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Average Jane

Saturday night, my friends wanted to go clubbing…I wasn’t in the mood but I know I had to since one of the girls just graduated and she’s leaving soon…all the clubs were packed and it was just crazy…we were dancing the night away…but I wore the wrong shoes that night…I told them I’m gonna sit in the patio area…my feet couldn’t take it anymore…I was smoking my cigarette and text messaging some friends in Kuwait (I felt like a loser at that point) LOL…this gorgeous guy came up to me and asked me why I'm not drinking, I told him that I was the designated driver for the evening…he smiled and told me that sucked and he bought me a shirley temple, we started talking then the girls showed up, one of them just went crazy for him…I told her yalla hathee for9etich he just told me he’s available so she asked him to dance with her…they left and I went back to text messaging…they got back shortly and she was smiling at me…she got closer and whispered in my ears he likes YOU not me… I laughed and told her to get serious…she told me that he was asking about me the whole time they were dancing! I was like ME why me? Why this 6’3, tanned, green eyes, and physically fit gorgeous man would wanna be with me instead of this size 0 beautiful girl…that doesn’t happen to me…she left us alone…he sat next to me and started talking…I really enjoyed the conversation and I still didn’t buy the idea he was into me…it was last call and it was time to leave…he asked for my number…I gave it to him with compelete disbeliefe!
I’m the average Jane and this gorgeous man liked me more than the other girls! Wow my self-esteem just went through the roof!!

J.B.:قام حظك مرايم
بطلي عن هالموديل اللي بس تبين تحبطين في روحك
أقولك شئ زوجي تدرين شنو لفت نظره حقي أيدي
فاستمتعي و لا تحللين وايد

Don’t question it just go for it and have fun..how is your feet now?

The best things happen to us when we least expect them to, ha? Gives you a good feeling. Enjoy it.

nanonano: ma adree laish tethkart banat 3abdel `3ani sharbat youm geltay gam 7athich ya marayim...LOL
walla mo salfat a7ebe6 eb nafesi bas this is the truth...usually guys like my personality first before my looks...this guy took me by surprise ishwaya...he liked the way I look...I know I'm not ugly or anything like that bas ma adree it was a first :)
he surely made my day...I went out with him for sushi kila min your post...lol
it was nice :)

mosan: I did enjoy it...I had a lovely dinner with him tonight and he was such a gentelman...as far as my feet...I wore my birkenstock abadan ma 3a6eeta wayah bel kashkha part my feet were too swollen to were dressy shoes...LOL

Jewaira: I love it when these sort things happen..and I'm enjoying every moment of it...welcome to my block babe :)

Jewaira: I meant welcome to my blog...I can't write anymore...insomnia sucks :)

mosan: to wear dressy shoes...man I really can't write tonight..LOL

just grab the chance from the neck girl, don´t ever let it slip off of ur fingers ;)

Rabab: 7obey I hope you are having a blast in Spain...thanks for the little advice ;)
we are going out again for lunch...bas I hate to say this...I like him more as a friend already! LOL
He is such a sweetie and I could see him as a buddy nothing more...shasawe feeny 3ogdat al Kuwaiti...I love'em and I hate'em and I can't get enough of them!

J.B: darling ana ma a7eb ella elma7ally(local) fai can't judge

nanonano: He's not my cup of tea...this guy is just so damn sweet...I know he'll find someone bas I surely could see him as a friend..ana mishkiltey a7ebhom chel7an mel7an...hahahahahha...I love my Kuwaiti men ;)

we have the same taste darling...;-)

nanonano: Hey at least jarbat al mo ma7aley...bas ma yazalee....LOL

to me el ma7ally i love thier sence of humor they make me laugh from the deep inside and to me that's the most attractive feature in a man today at work with the guys the last 45 minutes was non stop laughing cession..

el sidj mako 3ala el ma7alli abadan. The best. Bas anyway, enjoy friendship and the good time :)

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nanonano: inshallah doom mestansa o teth7ekeen 7abebty.

Jewaira: I guess we all agree that alma7alee rules. ;)

we keep saying alma7alee alma7alee...I just got the feeling we are talking about liquor not men...LOL :P

ya banaat.. shlokom fina.. "elchil7aan" ma warana ella elma9ayeb wallah.. We are the people of the double standards.. we will make you laugh untill we get what we want.. :(I'm sure many guys will hate me for saying this.. :P

TheDon: i agree with u but we love u guys so eshtabey ba3ad???enta bas asher ;-)

Don: dude we can take it...you guys made us strong women...we had to go through a lot to be the women we are today...so thanks to you we are stronger and we can handle you guys...hahahahahaha
o ebtalashana feekom...khabzeen ba3ath 3adel :P

nanonano: you tell him sister ;)

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