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I was having a conversation with an old friend the other day about tall men. I was debating with her that there aren’t that many tall Kuwaiti men …you see I’m 5’11 (I think that’s 180 in centimeters) and that is considered very tall in Kuwait. I feel right in place here in the states bas never back home…I always STAND out in a crowd and I mean it literally. I never dated a Kuwaiti guy who was taller than me…he’s either my height or shorter…yes I dated shorter…I can’t believe it…LOL
I know some of you will answer and say yes there are many Kuwaiti men who are tall…I’m not talking mowaleed 1980 o 6ale3…I’m talking min mowaled 1969 to 1979…Do those men exist?

yes darling my hubby..he's 1.94..do u want him?if that would convince u to come back to Q8 u can borrow him for a date....
wa ba3dain ma eytesharkoun ella banat el7alal ;-)

Mashallah 6oola 9ij 7elo...bas I can't borrow your hubby...3ala golat al ma9reyeen "ana zay alfereek ma7ebish shreek" LOL
Does he have a brother? hahahaha...But I'm still not that convinced that there are many tall Kuwaiti guys (who happen to be single)out there ;)

Dear JB
I know a couple of single guys that match your specs. No unfortunately I am not one them. The genetic make-up of Kuwait has changed in the last 30 years, so there is hope yet!

J.B.: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees he has....ok yalla come back and we'll go to learn samry then will go patying with the two brothers

Sky: it's ok sweetie you are part of the generation I was talking about...you have the average height from that generation...as far as your friends...hmm we should talk more about it.. LOL ;)
bas I know the genetic make-up is changing…my brother is one of them...he's 6'4 mashallah...my mom calls it "the hamburger generation" bas I'm talking about the older crowd in the time range I gave you…there are very few tall guys out there.

nanonano: your pimping…LOL….I’m just kidding…of course will go “Samreying” and partying. I can’t wait to get my ass back home :)

mashallah JB, intai ellee 6oolich 7elo.. I love tall women.. and yes.. you're right, I'm 6 feet, and i thought I was really tall, until I went to the states.. I was freakin average.. but now I 'm back... so started feeling good about my 6ool again..

oh.. and free as a street dog!!!!! ;P

The Don , do u also fit the age range :P

Jelly, Your absolutly right, I'm just 160 and I still had to go out with shoter guys lol .. that just goes to tell u how short they are .. & how much short ppl there is .. lol
and the new generation! my sister (9 yrs younger than me) is 10 cm taller that me .. my brother! ( 6 yrs younger) is 6ool el bab mashallah lol .. ya7leelhom the new generation ;) the good thing about them is they make me feel so small and kotomooto lol .. and what's with my short generation!!! does that mean there'll be no tall, dark & handsome for me? yalla dark and handsom only ham zain :)

I'm sad to say this but imma have to agree with Jelly Baby (you don't mind if I call you that do you?) on this one but all the single tall kuwaity guys "inqar'6ow" :( We should gather what's left of the tall kuwaity males and label them as an endangered species and protect them.


Check my profile.. ;)

Although for this society my hight is acceptable. But I could have been taller. Unfortunately the maternal component of my genetic make up was stronger when it came to the hieght part. In my generation I know very few tall men. Most of those are Habeelas. (Very much verifying the saying: 6aweel w habeel)

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…The medicine go down…The medicine go down… Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
in a most delightful way.
Man I can’t get that song out of my head now...LOL…I just bought Mary Poppins special edition on DVD…it brought back some beautiful childhood memories…aaah memories…OK I think I’m a bit wired, I had a lot of caffeine today since today was my last day of finals…WOHOOOOO…PARTYYYYYYYYYY

Back to the subject:

The Don: Thanks dear, I love my height too…believe me it helps a lot being chubby and all….LOL….o 3ala 6aree feeling good about your height in Kuwait, I feel the opposite…I have confidence here (in the states) and I feel above average back home…Ooh and good to know that your single….I have to write that down in my little black book ;)

Peach: NOOOOOOOO Peach you went out with shorter than 160? Sweetie that’s bad…I just hope 3awath his height with other things? ;)

Drunk’n’Gorgeous: I don’t mind you calling me Jelly Baby its kinda cute ;)
I love your idea…can I be the chairwoman of the Endangered Kuwaiti Tall Men Species Protection? LOL

Sky Walker: Affa Sky kil 6aweel Habeel? Or are you just talking about your friends?

Just a final note…Please short girls out there back off from tall men…as you can see there are few left out there…LOL

Chim chiminy, chim chiminy chim chim cheree...a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be...chim chiminy, chim chiminy chim chim cheroo...good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you...or blow me a kiss and that's lucky too...chim chiminy, chim chiminy chim cheree...a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be...chim chiminy chiminy chim chim cheroo...gool luck will rub off when I shake hands with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....
Another lovely song from Mary poppins....ok ok I think I better go and do something more productive...LOL
or maybe I should get sleep...After all I haven't slept for 48 hours...bas hmmm...ma abee akhreb nomtee akthar men ehaya mekhtaraba...I don't know what the hell I'm saying...People just ignore this comment...LOL

I apologize if my comment was not clear. I did mean only my friends, Male friends. In general I think females are far more intelligant than men
As for Mary Poppins that happens to be one of my favourite movies

Sky: sweetie I was just giving you a hard time.
aaah Mary Poppins...one of my old time favorites too...Sky you gotta get the special DVD if it's one of your favorite movies, they have some deleted scenes and songs just beautiful...ooh I love Julie Andrews, I'm getting the urge of buying the sound of music...LOL
Shasawee ba6aleeya no classes until the 17th of January!

