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Christmas decorations are just fun and festive part of the holiday season. I was at a restaurant/lounge recently and I saw this so called Christmas tree. It was a bunch of jars and in every jar there was a Barbie doll! I thought it was creative yet a bit twisted! Posted by Hello

walla ana i like....
why do u think it's twisted?

nanonano: I guess because Barbie represent our childhood sort of and the fact they had them in jars and naked ma adree it did come across as twisted ishwaya...maybe I'm over analyzing it! I'm not really a very artistic person. Bas hey it is different. :)

J.B: this is the new barbie...everything now has to b linked with sex...so when we grow up enshalla and b in our 5o's they will produce barbie with gray hear..don't u think so

I like Barbies .. I don't like the tree though .. it does seem twisted to me too loool .. but 3ala goltich.. different :)
nanonano .. what an idea lol .. barbie with gray hair :) u think she'll be a bit chibbier and jisimha not so mashdood lol :)

why didn't u ask them what the point of the tree is?

noooooooo she will look like 9aba7

I think its very nice :D creative,, 3jbatni alot :}

It's nice. I like Xmas decoration too :)


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

nanonano: I like the idea of Barbie with gray hair too..who knows it might happen soon...After all Barbie is no longer with Ken, I think she finally got it, he is a bit gay! (LOL) Ok ok I guess I'm getting a bit carried away with the whole barbie business.

Peach: I'm glad you see it too...it is a bit twisted! oh and I didn't get the chance to ask coz I was a bit tipsy ;)

Q80-Chill Girl: it is certainly creative :)

Maryam: welcome to my blog, I'll try to post some more x-mas decorations.

Jason: welcome to my blog and I'm glad you liked the tree.

nanonano .. lool yeah .. a saba7 barbie ..now that's an idea for a toysRus new production :)

lool & way to go tipsy belly (^.^)

Nice photo JB ;) and very creative indeed. We are getting sick and tiered of the old Xmass tree. This year is the first year I'm having my own Xmass tree after 13 years. Only it's a regular tree with some lights around it. I thought I'd bring some Xmass spirit into my place LOL. It looks nice though with the fish tank (sort of a fish tank) next to it.
Barbee can never stand gray hair, she'll dye it like Saba7 as soon as you put the lights off :D

Rabab: It's about time you got a Christmas tree! hahahhaa...I'm glad you liked the picture.

So have we decided on a "9aba7" Barbie? I'll inform Mattel...hahahahha..and your so right barbie wont stand gray hair for a minute...malha ila al7ena! LOL

Just a a stupid thought, how would blond hair look like after 7ena?

RED!! lol red hair barbie .. but wouldn't she be latin then?

No Peach she'll be more like the chick from "albortegala" song.. LOL

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