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Any Seinfeld fans out there?

I just bought season 1&2 on DVD, I was pretty excited. I have to say this show just cracks me up. So I thought to myself what is my favorite episode? I have to say when Elaine decides who's sponge worthy LOL. What's your favorite episode?.
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MEMEMEMEMEMEMEEME !!! I love the show.. and can't get enough of it.. they say they have so much extras with the DVD.. is it true ??

and favorite episode, $h!t, I can't make up my mind.. There’re just too many of’em.. The sponge worthy is a classic LOLOLOL

That's true, they have deleted scenes, bloopers and an hour long on how they came up with the show idea. Pretty cool stuff. You should get the DVD :)

As far as the episodes, I know it was hard to decide which was my favorite, no doubt Elaine sponge worthy episode was really funny my second choice would be the soup Nazi....NO SOUP FOR YOU :P

ok am definatly getting those dvds :) along with 3rd rock from the sun .. sienfeld is a favorite .. & I can't make up my mind either .. I like the episode where u find out Kramers first name is Cozmo!!! waak! that really cracked me up lol .. Kramer is actually my favorite character .. I just love his hair!! lol
who's ur favorite?

With out blinking, G. COSTANZA is my Fav.. I mean come on.. how can you fail at failing you guys ?? LOLOL :))

I can't decide really...sometimes I just love George he cracks me up and then again Elaine has her moments...so I think this is my ranking of favorites:
5-George's Dad
6-Georges's Mom

Flash back of the “speed dial ranking” episode.. where Jerry’s girlfriend was ranking him on her speed dial, and he climbed up the speed dial and his girlfriend’s step mom got jealous.. LOLOL :)

But yea.. Jerry is the least favorite for me as well..

lol are u guys kidding jerry is ur least favorite! :) and newman!! hahaa .. he is non of my fav.s at all! but ur right Don .. I never thought about it that way before .. how can u loose at loosing lol ! amazing..

I don't have a fave episode but my fave character is Kramer because he's a fu9la! :P

The Don: Dude I can't remember that episode! Man I have to look it up.

Peach: yes I don't see Jerry as funny...I think all the other characters made him look good.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous: Another Kramer fan...hahahaha...min na7yat fa9la fa ehowa fa9la...a lot of physical comedy into his act.

"The Speed Dial" episode is one of the all time best. I love Seinfeld to death and still watch it in reruns whenever it's on.

I love Jerry, George and Elaine. Kramer gets on my nerves although I loved the episode where he hosted a talk show in his apartment using a discarded studio set that he found in the trash.

hahaa .. that's probably just why I like Jerry, he's not so funny lol
3ala 6ari Kramer I used to have a desk top portrate of him in a power suit! with the hair!

Zayoun: OK now you and Don keep mentioning the speed dial episode and for the life of me I just can’t remember it…I have to look it up.
I love the episode when Kramer creates a mock talk show too…I remember when he talks as if he has audience LOL…man that was funny.
reruns, you’re talking to the queen of reruns…I watch Seinfeld and Friends reruns in almost every channel…on TBS, FOX, WB…you name it…you see there isn’t shows that are worth watching these days on TV (except must see Thursdays on NBC and of course some of the shows on HBO)these days all they have on are those stupid reality shows…reality shows are taking over television and it sucks.

Peach: ooh ana fahmatich ghala6….ok one more vote added against Jerrys humor…LOL
Oh I know the portrait your talking about I had a friend who had it as a poster in his apartment…it is funny after all Kramers hair is just To7fa…hahahahaha.

JB, do they still have two episodes of Seinfeld a day on WB ??

Don: no sweetie on WB they have back 2 back Friends episodes from 6 to 7 P.M
on Fox they have Seinfeld from 10 to 10:30 P.M
and on TBS they have back 2 back Seinfeld from 7 to 8 P.M and Friends from 9 to 10 P.M
ishrayik o ana 7aftha al schedule...man I'm such a loser! LOL

JB... I catch the Seinfeld reruns here in Kuwait on Showtime's Paramount Comedy Channel.

The Speed Dial episode guest stars Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), she and Jerry are dating and he's competing with her step-mother for the #1 position on her speed-dial phone. I won't say more but you can imagine the potential for mix-ups

Zaydoun: I finally saw the episode...LOL

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