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Hello Boys and Girls ;)

I was really sad last night after my beloved team the Phoenix Suns lost to Dallas, Mavericks...I honestly cried...I know I know it's sad how I'm so into sports but sometimes I can get a LITTLE carried away...I just want to say Bravo! What a great season...There is always next year :)

Now that is said I'm ready to switch gears from basket ball to The World Cup

I'm excited that the World Cup is next week...But I have to say I'm kind of out of touch with soccer being away from the soccer side of the world...I'm not too happy that I will be watching the World Cup on ESPN...bas I hope one of the Spanish speaking channels will broadcast the matches...Because a Spanish commentator is more into the game than an American commentator...And you can hear the excitement in their voice...Besides I want to hear GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL....LOL

OK enough talk about sports..What else has been going on in my life..My parents are still here and I can tell how bored they are by now...7aram they can't wait to get back home..But dad is still getting his treatments..One of the hardest things I went through is seeing my father go through pain...all these things just made me want to push myself even harder to get done and go back home.

My summer session started last week and I'm taking heavy load...I have been out of the house all day.So my parents have been venturing out of the complex and discovering new shopping plazas around the area...they found a Mexican restaurant and it became their new hang out! LOL... I think by the end of the summer my parents will start speaking Spanish ;)

Having my parents with me in my apartment for over a month now, it has its pros and cons...the pros of course their company...I can't get enough of my dad insights on things and his political views...mom and her funny comments on things...I have been eating home cooked meals almost everyday...I think I gained few pounds but to my surprise my friends think I lost some weight! Personally my pants still fit the same :P

Of course my mom keeps complaining how my apartment is full of clutter and I need to get rid of stuff fast! She also hates how unorganized my apartment is...I might be unorganized but hey that's how I find my paper work, books and stuff...I made a deal with her she can have the kitchen, she can organize all she want in there! LOL
the thing that I miss the most since they came is my privacy...someone told me it's a little taste of what i'll be going through once I get back home...I honestly got scared...don't get me wrong I'm not the type who hides anything from anyone...it's just I miss my space I guess...so I need to work on that and god helps me once I get back home!

Finally, I was tagged by The Don to take a picture of my cell phone display picture...and it's a picture of Bu Ess3ayed ;)

7ubbieeee ;**
I'm so sorry for your team's loss hehehe tha7akteeni min sejjich bichaitay 7ayati *hugs*

bu s3ayyed??? LOL very funny

PS. shift il Perrier chan agoom ayeebli wa7id ;p
PSS. make the picture smaller 3afsatlich il template


I guess you know why :P

AYWA AYWAAAAAAAA!!! Looking goooooooood Bu Ess3ayed ;P

sorry for your team... im sooo NOT into sports... maybe a little soccer, but thats only the world CUP...

glad to hear your parents are doing better wa zayen they are "discovering" the area... i hate it when relatives come and just stay at home if I dont take them out... and im like..."guys, im sorry, but im very busy, just take the car and GO!"... bss noooo, they HAVE to wait for me!

is that a pic of your cat? god, i miss my cat!!!

Hope your dad will be better soon and yalla shiddee 7aylich and best of luck at school.

Glad that your mama is cooking for you too :)

Bless you

Parents, don't u just love them?
Ma yshof shar obooch,
ajr o 3afya


wv: nwory (no worry) :P

Papi: ee wala bechait! LOL
I went and saw it in a sports bar and everyone there was so disappointed for their loss...bas yalla shensawee ba3d!

yeah Bu Ess3ayaed...isn't he cute? ;)

ana ma agdar at`3ada ila weya Perrier (3eshtaw) LOL
and yes yes I know about that picture bas I had trouble posting pictures earlier for some reason!

Purgy: LOL, what? because I messed up the template? :P

NuNu: He always looks good...specially lama mala kholeg ye9awer! LOL

Judy: :))))

Daydreamer: Thanks 7abebty...yeah they used to wait for me to do things...but since I'm out of the house all day...they started to go and discover...I'm happy for them! :)
and yes that's my baby (cat) :)

Jewaira: Lady J I missed you walla...al7emdallah he's doing better and yeah mom is trying to keep busy with cooking and cleaning! LOL
o wala shada 7aily for the past year that's all what I'm doing...bas inshallah I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! LOL :***

DR: Alshar ma eyeech 7abebty mashkoora :**
I love my parents 99% of the time! LOL ;)

NOOOOOOOO the weight loss :(

Purgy: I need to lose some weight hon ;)

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