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As a new comer, I think I need major tips in blogging. HELP!!!

Welcome again. I am just as new as you are, so, I can't be of much help. However, you have my support.

Hi darling what's up?....i will try to help u as much as i can...
if u need anything u can ask the Master Zaydoun his blog zaydoun.blogspot.com...
or u can e-mail me henno0310@hotmail.com and i'll find out for u

JB.. There you go. All you have to do is ask. I agree with Nanonano Zaydoun is a pro. May I also recomend MosanMosan, Highly. Although he is not blogging as much as he used to. Miss ya Mosan

Hi Jelly Belly... Zaydoun at your service here!

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My tip to you is to Say what ever you feeel when ever you want to say it . also , being a Myst is better than being known . cuz some of our beloved friends (blogggers) have Cravings or lets say Curoius to know who the person behind that nick name is . once this was discovered then you cannot write what ever you feel .


Sky walker: Thanks for your warm welcoming again, I feel like you are my cheer leader, I picture you in cute mini skirt with pompoms LOL ;)

nanonano: 7abebty thanks for your recommendations on the blogging experts, I think if they would hear some of my questions they would laugh. I’m such an air head sometimes! Bas I’m gonna ask anyways ;)

Zaydon: I heard you are the man! Please don’t laugh at some of my questions, I do feel like a retard bas here it goes: I wanna know how I could add pictures or articles into my blog and how can I change the color of the blog if I can. I think it’s too pink! I figured out how to edit and delete some of the post and comments so I think I’m getting there. Sorry again if my questions sounds lame! Appreciate your services though ;)

Crappy Nappy: You are so right! You do get tempted to find out more about the person behind the nickname.I’m gonna try hard to fight that temptation ;)
Bas I have to say I love the idea of expressing yourself freely without any worries. It is very librating.
Oh yeah whatever happened to your blog crappy? I keep getting this message (The requested URL was not found on this server.) 3asa almane3 khair inshallah ;)

JellyBelly... Did you try the Help pages? They're very useful. CLICK HEREAs for your pink overdose, just go to the Blog settings and select a different template just like the way you did when you first started

Hope this helps

Skirt and pompoms.. Hmmm.. Yeah that would look cute...Provided the costume includes dark thick panti-hose to cover the rough spots.

Zaydoun: Thanks dear, I will work on it inshallah next weekend. I’m sort of slow so I know I will need the time to look at everything o inshallah you’ll see the changes soon!

Sky walker: I will provide the whole outfit including the dark thick panty-hose but you have to come up with the cheer. GOOOOO JELLY. LOL

it's really alot easier than all that .. keep a note book and a pen handy at all times .. when ever u feel the urge to write something that's nagging the insides of ur heart .. jot it down .. later fix it up .. and post it :) simple .. just speak ur mind :)

Peach thanks for the tip, that's a great idea. I do write a journal everyday to keep me sane. I think I will share some of my thoughts with you guys, this blogging business is a good therapy. Thanks again babe :)

Well done JB. I see you have made changes on your Blog. You're getting there.

Sky Walker: you noticed the changes, thanks dear I have been trying to experiment with the blog, I still have a long way to go. I haven’t figured out how to post pictures yet! I did download picasa bas I guess I need to spend more time to learn how to work the program. So keep on checking o inshallah I’ll get there!

I still can't figure out how to post pictures in my blog. I have downloaded picasa and I still can't figure it out. Man do I feel like a retard. Please help? Can anyone break down the instruction for someone slow like me? Thanks!

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