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UPDATE: Game one
Phoenix Suns 1 and Dallas Mavericks 0
Suns 121/118 Mavericks
Eyes on the Prize baby ;)

Bye Bye LA Clippers...Hello Dallas Mavericks


I so wanted the spurs to win that :(

lakers wa bas wl baji khas

William: First of all welcome to my blog...and I know a lot of people were disappointed when the Spurs lost to the Mavericks...personally I'm kind of happy that we'll be playing the Mavericks instead of the Spurs...I'm not saying that the Mavericks are not a strong team but I guess I feel more confident that the Suns will do better playing the Mavericks instead of the Spurs :)

mosan: hahahahahaha well mosan baby you can cheer for the Suns now...let's hope they'll go all the way ;)

Today is game one with Dallas Mavericks….GO SUNS :D

Go Suns.

Only because i'm not a Mavs fan.

Deef: LOL...come on Deef, you know your heart started to warm up towards the Suns...how can't you cheer for an underdog team? you gotta wuv them ;)

جو صنززز

shfeeeh nadi il salmeyyaaa???
ma gaam ya3jebbbbbbb??? :P hehehehe

Kila Ma6goog: isket ya superman we lost...7adda thayeg kholgy :(

Chubby: te6anzain? :PP


Deef: I'm sad :(

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