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Off to Mexico

OK "Beoble" I'm off to Mexico, I wanna try to beat the rush hour....wish me luck :)
I also wanna wish you all HAPPY EID (3EEDKOM EMBARAK) o la tensoon al3eedeya :P

See you soon inshallah :*

Eid mubarak! Let us know how your trip goes.

belsalama enshallah ,,take care and hope no worries for you :*:* kil sena oo entay 6ayba

Hey hun I know ur fine thanx to a little birdy that msged me... glad it went well and ill be awaiting my presents:) And a full account of ur over the border adventure ayyyayayyay!!! Talk lateh Adios!

oops and happi eid! ha should we send absentee envelopes to the amus and amas back home to fill for us?!?!?!

The Cyber Book Club is set and running, but still in experimental stage, more modification is under way, please visit, register and maneuver around and let me know if any developments you feel is needed, thanx and good luck


3eedich mbarak Jelly Bean :D
I soooo wish I was with you .. mehico .. mehico .. ya salaam .. hehe ..
Bring me back a sombrero will yah ;D & have a blast aham shay o troo7een o trideen bil salama inshalla .. WITH pictures ofcourse ;D

I just read the Mexico? Post :\
Sorry to hear ur going on this trip under such pressure, but take it easy .. what’s the worse that cold happen!! Twakilay 3ala alah o he’ll take care of you ;) besides .. why not look at it as a little adventure that came to you .. and have a blast anyway ;)

If you don’t read this till you get bk inshallah .. I hope you did have ur self a little blast despite any worries or difficulties you might have been through .. it’s all good ;)

Come bk safe & good girl :)

Thank you all for your wishes prayers and Happy Eid all

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