eedich embarak :*

Q80-Chill Girl: thanks sweetie for your wishes o mo met’akhara believe me o 3eedich embarak :*

OK "Beoble" I'm off to Mexico I wanna beat the rush hour....wish me luck and pray for me.
Just in case I don't see you in a while....3eedikom embarak all :*

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