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I need your prayers

Ok I think I’m going crazy, no no crazy is not the word….I think I’m getting paranoid…first day of school is in 2 weeks and I have my appointment with the dean on Wednesday to decide on my school status.
Yes my school status, you see I screwed up royally in the past and I've been working hard to make it up. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I’m just waiting and praying that things will turn out ok. I am ready to graduate and get my ass back home.
I need your prayers, that inshallah she’ll understand my situation and work with me towards my graduation.
I just hope I won’t fall apart until Wednesday.

sweety.. galbi weyyaach.. lawwe3aw chboodna allah elawwe3 chbood-hum.. bes think positive.. illi 6alla3ni ana minha e6al3ich.. go to your appointment with a positive attitude.. and if things do go well.. you can always moon them on your way out ;)

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Chubby Femme :***********
I'm so glad that you decided to join the blog'o'sphere and welcome to my blog
Thank you 7abebety for your words of encouragement it really means a lot to me.
antom alsabegoon wana7no al la7ogoon inshallah...you of all people inspire me...you went through far worse drama and you did it, you graduated o inshallah ilee allah 6ale3ich minha ye6ale3eni minha!!
I’m planning to moon them on my graduation day :P
Please ed3eleeeeeee
love you babe :*

LOL .. Drama?? my life?? don't be so shisma about it.. what I went through is not listed in any dictionary yet.. chinna 6alg baared.. took years to actually end! EMOTIONAL TRAUMA is a better description.. bes ma 3aleenna.. yuba.. inshallah all goes well.. and the day you graduate, I will be there along your side mooning your whole faculty! either that, or I would send you a life size poster of myself mooning! emotional support ya3ni ;)

Hey Jelly Bella :)
Hang on in there come on. Just concentrate on Wednesday and getting through.

لا تحاتين و ما عليك الا العافيه..تفائلوا بالخير تجدوه

What ever happen to flashing ?? is it old fashion now ? :P
hang in there gummy bear..

I have 100% faith in you.. and you have my uncondtional support


Don't worry ..about a thing...
Çause every little thing, is gonna be alright
Baby don't worry about a thing..
wake up this morning , smile with the rising sun singing sweet songs ...
singing this is my messege to you :)...
Yoow Dont worry about a thing
çause every little thing is gonna be alright.

So baby Don't Don't Worry
baby Be haPppPPppPppPPPpppY :* xoxo

Chubby Femme: Thanks for your emotional support :P
That’s very touching ;)

Jewaira: Honey I’m doing my best to hold it together, wish me luck :))

nanonano: 7abebty wallah ana inshallah batfa’al bas khayfa ma tetkhayleen ishkether :(
bas ma agool ila allah kareem.

Don: no honey I’ll be mooning coz I’ll be using my best asset ;)
And thanks for your support.

mosan: thanks babe for your 100% faith in me, I swear it means a lot :)

Nooni: wallah al3atheem you scared the shit out of me….do you have some sort of powers????
You know why? I AM LISTENING TO BOB MARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was just writing a post to dedicate a song by Bob Marley!!
I love you for singing that song :*****************************
Thanks a million!


you will be fine, you are just paranoid as you said. Relax, wo play with your cat.

Purgatory thanks sweetie for your support and my cat is sleeping ;P

If you've been making an honest effort to make up for previous screw ups, then you shouldnt have anything to worry about.

It's if you HAVENT made any changes for the better that I would be worried about.

So, listen to Frankie Goes to hollywood's words of wisdom when he says "Relax"


muslim artist: thank you baby girl, I did have major changes in my life and I'm working to better myself.
wish me luck :)


I often read your blog, even if I don't post a comment (I don't often have anything interesting to say).

As for this matter: Don't worry about it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. What is the dean going to say? Universities look good when a lot of people graduate. So, I'm sure she's just going to tell you what classes you have left to take. Just take it easy for the next few days. Go "back to school" shopping, or go out or whatever.

JB.. You have anormous support here. Let add my prayers to my feelow bloggers. Be optimistic (positive mental attitude). Theay cannot take away your soul, nor can they chop off your head, everything else is a bonus. You will still be our JELLY BELLY no matter what happens. Hang in there Love.

baby girl!.. you seem to have everyone behind you.. so go in with confidence.. and may the force be with you ;)

sarah: please don’t be shy to comment and I’m sure you have a lot of interesting things to say…even if you just say hi that would be nice :)
Thank you so much for your support dear, I just got back from a salsa club and I had a blast, bless my friends they dragged me out of my apartment to take my mind off my state paranoia.

Sky Walker: thank you my love for your sweet sweet words…I’m trying my best to take my mind off the appointment ishwaya…I had a rough week bas inshallah khair!
Thanks for your prayers and support babe :)

Chubby Femme: I feel lucky wallah to have everyone support and words of encouragement, I can’t tell you how much baby girl.
And may the force be with me…..LUCKE I’M YOUR FATHER….
LOL ok ok I guess I’m getting a bit carried away…bas I know Sky Walker nick name inspired that thought in both our heads :P

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