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I'm really depressed over my dads visit to the Doctor today...we got some bad news...I could see the news affected him and I tried my best to hide the sadness in my eyes but I know he saw it!
I had a very stressful day...I can't focus on my classes...the mood in the house is sad and I can't stand it...I wish I could do something to make things better!

Think positive! It's just a phase and will go away very soon inshala. I am sure your dad will be much much better very soon. Don't stress yourself too much. Keep thinking that things will eventually be alright. We are here for you ;*

7ayati intay
I'm so sorry to hear that :(
sweetheart, I hope your dad gets better inshallah ma feeh illa il 3afia. What's more important now is to show your support. How? Don't ever show him or you mom that you're depressed. It'll get worse.

bil3ax, think of something creative to keep you all busy to think of the negative thing.

love you

7beebty jelly yummy:

My dearest, what can sadness help you with it? see you got sad and he saw it in you.. then who will be able to support him ? and who can make him feel better and try to get over the illness?

My dear (big hug), Don't be sad my love, he needs you, he needs your support, he needs to see you smilling while he him self is trying to understand what will be happining to him.

You can do you it Love you can do it jelly, try to make that smile from your heart.

He might be ill but he is around you, loving you and thats the only way that can make him get over it.

cheer up that house, cheer up that family, illness will be curried with happiness only.

(BIG HUG) he will be good inshalla... we'll pray for him,, and having a wonderful kid like you will make him better and stronger than Lance Armestrong.

Love you dear, and i'm all ears you can call any time :*

7ayati...ma yshof shar :**
YOu know you have it in you, you can do it :**
Shida witzool inshAllah.

habeebti...ma yishoof shar...Allah yesa3edkum...I'm sure he doesn't want to see you stressed..so try not to show it...it'll only burden him more...I have faith in you girl and I know you'll overcome your depression and be strong for everyone...'coz that's what Jelly Belly is great at..:)..take care and salamtah

mayshoof shar JB... inshallah all will work out well

matshofoon shar. yigoom bisalamah inshala

Inshallah everything will get better soon o mayishouf shar inshalla~

Inshallah mayshoof shar jelly. I hope everything will turn out for the best. Take care :)

Chin up! :)

ما يشوف شر الوالد
وإن شاء الله يقوم بالسلامة

Allah yashfeeh inshallaa

laughter is the best dowaa :)

take a minute to breath...

salamat I hope all goes well
be strong for the family

I hope everything works out for him. Enshalla he gets well soon

Keep strong *hug*

I hope your dad feels better dear. Allah ey3eenich but stay strong love.

I really hope your dad will get better. Our prayers for his good health. And I hope things are somewhat better now. I wish there was something we could do to make it all better.
Lots of love, Jelly Bella

ma yeshoof shar you dad... wa insallah you will be in our prayers. be strong for him, and your mom. they need that.

Allah eshafeeh enshalla... hope things are better now.

la thaag 3leich iziman .. ed3aii lel7abeeb ira7maan ... ed3ay bsalatich you will feel better inshallah and things hopefully will be alright ... be strong

ما يشوف شر
ان شاء الله ما فيه الا كل خير .. وادعوا له

il nafseya tel3ab role mohem fee ta7asson 7alat il mareeth, I know it's hard times bs you guys should try to grab the best out of the situation, am so sorry for the bad news, hope your dad will get better soon.

Our prayers with you JellyBella. I hope everything is ok.

I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers and I hope you'll continue to pray for my father, he's scheduled for his first surgery tomorrow inshallah.
Allah kareem inshallah, and I know we're are gonna get through this inshallah.

mayshoof shar !! o inshallah allah yshafeeh ..

Mayshoof sharr elwaled, ya 7abeebti. Salamat inshallah

orangina: al shar ma eyeech 7abebty..thank you

Jewaira: 7ayati thanks for checking on me so often...I swear I was so moved...o alshar ma eyeech 7abebty :***

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