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Jelly the Bully!!

OK today was a very good day, I think!
My friend dropped me off to school since my car is still at the dealer and in the parking lot we see this Kuwaiti chick that I’ve been looking for her for the past 2 years! You ask why?
Well, 2 years ago I was invited to fo6oor with a bunch of Kuwaiti girls…normally I never and I say never go to these functions coz lel asaf Kuwaitis here are just “Khama” bas the main reason I went coz I have been hearing rumors and gossip about me. I wanted to go to confront the girl who’s been saying these outrageous stories about me, however, she never showed up. You see I never met this girl in my life yet she created so many stories and gossip that it reached all the way to Kuwait!!!
How can a person whom you never met could make up these kinds of stories? Maybe because I’m in your face, I smoke in public and don’t give a shit if the Kuwaitis here are shocked when I light my cigarette in front of them…maybe coz I go to clubs and I don’t hide when I see them…maybe coz I don’t live a double life like most of them do!
Whatever it is I’m doing I never lie about things.
So what happened is I stopped her and talked to her, at the beginning I was surprised to see this tiny, little girl with a total nerdy look would do such a thing! But I felt like a bully and I had to question her for what she did…she didn’t know who I was and I introduced myself…I told her inna 3aib iley ga3ed itsawena o inna we are not in high school…kebarana 3ala hal sowalif…I told her I’m 26 years old and these childish things is way behind me but what bothered me the most of you talking behind my back is you never met me!!! How can you judge me and create all these stories!
Of course she was in a state of shock and she looked scared LOL
She denied the entire thing yet she apologized!
I don’t know if what I did was wrong or right to many but I felt I needed to put a stop all the gossip, although I doubt she will stop bas I warned her the next time wont be pleasant!
Yes baby don’t mess with Jelly the Bully ;)

Woohoo way to go girl .. hehe u are 100% right .. in fact there is no such thing as right or wrong here it just depends on how u deal with things .. U .. personally I would ignore it all .. I feel ppl like that are not worth my time o whatever they say la ywadi walla eyeeb .. besides .. I’m too nice to be a bully .. but if u got it girl then flaunt it indeedy ;) at least next time if she does start blabbering again .. u know she’ll be careful who hears and where it reaches .. if she has the balls to talk at all that is lol ;)
I can’t believe Kuwaiti girls are like that in the States!! When I was in Rhode Island I was the only Kuwaiti with another guy who I hardly saw or knew so I don’t really know how they act .. & I’m shocked!! Kuwaiti girls lead a double life here and I sort of understand it but in the states!! And come on they find it so “yumma” that u light a smoke in public!! Pahleez!! I think I’m getting pissed .. I should go meditate!

Good for you, stupid girl, bully her each time, you are big and powerful :)

Jelly still a Bunny
I did have an incident like that when I was hardly 17 years old, going to my first summer school in Vermont. There was this (also tiny and petite) Q80 girl who spread rumors about my past without knowing me or me knowing her. I was not smoking at the time; neither had I known what clubbing meant. She did it out of jealousy. It was obvious for every one who knew me and warned me. She did not bother me a bit, I knew who I was, but the fact that her rumors encouraged other Q80 guys to hit on me caused a lot of problems for me. And as Peach said; I did nothing just avoided her till summer school was over. Years latter I heard that she got married 3 times, but none of her marriages lasted more than six months. And that she left the States without a degree, and worked as a secretary in one of the Ministries; What goes around 7abeebti comes around. There is one thing in your story that bothers me though; are you sure 100% that she was the one behind the rumor? Bas akhaf tekooneen thalamteeha !!!

Peach: Honey if you only knew the Kuwaiti girls here, there are 3 groups, the first group "typical Kuwaityat" meaning they act like shareefat rooma bas min ta7at le ta7at o their favorite phrase "abeeeh Ay Shay" those I just can't stand.
The second group is the American school group, where they are too cool to hang around anyone else! And within that group they have “the I don't give a damn group” and “abeeh 3aib group.”
the third group which I think I belong to is I don't mix with Kuwaitis group and as far as I know there are 5 girls including myself.
And you know the sad thing about Kuwaitis here in the states ena ma7na 3ala galb wa7ed...kilman yekharah kilman o kilman ye7esh eb kilman...ana ma 7az eb galbi ila lama yani wa7ed 3omani o gali intaw laish chethey yal alkuwaityeen?! 2 Kuwaiti guys were gossiping about one of the girls whether she was a virgin or not!! tekhayely in front of him and he was just shocked!
9ij shay yethayeg alkholeg. al7emdallah Peach you didn't have to go through that...o al7emdallah you are not in Rhode Island al7een coz nazel 3aleehom snow for the past week ily they are just stuck can't do a thing...basically in state of emergency!