You are absolutly right I'll do that. If you are ba6aleeya.. Then Mvies, Movies, Movies..

Sky: we7yatik that's what I’ve been doing...I've rented from Blockbuster and Hollywood videos at the same time...LOL
o ma adree ishfeeni I'm not in the mood of partying...I thought I was but since I got done with finals all I wanna do is vegetate...I'm just being a couch potato!

Is 175 cm OK?

Zaydoun.. LOL

Jelly Belly:
--- I think inna those who were born between 1970-1980 were fed properly and ma ta3arrithaw 3ala alll the junk food that the kids these days eat !! my god .. you see a guy almost 7 feet tall,, when you see him you think he is 30 .. when you ask him about his age .. he tells you "i am 16 !!!!!!!!" .. sixteen yal thaaaalim sixteeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!
--- These days all the chemicals in the junk food plays a huge role in the growth !!
FAH .. i am SURE you wont find any guy muwaleed 1970's who is above 6 feet .. Being tall is not a common characteristic found amongst kuwaiti men !! those who are are rare !!
--- SHakh9iyan .. i know one person who fits your description AAAAAND SINGLE i mite add ;) OONLY one .. hehe mako ghaaira !!

Zaydoun: Honey my EX was that hight ;)

Sky: what's so funny :P

PoRTuGa: hahahaha I know what you mean...my brother is that 16 year old...LOL
so I either date someone who's way younger and taller or settle for someone shorter yet older! hmmmmmm....I gotta think about that...ooh I almost forgot tell me more about your single/tall friend ;)
and by the way welcome to my blog.

I belong to the average height crowd I believe we are swifter and more agile

Jelly Belly:
Thanks for "the welcome" hehe !!
Yeah i am telling u these new teenagers are humungous !! they are huge .. God knows how tall our children will be in the future !!
Aaaand about the single GUY .. he is above 30 .. white .. tall .. open-minded .. LOVES sports .. aand most importantly to y'all WOMeN out there .. he is rich !! hehehehehe

mosan: hahahahaha another average height...my theory is right...no tall guys in that age range...khala9 I gave up...bas I guess height isn't everything in a guy :)

Portuga: yuba a7san khala ye7asnoon al nasel...I want to have tall kids...LOL
And about your friend sounds good to me...although I'm not into white boys...hahahhaha...and the rich part...honey it doesn't make a difference to me...believe me! I'm not a gold digger al7emdallah :P

Jelly Belly:
AY nasal ay ba6eeekh !! There's a difference between being tall .. and being abnormally tall !! You see i am one of those tall ppl whose almost finding it really difficult finding proper clothing and shoe-wear due to the fact that I AM TALL !! fah .. being tall isn't necessarily a good thing .. it might have bad outcomes or whatever..
oo 3ala the SINGLE guy hehehehe .. i'm glad you approve of'em !! and i also say il7amdilla that you're not a gold digger !! bas i also say a little more money never really hurts anyone !! and if everything else is perfect (looks/personality/height) then being rich can be a bonus ;)

portuga: LOOOOOOL I know what you mean with clothes and shoes...I have the same problem...I always have to look for the right pants and shoes...e7im I wear size 10 1/2 men...LOL.
o ta3al ehni you never told me your tall? how tall are you?
bas wala emsawee khoosh da3aya 3ala your friend...hahahaha...if he only knew!

Jelly Belly:
hehehehe .. if only my friend knew he'd probably hunt me down and kick my ass !! hehehe
I am tall .. i am 187 cm !! bas i dont really fit your description cuz you seee i am almost what you are looking for but not quite it .. ana muwaleed 1980 .. fah i am not 30 yet !!
And mashalla mashalla mashalla !! 10 1/2 .. thats pretty messed up .. i am sure you find it difficult finding shoes !!

Portuga: When your friend kicks your ass can I watch? :P
and yes you are just out of that age range I know a lot of mowaleed 1980 who are tall.
and shoes...yes I do have trouble finding nice dressy shoes...bas mishkelty I always go for comfort...so you'll see me in my nike or puma shoes during winter time and birkenstock during summer time...comfort rules! LOL

Jelly Belly:
ana asamee mushkiltich thakaa2 !! bil3aks i'd also go for comfort rather than appearance ! you have no clue how many pumaas i have .. you can call me a shoe-addict cuz for whatever reason i always think that i am not gonna find a shoe that is my size so whenever i find a shoe that is my size i purchase it as soon as possible ! 3uqad !!!
how tall are u ??

Portuga: Read the post 3adel and you'll know how tall I am :P

Are you guys still talking about me ?? :P

Don: I have to sing this little song just 4u by 3abdullah Rowaished "9abik `3roor wel `3roor lama ye9eeb mishkila" :P

height is sooooooo overrated!


Q: sweetie it's ok...you should feel good because if you scroll up a little bit...you'll see that almost every guy with the exception of Don are the average height oh and Portuga bas he's mowaleed 80.
In conclusion, my theory is right :(
No tall, Kuwaiti men in my generation. I think I'm gonna settle down with a shorter guy...I just hope I’ll find someone who’s not insecure to go out with a girl taller than him LOL

Q, tabee krispy cream, o' tabee 6ool ?? may9eer chethee.. 7udded mogefik ?? :P

Don: Khal alrayal yethana eb his Krispy Kreme :P

Jelly Belly..i face the same problem, and im not in Q8 hehehe the thing is that tall khaleeji men are diffcult to find these days...and if u find any they would married...

my height is 175, and can't seem to find a tall Mr. Right :(

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