Sunday, February 26, 2006

Family Scare

Through out the years I told my family over and over again to never keep any news from me....Good or bad I wanna hear it straight from them...few years back when my uncle passed away I found out from a friend... I was in shock and I couldn't believe that my family would hide it from me...I was furious and they promised me they will never do it again but no, they did it again when my grandmother got really sick....they kept doing it over and over I got a call from my cousin asking me about my dads health! I almost got into a car accident when I heard my father was in the hospital...I was crying hysterically and asking if he is ok? My cousin was in complete shock and he didn't know how to reply other than apologies for breaking the news to me...I called my brother immediately after that but he didn't answer...It was too early in Kuwait but I was praying that he would pick one was picking up at our house...which only drove me even more crazy...I finally got a call back from my brother and his voice was still sleepy and I was crying asking him if dad is ok....he assured me that dad is ok...I begged him to talk to dad but he told me he was a sleep...I had to wait for the longest 3 hours of my life to hear my dads voice....the minute I heard him I broke down and cried...he sounded ok and he was joking that I'm crazy! he told me that everything was ok....he was in the hospital bas al7emdallah he's doing better now....when I finally calmed down I started yelling at both my parents....I told them I hate to hear any news about the family from someone else other than them....I was sooooooooo mad from this stupid habit of hiding things so they won't get me worried...what happened today was 10 times worse than maybe worrying for a little while...both my parents promise they will never do that again but I know in my heart inna hal 6abe3 feehom o mara7 yet`3yroon.....meta bas ya rabi yet3almon inna ma ye`3abon 3any shay?!
ilee 9aar feeni alyoom mo ishwaya...ya rab akhle9 wa ared deerty wa artaa7 min 3athab al`3orba.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lo 3ana safarna al Shoog yeraje3na....
7ob alwa6an `3alee wel 3aisha feeh Jana

Ya Wa6an

Warda Rebe3ya

Ya Daar


Ma`3azel AlKhair

Shams Ala3yadee

Wa6an AlNahar

3ashat Lena AlKuwait

6ayer Min AlFar7a

Saturday, February 18, 2006

No more drama!

I'm sick and tired of going out with friends to have a good time and the night always ends with a fucking drama!

Two nights in a row I go out to have a good time and I end up being miserable by the end of the night...I'm sick of taking care of drama queens....I'm sick of guys who are complete assholes to their girlfriends...I'm sick of my friends!

Notice: this is a venting out entry.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines day

I hope you'll have a day full of love and Yummy chocolates...I'm going to spend my Valentines day in school all day still coughing and wheezing...How nice ha?

To all the single ladies out there on V-Day this is a funny greeting card to cheer you up ;)

click me

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sick as a Dog :(

Coughing, wheezing and fever...I have chest hurt and I can't one to take care of me...I wanna be home so bad...I miss my mommy :(

Yes, it's ok to act like a big baby when I'm sick :P

and I'm comfortably numb on Codeine....LOL

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Two Tags as far as I know!

Sorry everyone for the delayed "tags" but I seriously haven't got the chance to check other blogs, I have such a busy schedule this semester and by the time I get home I usually pass out...for the exception of today because I think I consumed a lot of caffeine....Anyways so let's carry you on with the tagging business...

First I was tagged by the lovely NuNu
her tag is about how weird I am! So here goes nothing:

You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

hahahahhaha so I'm weird after all!

ok next is the list of 5 weird things about me....hmmm ok here we go:

1- I cover my entire body when I sleep for the exception of my feet (my friend usually makes fun of me so I guess that counts as weird)
2- I sleep with the TV on (usually on CNN) and my dreams usually end up being violent LOL.
3- I love mixing m&m's or buncha crunch with my popcorn.
4- I give myself a motivational speech in front of the mirror when my selfesteem needs a boost (I know someone will say maynoona after reading this :P)
5- I count every time a blond chick say the word "like" in my mind and I can't control it.

Ok now the other tag was from Mr. Rider himself mosan

4 Jobs I've had:

1- Daddys girl ;)
2- answered phone calls for the international office and got paid for wasn't a fun job trying to understand English in different accents.
3- worked in the campus radio station (good times)
4- worked in PBS as part of an internship.

4 Movies I can watch over and over:

1- Bridget Jones Diary.
2- Cinema Paradiso.
3- The Party (Birdy num num)
4- City of Lights.

4 Places I lived in:

1- Kuwait
2- Bahrain
3- Qatar
4- The States.

4 TV Shows that I love:

1- at the moment LOST.
2- Seinfeld.
3- Sex and the City.
4- Friends.

4 Places I've vacationed (in my life or recently?) if it's recently ma 6ala3t min America and if it's my life here it goes:

1- Germany.
2- the former Yugoslavia.
3- England.
4- Switzerland.

4 of my favorite dishes: (zefar eb zefar)

1- em6abag ezbaidee.
2- "9alonat 9afi" weya 3aish chawal.
3- emrabyan.
4- Sushi.

4 sites I visit daily:

1- google.
2- hotmail.
3- alqabas (wafeyat)
4- Kuwait blogs.

4 Places I rather be right now:

1- Kuwait with my family.
2- Bahrain with my family.
3- Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson.
4- Seychelles Islands.
I'm tagging You, yes you :P

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Today is SuperBowl Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers are playing against Seattle SeaHawks for NFL Championship. I'm continuing my support to my old state Pennsylvania, last year I was disappointed with Philadelphia Eagles but this year I'm optimistic with the performance of Pittsburgh Steelers. I think it's going to be a good year for Pennsylvania, Penn State won the Orange Ball for college football and hopefully the Steelers are gonna win the Championship.

Sorry Q it's no longer "New Englands" year...Pennsylvanians are here :P