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My last obstacle before getting everything straight with school is an immigration issue. I have to have a new I-20 and I have to leave the U.S and re-enter but since school is going to start on Tuesday I can't go back home, my only solution would be Mexico!
I have to cross the border and come back in, the only thing there are major risks in doing that coz I could be stuck at the border and the immigration officer have the total power to decide if I should re-enter or not. I am really scared that I would be stuck in Mexico but I am left with no other choice!!
I'm going to go probably on Wednesday coz my I-20 should be ready by then and I wanna do it during the week coz sob7an allah if I do get stuck there, I could contact the international office, embassy or whomever I need to contact.
So if you don't hear from me in a while, that means I never made back in!!!
Please wish me luck and pray for me coz I am really worried about getting stuck there. I will be prepared for the worst but inshallah that won't happen.
But if everything goes smoothly, I'll be home inshallah at the end of the summer.

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How thrilling Darling! An over the border adventure!Lucky girl. Now just take one step at a time and I am sure everything will be ok. Wise of you to decide to go during the week- Now smile -
And sing: "I will not be beaten. You have yet to see me shining, shining! I won't take this lying down."

JB.. knwoing you.. you know how to turn this crap into one hell of an experience.. stay away from Taquila.. and find yourself a FINE, TANNED, TONED, HANDSOME tour guide.. ;) do everything you think I would do.. and you will be back in school in no time..
if you ever get hungry.. memorise this phrase:


MeHicooooo, you lucky girl, and why worry, use all you're skills Jelly Bunny, and I'm sure you have a lot ;), go, enjoy it, life is but an experience.
Buenos dias

Jewaira: hahahahaha e wallah an adventure, let's just hope it will have a happy ending! LOL

Chubby: LOL, you reminded me of my little Jose story...I was crying one night and the guys asked me if I was ok and all I said was mi amore Jose...and they wanted to kick my ass...they were like are you in love with some Mexican dude? The next thing they saw me hugging a bottle of Jose Cuervo...LOL
(People I was under the influence of Tequila and we all know- maybe not all I can’t assume-what it can do)
But honey Tequila is the DEVIL
No but seriously, I will try to think positive and I hope I will enjoy my little trip across the border ;)

Rabab: hmmmmmmm what skills are we talking about here exactly? LOL
Hahahahahha, I will do my best honey and I have been to Mexico many times before but normally I don’t have recollection of it the next day LOL.
But I just hope everything will go smoothly and I’ll enjoy this little experience.
Gracias caramelo ;)

P4 is praying for you, do not worry. Make sure you have enough cash and food if you need to sneak in somewhere or smuggled with the other mexicans.

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Purgatory: I need P4 prayers and POWERS :P
o ba3dain P4 will pray for me and your not :(

I did think about cash...I have half of my tuition money with me just in-case I need it but inshallah I wont, everything will be ok and no need for sneaking or smuggling :P

Get your self one of the El Vatos Locos boys.. Banderas look alike, and move to Cancun..

No really.. I know things will work out fine.. I know things always get rough, but it will work out fine la etkhafeen.. just tell them I have a friend that knows how to dance mariachi.. “la cucaracha, la cucaracha”

refering to ur little tequila story they didn't figure it out until they called u the next morning ;P hehehe oh and by the way i already called la migra and had ur name tagged so just consider it a vacation to mexico on me:) oh and may i suggest the bar pocho villa great mariachi band passes thru there....enjoy!

the caribbean (except cuba)

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Don: aaaaaaaah Cancun sounds good 2 me...a cute guy, laying on the beach and enjoying a nice glass of margarita...hahahahaha...no no I have to get my sweet ass back in to get back 2 school and work on my last semester inshallah :)
So will you do the little Mariachi dance if everything goes well?

Q8's Biggest Loser: My baby cousin (not baby anymore) is commenting in my blog how exciting!
o thanks but no thanks for your little vacation gift :P
and yes the tequila story...REMEMBER? ;)

Muslim Artist: Canada was an option, however I have to have a visa to go there plus buy a ticket and I don't have much time...Mexico on the other hand is a couple hours drive and no visa is really needed just my U.S visa and I-20 so let's just hope everything will be ok :)

Jelly belly .. get the survival kit!

a map
2 Payday bars
cash in small bills
and a copy of that book you gave me on my Birthday about you know what! comes in handy when the nights are long and good men are few ;)

check and check

Did you read the book I gave you? is it good? coz I think I need to get one myself :P

JB, I did already :)

Purgatory: Thanks sweetie :)

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