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How bad things are REALLY in Kuwait?

I have been hearing a lot of negative stories lately on Kuwait. Many of my friends who graduated and went back home for good complained on how bad things are. I even came across some Kuwaitis who chose to live in the U.S for good because they felt they were not appreciated enough in their own country! It breaks my heart to see young talented people leave home and look else where for jobs and careers. IS Kuwait reaching that point? Or maybe some of us can't adapt to the society anymore? Is there hope? I'd like to think there is hope, I love my country enough to make me fight for changes. What do you think?

سمعيني احنا عايشين في الكويت و وايد أشياء و أوضاع مو عاجبتنا بس هذا مو سبب كافي بالنسبة لي اني اهرب الحمدالله احنا اهني في الكويت عندنا حرية نسبية مقارنة بالدول المجاوره..صح كلامك ان وايد ناس مو قادرين يتأقلمون مع الوضع في الكويت بعد ما عاشوا حريتهم في اي بلد آخر بس انك تسمحين حق نفسك انك تعيشين كمغتربه في بلدك الاصلي هذا اللي مو صح ..لا تفكرين بالأشياء السلبيه لا تسمعين حق الناس السلبيين

ana weyach ya nanonano wallah bel3akas I could never see myself living anywhere else other than Kuwait. Al7emdallah we have it much better than others bas this is what I have been hearing from a lot of people lately and I just wanted to know WHY?

darling the udjusting is there problem not yours let me tell u my husband is 32 years old he lived outsied of Q8 for 24 years so almost all his life..when he came back he made sure to udjust...now he lives happily in Q8 or that why i guess ;-)
it's about how u plan your life...as simple as this and finding the right crowed to to b your friends

I’m afraid I don’t really agree with nanonano. I think every one is entitled to make their own decisions about how and where to live their lives. I love this country too. I love the smell of it’s soil, and the color of it’s sky. Bas arth allah was3a! o the way things are now Jelly, I’m afraid not every one could really manage to live here producing and functioning properly. It depends on you really.
Besides, Kuwait is in the world, the world is in the globe, the globe is earth and it’s in the universe. Aren’t we then of Kuwaiti, World, Global, Earthling & Universal Nationalities. I dunno. But I always like to think of my self as an Earthling, a simple child of the earth and that’s it :)

When you graduate inshallah. Come back and see for yourself :) If your up to it and really want to change things around here well maybe one day I will find your name with the names of our country men who have made a difference :) If not, don’t be ashamed of leaving, you are free to set your own roots and build your own life. Whichever kind of sand of grass you stand on you will always be on god’s given land :) Either way, live your life to the fullest through it all & Enjoy.

By the way guys. plz vote for Maryam of the So I Want to be an Astronaut blog. See details on my blog :)

I can brief what I wana say in one sentence .
if every one escaped the reality and Ran away then Man wouldnt discover that fire has good use .

if all of those ppl who u know ran away to other countries where they can be appreciated more . then I think kuwait will stay the same for ages . bs bl 3aks they have to stay and fight for the change cuz at the end old blood becomes new by long period of time no by ages . and i can see that in so many companies .

I can see US graduates are appreciated more than KU graduates which is un fair cuz at the end it all goes to the productivity of that person . <- now this is a serious subject that has to change .

nanonano: I'm glad to hear that your husband is adjusting well after living all these years abroad. I have to say it must have been hard at first bas ekfaya he has a wife like you ;)
agool 3asa ma ye`3ar min Rushdi Abatha?

Peach: I agree and disagree with you at the same time, I know it's a personal choice and I respect that bas I can't help my feelings inna young and talented Kuwaitis are leaving their country to look else where. I mean hathey deeratkom ile 3azatkom o razatkom. I wanna see them succeed in their own country o aftekher feehom.

Crappy Nappy: Glad to see you drop in again…Yes, we have to fight for changes and work hard to improve things. O 3ala 6arey U.S graduates vs. Kuwait graduates I don't think its fair either…I don't see the difference between the two...it all goes back on how well educated and hard working the person is. yama U.S graduates went back home and they don't know shit about things...so there is no bases on their preferences.

Crappy Nappy: u've said it all thank u...

J.B: my hubby ma eygar men a77ad...:-(

I dunno maybe I’m not as patriotic as you are, but I don’t feel this country has “razatni” I feel it has kicked me out time & time again. And I’m not really talking about being appreciated, I’m not even asking for that, what I ask for is to be able to live in peace. it's ok if you don't fit in, but it's not ok that people will not understand that and will look at you under the title "kuku". & When u feel the country is getting too crowded it’s squeezing you out!

I do not hold the land responsible, I hold the people responsible. If you think u can change that…. G’luck then :)

nanonano 7abebty I'm sure inna ye`3ar 3aleech bas he doesn't really show it ;)

Peach: It's not about being patriotic or not, I guess I really wanna see real changes. I know it's the people, crappy said something very important here that "old blood becomes new blood." Maybe I'm a bit of an optimist bas I keep coming across a lot of young and libral minds that the'll work on changes. Maybe we wont see the results in the near future bas I know will see it.

Peach 7abebty nesait agoolich I do respect your opinion and I can see your point. I share with you the feeling that I don't fit in my own country bas intay gelteeha you don't blame the land you blame the people and that's my whole point with changes.

Wallah inshallah ur right. o inshallah the new blood will bring about good changes :) cuz the bottom line no matter what is that this country and it's ppl are good. inshallah this goodness will prevail someday... 3ala eedich o eed el new blood, and who knows .. maybe someday i'll even join u :)

Dear JB
I think you read how much we bitch and complain about how bad things are in this country, but at the end of the day it is home. I've tried living abroad for a while, but only felt comfortable at home. I think we critisize because we care for this country, we are still here just fighting the idiots and their retarted mentality because we have not given all hope in changing this country. Your presence here, in Kuwait, can be an asset. A breath of fresh air that can doits part in changing this place for the better. Do not be discouraged by all the bad things you hear.

this phenomenon isn't limited to kuwait. its all over the place. sad but lots of folks live in consumer driven societies that dont produce what they consume. this is just a by product of that.

I believe that we shouldn’t give up on our country. If you want to change it, you can with people like you. It’s good that talented young people live and work abroad, gain professional experience. But all that for the sake of Kuwait ;) The problem that Kuwaiti people have that is hard at fit to adjust to the Kuwaiti community. However, they won’t decided to live abroad just because is Kuwait terrible place to have the best of careers. (What do you think of me who wants to be an astronaut in Kuwait :P )

Maryam... Go for it. I mean it.

Peach: "WE" together, people like us will have an impact and I do believe that.

Sky Walker: I'm not discouraged by the things I hear bel 3aks I think it makes me even stronger, I know I will make a difference maybe not a big difference bas in my own little way I will.

sr: welcome to my blog. I know this problem is not limited to Kuwait only, but it was a bit surprising to me because I never thought of seeing Kuwaitis seeking work else where.

Maryam: welcome to my blog,I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a believer o inshallah who knows you might be the first Kuwaiti/Arab woman to be an astronaut. Don't let anyone take that dream away from you.

I just wanna say:
There is no place like home :)

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