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I'm not going to Kuwait this Christmas

I talked to my parents earlier today and they told me that I can't come home this Christmas. However, I'll meet them in Germany since my dad is going to have a minor surgery there (Al7emdallah nothing serious) I have to say I was a bit disappointed bas al7emdallah 3ala kil 7al at least I'll get to see my parents after all this time.
I just wanna thank you for all the support, it really meant a lot to me :)

Salamt el-wald :) 3sa allah yshafeih ,,, as for meeting ur parents well this is what really matters your not coming for the country it self ur comming to meet ur family & make them proud. I hope you have a great time with them dear :>,, wish u all the best

Dearest JB..I am glad you are at peace with your decision. My prayers go to your father and the rest of your family during his trearment period. Your meeting them is the most important thing, that was the aim for your coming to Kuwait after all. Enjoy their company have fun, I am certain of thier pride in you. But remember this, your achievments are yours, and yours alone. If people are happy withit that is a bonus. If not, I'm sure sure you can get over people's unhappiness.

Q80-Chill Girl: Allah yesalmich 7abebty. Thanks for your concerns, honestly I was looking forward going home and seeing my family and friends bas you can’t have everything. I have to be happy at least I’ll get the chance to see my parents. I just hope time will fly fast so I could be home for good. I guess I’m getting a little home sick.

Sky Walker: Thanks for your prayers dear, I’m gonna repeat what you said in my head over and over “my achievements are mine and mine alone.” I’ll work hard to over look what people think or say. After all I don’t wanna get depressed over silly things like that right?

Right :)
inshallah mayshoof shar el walid. o ygoom bil salama :)

See you're counting your blessings not your troubles after all.. :)

I'm proud of how you're handling this situation.. :)

Well look at it from another perspective, you get to visit Germany :). Your dad will be ok inshalla we la7ga 3ala el q8 and others, no need to hurry. Good luck sweetie.

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Peach: Thanks 7abebty alshar ma eyeech.

The Don: You said it best we learn from our life lessons, I'm still learning and still counting my blessings. Al7emdallah :)

Rabab: Thanks sweetie, I love Germany and I have some friends there so inshallah the trip will be nice, menha ashof my parents and get to see some old friends :)

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