Purgatory: aah you like cat fights? aya alshe6an ;)
bas 9ij inny big but not so powerful la ye`3erek :P

Rabab: e wallah what goes around comes around and I believe in that coz 9arat eb wayed nass a3erfhom who did things to me...I like to think "7oobety itkhare3" LOL
and about the girl I'm almost 99% sure she was behind the rumors coz I heard it from 3 different people and one of them is my good friend. She heard her in gathering mentioning names about the girls with her in school and my name was among them...bas what killed me that my friend didn't say a thing all she said to her she shouldn't judge people like that...I felt she didn't defend me the way I would if I heard her name bas I guess we are not all the same...bas wala the more I think about it Rabab the more I think I did the right thing coz le meta those people slander other people reputation for fun!

I can kill her for you, just give me a sign.

Purgatory: hahahahahhaa no thanks I wouldn't go as far as killing her...I gave her a good scare but hmmm maybe I would ask you to kill an EX-boyfried? LOL

Good for you to get things straight - Brave BellaDonna

loool ur too funny..... did u threaten to take her down to the barrio!? well i must say proud of u for standing up 4 urself ..its about time...if she does it agian leave a fish wrapped in newsprint on her car eheheeh

yeah sure why not, what is my payment :)?

Gosh we have alot of the "abeh ay shay" group here .. THANK GOD I graduated lol .. maybe I didn't deal with them there but here I've had to see them everyday!

It is very sad. but it's just the way things are.. what are u gonna do about it preach to them!! ma agool ella allah yahdeehom .. are they waiting for another invasion to be there for each other again!!

ekh! SnoW .. I hate snow .. and Rhode Islande is the reason. lol

I am still wondering why you took a picture standing next to a Donkey.
Did he remind you of your Ex-Boyfriend?

PSS :)

7abeeebti.. you should make her hug that stinky Jackass! LOOOOL i think that would be punishment enough :) bes zain sawweetay LOL now they will add one more story to all the gossip and call you ElNisra ;)

LOL by the way.. I think I saw your parents today at the airport zooming by in one of those mini carts.. I would have run after them .. but it was 9 AM and I hadn't had my coffee yet ;) Wish them all the best.. LOVE your MOM..

Jewaira: honey I wasn't brave but after I saw her I was thinking to myself this tiny/geek looking girl is creating all these stories! bas it sure felt good to talk to her.

Q8's Biggest Loser: a.k.a Don Corleone "I'll make her an offer she can't refuse" LOL

Purgatory: payment? affa mako shay eb balash hal youmain? :P

Peach: sheftay ishloon ma adree laish alkuwaityeen bel `3orba chethey ana ma agool kilhom coz they are few who make me proud to say that they are Kuwaitis bas lel asaf the majority are jerks.

Pink Suede Shoes: hahahahhaha naah ma7shoom al jackass iny ashbaha eb my EX and you ask why I took a picture with the jackass well, if you read my previous post on Mexico you'll know...I was nervous and my friend wanted to have a good laugh so we took pictures for fun...and by the way I believe this is the first time you comment on my blog so welcome sweetie :)

Chubby: 7abetich al3afya ya galbi...my parents left to Germany without even letting me know!! LOL
I thought they are leaving next week, oh well I have to call my dad to know when he's surgery...o by the way my mom loves you too...ashoof 9ertaw rabe3 min waray? :P

well.. about me and your mom being friends.. you can thank me later.. someone has to cover your ass when you come home ;) I am working on my credibility.. how am I doing so far ? ;)

Chubby: you're doing a great job ;)

Ignore my dear time will take of everything. Cuz you should worry when they stop talking. This is my motto in life

Plus they will talk whether you did or you did not

mosan: honey I couldn't ignore it...I know al7egran yega6e3 almo9ran...o I know they'll talk no matter what...but feeni hal 6abe3 if I see something wrong I speak out and I can't hold it in...and that girl may not stop talking but I have some peace in mind...

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