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My Mayo Clinic Diary! LOL

Well as many of you know my parents are here for medical check ups...I have been going to the clinic daily with them for their appointments and tests...it was very exhausting for them and for me...we literally leave the house at 7 A.M and come back at 5 P.M and then I grab something quick to eat so I can go back to school to study for my finals.
The funny thing about going to the Clinic everyday for the past two weeks everyone started knowing me by name...I never met so many old people in one place before in my life!...but most of them were funny and friendly...a lot of them will open up to me and start talking about their lives but there was one gentleman in particular who caught my attention…he was very cranky and he never smiles…I saw him there almost everyday and I always made the effort to say hello and smile but he never smiled back…until one day I complimented him on his shirt and I finally broke the ice…his name is Bruce and he’s 76 years old…lived all his live in Arizona and his wife just passed away…I really felt his sadness through his eyes when he talked about her…we exchanged numbers and he said he wants me to meet his grandson! LOL (I told him only if he’s as handsome as his grandfather)
Of course mom was hilarious when she knew the old man took my number…she told me that I’m crazy giving my number to an old perverted man! LOOOL

Spending most of the day in the clinic gets very boring…specially when my parents have a couple of hours between their appointments…so me and dad bought playing cards from the gift shop and started playing cards (hand)…I haven’t laughed so hard in a while because I learned how to cheat in the game from dad…so it was pretty funny playing against him and we both cheat!
Of course I won most of the time e7im e7im ;)
hehehehe baba ga3ed yesheel after loosing ;)
Yes, I took some pictures because I was bored…here are some pictures I took from my phone camera of my daily visits of the clinic...LOL

Now one of the funny things were smoking while I was there...you see as the sign clearly says it's a smoke free campus...bas spending an entire day without a cigarette..specially waiting for my parents tests results...you must be kidding me?

wain ma aroo7 6areegkom masdooden masdood!

hehehehehehe bas I found my little hide away in the parking lot and smoked there :P

Another funny thing I saw in the parking lot while I was there for my daily smoking break...I saw some pretty interesting cars! oh yeah did I mention it was the disabled parking lot? LOL

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And finally I actually got to do some studying while I was there

Love'd the pics...keep 'em coming!
The only card game i know how to play is UNO :/ afashil afashil

I know

الله يشفيهم و يعافيهم
و يطول بعمرهم

و ان شاء الله الله يفكك من التدخين

So nice hearing from you
You've been so very much missed :*

I hope the results are in your favor
Bruce from Arizona ! I bet you talked all the time knowing were your loyalty lay
Hand : I never liked that game but as long as your dad and you enjoyed it good enough for me

welcome back JB..:)

mayshofon shar your parents
and tell us how it went with bruce's grandson!:P

DR: Hey Sweetie it's been a while since I saw you here...it's always good to see you around :D

and about the cards...LOL I'm an addict...o ma itfashleen...ityaneen ;)

Bu Maryoum: Ameen ya e3yooni o allah yesma3 minik 3ala al altadkheen :)

Shurouq: Walla I missed you more ya sun-shine :*

mosan: 7ayati walla...we've been playing hand everyday because he hates loosing! LOL

Hind: welcome to my blog dear o mashkoora 7abebty
hahahahaha and if Bruce grandson calls I will let you know ;)

I hate the waiting part at hospitals & clinic since i used to wait for an hour & more while i was pregnant & had to go to the clinic weekly

الله يعينج على النطرة والله يطمنج على الأهل

Dear Jelly Sugar;
Its such a wonderful post, it made me really happy to see you publishing again in good health and filled with joy.

I hope your parents are at their best and their checkup results are normal.

Best of luck on your finals, i hope you are giving your maximum effort to reach your goal and graduate soon.

my best regards.

Alia: 7ayatee wala mashkoora...ee wallah 9ajja alna6ra 9ij 6oweela bas me and dad now play cards when we have to wait and mom walks around the hospital because she gets bored! LOL

Judy Abbott: Rasta baby...mashkoora 7abebety...al7emdallah their check-ups are still going on o al7emdallah so far so good...allah yeshafee kil mareeth inshallah we6amen eglobhom.

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