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Purgatory...my sniper cat will take down your penguin...CATS RULE! Posted by Hello

ma adree ishfeeny alyoum I'm so freaking hyper! LOL
"BEOBLE" forgive my silliness ;)

Cats Rule ;)

hahahahaha, we outnumber you :P

My cat is an X-KGP agent :P

P or B :)?

OPS "B" as in Belly ;)

Very very cute!

When does the semester (quarter? term?) start for you? Ours starts in about a week. Not looking forward to it.

Jelly Bella
Getting violent are we? Tsk tsk!
Looks like you are really enjoying your holiday!


Sarah: welcome to my blog again, school will start in 2 weeks and I can’t wait honestly, I’m just too bored!

Jewaira: my lovely Jwaira, actually I’m not enjoying my holiday, I’m really really bored LOL.

mydream: glad you liked the picture ;)

Just a note, I just realized that almost everyone said cute….hahahahahha,….man we are some violent people!! LOL

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