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Salsa Baby ;)

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Today I had a blast going out with my friends…they dragged me out of my apartment coz they knew I was going through a depression…12 people showed at my place uninvited and I usually hate it when they do that bas it was very funny how they all came in….they all looked good and they were ready to party…
Our destination was one of the hot salsa clubs in town…I got all dressed up in red…you know to get into the mood…hahahahhahaha…
We had our little United Nation going on, we had the Latinos (Mexicans and Puerto Ricans) the Arabs of course (mostly from the Gulf area with an exception of a Moroccan-cutey) and some friends from East Africa (to be exact Zanzibar and Kenya) and within this little east African group they were mixed…Indian/Arabs/Africans…LOL
But man they can shake what their mama gave them….the funny part we kind of created our own dance coz my beloved Swahili friends had their own little dance going on and we just all followed….hahahahhahaaha
Now my thighs, tummy and my butt are sore….it was a nice little workout.
Here is a little Swahili word that I know “nakupenda” which means I love you.
I love you “Beoble” ;)

I decided to share with you the song I was dancing to in the club and one of my old time favorites for the queen of salsa Celia Cruz “La Vida Es Carnaval” (it was my first song I danced to in my salsa class)
So enjoy the link…sorry I wish I knew how to download the song into the blog…It would’ve made things easier…but anyhow enjoy ;)

adore ustedes y las vivas ( I don’t know if I said it right)
cheers ;)

you go girl i am so glad you had fun.. i hope you thought of me ?

Here's another important Swahili phrase that a girl should never be without:

"Nippe Centimo Ja" : Give me 100 cents

Money, just as important as love... sometimes;-)

spanish: te adoro y la vida también = i adore you and life as well.

mosan: walla I did, after your comment yesterday about being home and not out partying it gave me a jump start for the evening...hahahahahaha...wish you guys were here, it was a lot of fun ;)

muslim artist: thanks honey for the little info, I knew you would translate the Spanish part...hahahahahha

Mmmm sounds like you had a great time. Nothing like dancing to lift you out of depression :)

Glad to know you're having fun girl, go on salsa it all up and enjoy life to the fullest

Ladies I wish you were here....the East African boys could dance dance dance...hahahhahaha...
I had a really good time...it's just the feeling you get the next day...I'm still laying in my couch(since I never sleep in my bed) my body is sore :(

well well well.. watch out people! Jelly Belly is BACK!!! and as good as ever I might add .. one thing babygirl.. i think you had a typo.. when you said .. the MOROCCAN CUTey! I believe "heartthrob, or HOTTy" work better.. DID YOU SEE THE SMILE ON THAT FACE? made my knees melt! I am guess he kept flashing that smile in every direction lastnight! YOU HAVE TO LET HIM KNOW!!! he cannot go around acting that way.. his smile could cause heart murmur along with heatflashes and gpd knows what else.. 7abeebti it's ABOUT TIME! by the way.. I might come back in April.. so work that soreness off.. :* love you bunches.. god! I am hyper now because of your blog! brought back memories! hehe

Chubby honey meno bas doesn't go ga ga for the Moroccan cutey ;)
yalla if you get the chance to come back please do...I miss you babe...bas this time we gotta do it right with partying...we gotta have Plan A, B, whatever it is to get you know who busy so we can have fun ;)

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