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Allah Ye7afeth Al Kuwait inshallah

I read the newspapers today and I started crying!
I was horrified to learn that such a thing could happen in Kuwait?!?
Terrorism in Kuwait!!!
innocent people being shot? What's next?! How did we reach this point?
I just pray to god to bless our small country and I hope they catch those bastards who did this coz in my book they ARE NOT KUWAITIES!!!!!
I hope they get prosecuted and strip anyone from their citizenship who even dares to think of doing such a thing to their own country.
I hope everyone will stay safe.
Allah ye7fethkom we7afeth Al Kuwait inshallah min kil shar.
God Bless.

Good Morning Jelly Bella
Please don't be too alarmed because you are so far away. Inshallah everything will be alright.
Yes, those involved are bastards and not Kuwaitis.

It’s a sad sad situation ,, I feel so bad,, but don’t worry inshalla kela khair.. and fuck those basterds

Jewaira and mosan: thanks you guys, I had the feeling I wanted to be in Kuwait with my family, I don’t wanna overreact bas it really got me worried.
I couldn't believe what I was reading young men dying because of those bastards.
I can't stop thinking about what’s next? Are we gonna turn into Saudi now? Or Egypt back in the 90s? (allah laygoola)
allah yaster...I just hope the government will do something...please stay safe...galbi weyakom wallah :**

e walah allah yab3ed'hom 3ana inshallah o ya7feth deratna ameeeeeeeeeeeeen

Just concentrate on your studies bunny, these things have been going on for some time now, and I pray to god that this incident is an eye opener for the ones that supported them, either by donating money, thinking it's going to Islamic causes, or the government which stood crossed handed watching, and I truly hope it's not too late. Sorry babe I wanted to cheer up, but with what's happening around, I can't overcome my depression. What's done is done, we Alla yer7am the innocent ones we yesabir ahaleehom.

stay focussed.. our little country has been through so much and it will pull through like always.. My heart goes out to the family members of the innocent souls lost in this sad incident. I hope this would be an eye openner to the government and a waking point to all ..

as Rabab said .. focus on your studies.. now I am more worried about you than ever! stop reading the newspapers at least for this week :) let me know what happens on wednesday!

love, hugs, and kisses


mydream: AMEEN ya rab

Rabab: I know honey, I will try my best to concentrate on my studies and I hope your prayers will be answered. I want us go back to Kuwait before the war, Kuwait that we grew up in and didn't have all this crazyness!

Chubby: 7abebty intay, I will stay focused and tomorrow is the big day with the dean...allah yaster...bas wala I couldn't help but to feel upset coz it's just crazy what's going on...3asa allah ye7afethkom inshallah.

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