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For all the Bob Marley fans ;)

I'm listening to Bob Marley "Could you be loved" and I would love to share my favorite song with you guys.....
Rasta baby "Nooni" this one is for you ;)
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could you be loved is my favorite

ah a man of taste, I gotta appreciate that ;)

thanks my dear how come you are not out clubbing?

naaah, I'm not in the mood, my mood is chilling with my music at the house and just sit back and relax ;)
I'm all partied out from New Years ;)

walla JB I got the party bug all the way

check your e. mail JB

mosan a.k.a Energizer bunny? ;P
(mashallah,just incase 3ashan ma etgool Jelly 3a6eetik 3ain)

did you check your e. mail?

I just did, check the reply :)

just did u check the reply

okie dokie :)

I like this song.... still don't know why almost all 3yaal alfai7a love him. I mean if you cruise around firjan alfai7a you'd see writings on the school walls saying "BoB Marley wig6a3"!!



I LOVE'em .....im loving it :)

and you dont know i have these powers oh my lord i can see you and every one on thing earth oh also on mars because of my sign :P


get up stand up
for you rights
get up stand up
don't give up to fight
don't give up da fight
you can fool some ppl sometimes but you can't fool all ppl all da time oyooooooy oyoyoyoyo
Girl stand up for you right ...

I love BM, and have a special mood for him

babe.. chinna STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK!.. heheh you seem to be in a better mood today.. sing girly, sing till you can't sing no more ;)

I wish we did what I suggested we do the night we chickened out because of 7obat you know who ! LOL

*puts on an angelic face*

bo_ghazi: awal shay 7ayak allah eb my blog, o thaney shay ma dareet inna ahal alfai7a are into Bob Marley ana khabra ahal Kaifan :P
let the Jah light shine on them….hahahahahahha…I’m glad you enjoy his music ;)

Nooni: Rasta baby…keep on jamming ;)

Rabab: 7emdallah 3ala alsalama again baby girl and my mood yesterday was all about Bob Marley, he just makes you feel good for some reason and I was feelinggggggggg good when I was listening to his music ;)

Chubby Femme: Honey Stella got her grove back alright ;)
And about that last night you were here…walla you know who kharab wayed sowalif 3aleena…I can’t believe you were here for 2 months and we didn’t do major damage!!
Bas hey I’m not giving up on you baby if the party didn’t start here walla la ayeeb al party le 3indich bel Kuwait….just wait for me 2 come back baby ;)

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