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Should I diet to please myself or please others?

don't do anything to please others the most important is yourself darling

nanonano: Thanks sweetie for actually participating in my blog! I was busy for a while and I didn’t check it, and I never thought anyone would post anything! You are right on your comment, but lately everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE is giving me a hard time on my weight. Yes I do like to lose weight but honestly sometimes I love my curves and my Buddha belly..LOL, is that bad? I do believe women come in all shapes and sizes. Bas shetgoleen 3an mojatma3ana iley ga9eb 6eeb ye7asoosonich eb naga9 because you don't fit their standards!

Dear Jellybelly
Let me welcome you to the blogging bussines. I, as you, am new at this, but enjoying it more and more as time goes by. I suppose annonymity is the most appealing factor and it really feels democratic with freedom of speech (with limitations, of course. As for pleasing others, I've been doing that for years, It has it's own rewards, However, very taxing. My opinion, please yourself 1st.Ma y7ik ethhairik illa Thfairik.

Thanks Captin Skywalker in participating in my blog, it sort of feels like I'm welcoming new friends into my home. I have to say I like that feeling :)
I know what you mean by pleasing others and trying so hard to make everyone happy. You see for many years I have been doing that. I think I'm reaching a point in my life where my happiness should come first. When I posted the comment about my weight issue it was one of those days where you feel depressed over someones comment. Anyhow, please don't feel like stranger and do stop by :)

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First step take a good look at yourself. See what you like and what you don't (you must be honest with yourself, and that can take a realy long time) Second step, what ever you don't like goes (change it) and keep what you are comfortable with. Third step, tell whoever has an opinion to stick it up where the Sun don't shine.

Sky walker: I told you this before and I'm gonna say it again my personal cheerleader...hahahaha..I do think I'm getting to know what I do like and dislike with the whole weight issue. I wanna lose weight to be healthy neither to please myself nor to please others. HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH, I don’t wanna end up diabetic

hey jelly belly :) welcome to the blogging world, i'm so glad I found u i feel so good when i find ppl like me :) i'm 27 and still in school too lol.
anyways to answer your question .. Both! first off is urself ofcourse .. and when it comes to other peoples reaction to ur appearance .. well.. it will depress you, like u mentioned urself. and when it depresses u .. it's interfering with ur well being and ur feeling of goodness and fulfulment .. in other words it will effect ur self .. that's why i say both .. so what u do is eaither what sky walker said and tell ppl to go stuff ur faces i like how i look ( and mean it) or learn to not care what ppl think.. this one could be harder .. anyways .. G'luck with that :) again .. I am soo happy to have found u .. be my buddy? :D

HeLLo jelly belly & Welcome to the blog world :}

As for the family thing @@ I know what you mean wallah, my mother is killing me about it & all I hate about that kind of comments & concerns is that they revolve around the "PROPER SHAPE OF A WOMAN" ,, they don't take it from a HEALTHY presepective for a change :}

So I had my share of ppl nagging 3la rasii ey7noon,, but didnt care really :} + i learned the skill of not arguing with them since it wont take us any where.. SO i eventually do what i want,,, after i took my time & adjusted with my body & not really caring if they like it or not I had to like it or i would be like them So for healthy reasons I decided to lose weight + I want my shape back since I think it will make me definatelly feel better...

conclusion after this comment that is longer than ur post ;p....

Do it for your self, when you feel right... ELSE you wont do it u will fail over & over. Take your time but do it for the sake of ur health :>

Peach: thanks for stopping by and yes I’ll be your buddy. I love meeting new people. As for the whole weight issue thing it is a daily struggle and I take it one step at a time. I know for sure I don’t want to be skinny I wanna be healthy. So inshallah ishway ishway I’m changing my eating habits and I’m getting my ass off the couch and actually going to the gym. I’m also learning how to ignore people comments and learning to love myself. I’m getting there: )

Q80-Chill girl: I know how family could really put you down sometimes. I remember one year I went back home for my summer break and Oh my god I hated my aunts for all the comments they gave me over my weight. One of my aunts told me 7aram 3aleech wayed matnana, she said that before even saying 7emdallah 3ala alsalama!! And what made things even worse she told me “meno beytazwjich?” I was so pissed for the first time in my life I disrespected someone in the family for hurting my feeling. Meno eb yetzawajeny? Excuse me! I don’t wanna marry a man who will like me just for my looks! Al7emdallah I think I have a lot more to offer. You know what I mean?
I’m working really hard to ignore those negative comments, I think since I’m still in the states I feel a bit safe. Bas wallah I worry a lot when the day I finally get back home and hear all these comments all over again. I think I will try to follow your advice o inshallah I have the power in me to filter out all the negativity around me.

Do that dear :} just take it out from one ear out from the other .. Dont pay attention to any thing but ur inner voice they will talk once,, twice & may even make ur over weight issue be a big discussion not to mention the sucess stories in how they lost weight :D + the WEIRD ( i mean really weird) ways to lose weight they will try to talk u into alot of things among them taking pills o swalf @@

IGNORANCE is a blessing :},, its a part of growing up dear & being young u have to hear all people but ONLY listen to what you FEEL & KNOW is right to u :D,, be strong

Q80-Chill Girl: Oh I have been down that road where they advice you on all sort of crazy diets and I actually had a friend who was arguing with me that it’s ok to take pills with ephedra! She knows the risks yet everyone wants a quick fix to lose weight!
There is no easy way out lelasaf! You gotta do the hard work, get your ass to the gym EVERYDAY and learn how to eat healthy. It’s a lifestyle change. I went to a weight watcher meeting 2 days ago. I think it was a great way to sit in a group to discuss your daily struggles and learn from others. I think it’s great to have a support system whether from friends or family so inshallah I’ll lose the weight to be healthy. I’ll probably share with you guys my progress. So I’ll keep you posted :)

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