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X-mass Kareem

I walked into the living room to see my roommates attempt of a Christmas tree with a Kuwaiti falvor, it made me smile. She had Bu Nasir on the tree; usually we hang him on the door.
So from Bu Naser, Bu S3ayed (my cat) and me wishing you all a Merry Christmas :)
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Original tree decoration I must say. Have a merry xmas dear and a great break. You're very lucky to be in student mode.

Min na7yat original fa it is original...I have to give her “A” for effort…she had all the little things in the apartment hanging on that tree as ornaments…she even had my devil ducky on there (his usual place is in the bath tub)…LOL
Student life aaah its nice sometimes but not when your ass is broke…which the case is right now…we are saving our money for New Years. We’ve been eating em3adas for 2 days now! LOL.

I almost forgot Jewaira Merry Christmas to you too babe :)

That cute Saving Eating em3addas to save money ... I always think em3addas in winter warms you up .. have it with graps hehehe .

I going to create a charity bloggers box every month we give this money to a blogger hhehehe what u think ?

Merry X mas to you girls

Chrismisich Embaarak Jelly pac..

CN: shoof lem3adas ma3roof for 7alat alfager o ehowa ham zain for winter time...bas mostly for being broke. I love the idea of having a charity blog...Can I be the first inline for donations? LOL.
man yamsa7 dam3ata hathy-he almaskeena? :`(

Don: your days are happy (ayamik sa3eeda) silly moment :P

Crappy: Merry Christmas to you too...when should I be expecting the money wire? from the donations of course :P

same to u hon

Jelly belly
Girl you Really in need for Cash huh ? lol
Why not ? lets See what can we do . Send me your account no. cham tabeen ?

J.B: Merry Christmas to u darling...i felt bad for u..u have been eating em3addas for 2 days!!!Darling u wont b able to celebrate the new years because your stomache will b bloated..

Crappy: a7abek we enta rahi chethey...youm innek be eddez eflous dezz ly ana ba3ad wa ray nafnouf el3ied

Rabab: Enjoy the holidays in Spain,I'm still checking your blog for pictures :)

Crappy: walla my parents are feeling sorry for me...since I won't be seeing them any time soon! so e7im I played the guilt card and I think I'm getting a Christmas bonus of some sort ;)
bas I'm still waiting for the donations...hahahaha...yefedoon for gas money...road trip..wohooooooooooo

nanonano: ya ba3ad galbi la ta7ateen...e7ana ta3wadana 3ala al tagashof...some days are good and other are not...bas walla I know it will all be sweet memories :)
I cooked emregat hawa weya 3aish chawal...ta`3yeer 3an lem3adas.
I'm in my cooking mood these days :)
ooh and for Christmas me and my friends decided to do "machboos Turkey" I'll let you know how it turns out.

Enjoy your holidays JB.

Poor student life, ashwa am done with that, and would never do it again.

I wonder from where you got the Jelly belly then

Purgatory72: Thanks sweetie, I’ll do my best to enjoy the holidays. I miss my family though :(
I hate the student life…I’m getting 2 old for this shit bas I’m surviving :)

Crappy: Do not mess with the belly…e7im my Buddha belly…I love it…hahahahaha…o ba3dain I don’t cook everyday but since we are off for the holidays and have nothing else to do, I’m cooking and feeding my friends. Shasawee yakseroon alkha6er…who knows yemkin aksib feehom ajer :P

heheh very cute...enjoy the holidays ;)

Thanks Maryooma...Merry Christmas to you too :)

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